You’re not boring : How to awaken your creativity

when it comes to creativity for some reason most people take creativity as something that you're born with as something like a talent most of us think either we haven't or we don't but in reality creativity is something that you've worked for and that's just something developed not you're something born with you're maybe thinking about child Geniuses who have been really talented from the day they were born and created amazing arts and amazing stuff and they created so many things that you've never ever think of but in most of times those people were born in a such a privileged position where they were allowed to develop their creative skills and creative thinking yes maybe some of us have a creativity tendency a bit more than the rest of us but in most of the scenarios it is not because you're born creative but you grew up in a place where you were able to develop your creative thinking so in my opinion and in Allah lot of other creative people's opinion creativity is something that you can develop and in today's video I'm going to talk about some of the ways that will help you to develop your creative thinking and creative outcome so first tip that I can give whatever you want to create the important thing is consuming pretty much for everything in life if you want to create something so if you want output something in the world you need to do an enormous amount of input in the first place what do I mean by that let's say you want to become a YouTuber and you want to create a lot of videos which will attract loads of people around the world and you can make money and you can make a living out of it in order to create great videos you need to firstfully understand what a great video is and in order to understand that you need to consume enormous amount of YouTube videos to identify what makes a good video and it also depends on your liking too some people like slow paced videos some people like really high based videos or maybe the background the type of the lens by consuming a loads of YouTube videos you will understand what is the type of content you want to create but the only way to understand this is consuming enormous amount of content in the first place and then creating a Content I've seen so many people sign up for a YouTube course how to become a YouTuber tough courses but most of them don't really consume YouTube in the first place so they don't understand what a YouTuber is and what type of value they bring to the table but how are you supposed to write a book if you don't read books right the first thing you need to do is input but just inputting will not help you so at some point at some point where you understand what a great content is you should switch to outputting where you actually create some content and by giving yourself an active feedback and understanding the parts that you can improve and maybe the parts you need to change you will create a great content with the time so if you look back to my older videos maybe from five years ago where I wasn't really cool assuming YouTube that much and where I didn't know actually what a YouTube video is my videos weren't really engaging and it really sucked and my channel from five years ago didn't really grow but for four years I dedicated my pretty much free time for consuming YouTube videos and trying to understand what type of YouTube videos I particularly like and what type of YouTube videos that I can create so that I can build a YouTube channel and sustain my life out of that because I knew I'm not the most creative person on the earth but I also wanted to pursue something that is really creative such as being a YouTuber so in those four years I even had a YouTube notebook actually somewhere in my room where I've watched so many videos more than hundreds and maybe even thousands of videos where I've written the points that I liked from that video for example I like this transition or maybe the phrases that she uses so with the time the more I repeated it the more I understood what I like in the video and I slowly Implement those things in my videos and if you have been following this channel for a while you probably noticed that my videos are getting maybe a bit better of course they're not perfect at all because I'm not a perfectionist and I believe in one percent Improvement each time we're still improving hopefully so if you want to become a Creator first consume the type of things that you would like to create and for that I highly recommend skillshare online classes to consume high quality content skillshare is an online learning community with thousands of classes across the members over 150 countries across the globe who came together to find inspiration and take their creativity Journey to the next level if you have a specific skill you want to learn skillshare is the perfect platform to do that from productivity to making YouTube videos the storytelling to maybe even drawing on iPad there are tons of classes that you will find very helpful for example if you want to find a new hobby without using social media there are cooking classes driving classes even classes like playing piano and if you want to become more productive check out all the updos course and if you want to learn the languages next month I'm releasing my language course on skillshare now is the time to do the thing you always want to do the first thousand people who use the link will get a free one month trial skillshare subscription check out the links down in the description below and thank you skillshare for sponsoring this video okay so tip two is gonna be a more scientific approach to waking up your inner creativity so in my favorite author's book from Cabo salvation which is a Japanese book and unfortunately doesn't have English translation however in this video it explains the correlation between acetylcholine levels and creativity when your acetylcholine levels increases kind of like activates the creativity in your brain how can we increase acetylcholine levels in our brain a really easy way to increase your acetylcholine levels is trying something new and doing something new each day it can be actually something really simple like talking to new people or maybe each eating something new trying a new recipe going to a place that you have never been to trying maybe a different types of a book even can really help with increasing your acetyl colon level great way to increase your acetylcholine levels is writing out your thoughts whenever a new idea comes to your mind you need to write that down or you need to talk and discuss with somebody else about this idea and when you're writing it down when you're discussing about that new idea your brain gets more activated and when you're sleeping your acetylcholine levels increases more but for that a great sleep is a key factor in this book Cabo Sebastian recommends four easy ways to increase acidophone levels and it is using Four B's in your life what are they bad boss bar

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