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in this video I'm going to share with you on how you can make money online texting on your phone I'll be sharing with you four platforms that pay people for doing chat jobs online and these kind of jobs are different and in different categories so stick with me as I'll be taking you through these different platforms and show you what to expect if you're new here thank you so much for joining us welcome to the channel my name is Queen M money I share information on how to make money online and that's what you'll find in this channel if you haven't subscribed consider joining this family by subscribing also give this video a thumbs up if you find it valuable but I encourage you to watch it first to find out if it is indeed valuable for you to all my subscribers my supportive my loyal family thank you so much for your engagement and support without wasting any more time let's get on with today's video I'm going to start with a platform that's going to pay you for literally signing up and receiving text messages that's all you have to do with this platform it is an application that's available worldwide unfortunately it is not yet available for iOS but if you have an Android phone you can download this from any part of the world they pay via PayPal so if you can use PayPal you can definitely sign up today to start making money what you can expect to do in this platform is literally nothing they will be doing the work on the other side they'll be sending you different text messages which you don't really have to read you don't have to answer you don't have to do anything you can literally delete them after receiving them and you get paid for that the name of the app is make money as you'll see here they say and money for receiving text messages you get paid real money for helping us improve worldwide communication my understanding of the purpose of this app or platform is different telecommunication companies worldwide are always testing their services to just ensure that they work and that's what they will be paying you for you are literally renting your mobile phone so they can send smss and test if the smss can really go out and of course it is that kind of relationship that will make you smiling all the way to the bank how to get started with this moneymaking app is you'll download the app you install it on your mobile phone you register your number and you start making money each time they send an SMS to you there's more information on the platform as to how much they pay you for SMS that they send you and all of that but what I know is as soon as you reach $2 us you can cash out to your PayPal account now there is something beautiful about having a community of people who are engaged just like I do here on the channel someone who is more engaged in this channel sent me a payment proof that they received from this platform and I couldn't be more happier I'm so grateful to elyn chaen is one of the first people to comment on every video not only does she comment she takes everything that I teach and put it into practice I want you guys to help me by going into your channel and subscribing to her Channel I will leave a link in the description box down below and of course she's catched out many times you will see here on my screen the different times that she's catched out from the platform and just to show you a screenshot that she attached to an email it is from make money as you can see on this PayPal payout you might have noticed that that platform is not about chatting with anyone or chatting anywhere it's just relevant because you receive charts from these different companies now the second platform is the one that's going to pay you for texting and chatting to people worldwide no matter where you are no matter where you are and this is because no matter the skill that you have as long as you have social media platforms or you are knowledgeable in a specific topic if you have a website or blog if you have a YouTube channel you can help people out with information no matter where they come from the good thing about the platform that I'm going to show you is you get to set your own rates per hour per minute per week you set your schedule you decide your topics and you get rolling with it as you'll see on the platform they say you get paid to chat with clients fans and followers add a profitable new Revenue stream to your website or social media account and that's why I believe this opportunity can be for anyone because as long as you have a website or blog or social media you can get started the name of a website is premium chat it's available worldwide and it's going to pay you for talking to people in different topics in case you're wondering who can sign up you'll see here that they have experts advisors creators influencers models entertainers performers coaches teachers and many more categories you just have to bring what you can offer with this platform to start chatting with different clients worldwide another good thing about this platform is if if you prefer being on video you can be paid for that you can charge a rate for that as you'll see here they say get paid to video call you can also get paid to text chat which is what we're mainly focusing on in this video you get paid to chat securely from any device with no app install required as you will see over here and if you are more of a call person you can get paid here for setting up calls with your clients with your followers or whoever online now to get started here you can simply come to the homepage and S the sign up button you'll then select the first option which is the seller account option fill out the sign up form and take it from there so what will happen is the platform is going to create a unique link for you which you can put on your social media platforms on your website on your blog on your YouTube channel and whenever people need your services they're going to use that link to get access to you it is as easy as that so yes guys this is the second platform we're looking at it's called premium chart and you'll find it on premium the chat or using the link in my description box down below all right guys so if you are somewhat of a specialist you have knowledge and experience in a certain topic that you can transfer to others by chatting to them then the next platform is for you this platform allows you to chat with people worldwide if you are a lawyer a doctor a vet a mechanic tax accountant and many more so this is a platform that is used by people worldwide who are looking for answers in different expertise or professional fields and is none other than just answer anyone anywhere in the world can sign up to just answer to start texting all they have to do is to come to the platform and select the four expert tab over here you'll firstly select your specialty from this list of professional specialities over here you then also fill in your country over here and from what I've seen they operate

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