Top 6 profitable business ideas for the next 10 years | metaverse, web 3.0

okay guys let's talk about metaverse a world where people are already making millions tens of millions hundreds of millions of dollars and the world that is actually changing the world we live in from 2d website slash social media kind of world to a world where we have this immersive experience where we communicate with each other in ar where we have decentralized currencies and community ownership let's talk about top business ideas for the next 10 years this video is sponsored by taylor brands for helping people who are just starting out with their business i'll talk about them later in this video the world today reminds me of the world when web20 the internet era just started there were a lot of people building websites for things when others told them like hey why do i need a website for buying books why do i need a website to store all my contacts i can just use yellow pages but guess what those people are not billionaires and they are one of the most respected people in the world and with their companies they're changing our lives every single day by starting early in something that can potentially change the whole world and become bigger than any company existing right now you might be one of those people who'll be changing the world in 10 to 12 years so as you might have guessed today we're going to talk about business ideas in metaverse and web30 that you can start in 2022. now today we'll talk about who's already building in metaverse and what's happening there we're gonna talk about the types of businesses that can make you a billionaire in the next five to ten years now first of all let's determine what metaverse is because in order to build something there you need to understand what it actually consists of the metaverse is a collection of the digital spaces that really allows people to feel that there is a closer sense of connection this is a definition of metaverse by one of facebook metas executives but i think it's actually so much more it's not just about communicating in ar and we've all seen those videos where mark zuckerberg is showing how you're sitting in a virtual office and communicating with teams i actually have a couple of entrepreneur friends who are already doing that and they said this is taking their productivity to the next level compared to just an ordinary zoom call but of course you need a vr headset for that i think metaverse is also changing the way we own things instead of signing all the contracts we can just buy an nft now it also changes the way we pay for things i can send bitcoin to my mom in russia and she wouldn't have to go through all of the different things you have to go through in russia to receive money from abroad i'm very excited how you can log into your metamask and then check out on every single website without actually having a login and password for every single website people are already buying digital goods like clothes and nfts to show off on social media because before that you would buy a roll apple watch or a fancy car in order to post a picture on your social media well now you don't have to buy a physical asset to do that if you own a board ape everybody understands that you were able to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on it but before we actually go into ideas i want you to remember that there are a lot of not like scam artists but people who just jump on hype and build things just because they have an nft word in it or metaverse word in it i don't really like that i really like problems that could not be solved with traditional instruments and can only be solved with blockchain like my friend building this real estate company that helps you save two percent on every transaction which can be a lot if you're buying say a two million dollar house which is kind of average here in silicon valley even say less than average so she's implementing blockchain to help you save on that so i really want you to focus on ideas where you're like oh that couldn't be solved 10 years ago but now when we have blockchain this is the time to go and build and solve this problem now if you think that metaverse is just this hype that's gonna pass well it might be that but it also might be a start of something big because facebook or meta is hiring 10 000 people in europe to focus on the metaverse people say that apple is working on virtual reality devices that they're gonna introduce in a year or so and this is why the company's valuation has passed three trillion dollars so there are two big parts to building in metaverse one big part is actually building physical goods like vr and ar headsets and the second part is building the whole infrastructure and of course if you're a small startup if you're just starting out it's a lot easier and less capital heavy to focus on building infrastructure and i'm going to focus on those business ideas in this video i tried to arrange business ideas based on how i understand companies valuations and i was trying to compare okay if you're building something to like a video game engine and metaverse what your valuation might be so my ranking is very amateur i'm in no way a professional who can value companies uh professional investors do that but it's just my consumer feeling so let's work with it number six 3d and virtual reality modeling now how i see videos in five years you know even with facebook is that i tell you like hey guys welcome to my house and you go into my house and if you want to learn about my productivity tips you can actually sit at my laptop because i used an app or a device that helped me convert everything into a 3d world if you're interested in what i'm wearing you just go into my wardrobe in the virtual reality and you go through my clothes and as a built-in monetization you can actually rent my digital wardrobe and wear it somewhere else if you're interested in what types of products i'm using for my face you just go into my bathroom you open a shelf where i store all my makeup and you explore it by yourself and you click a button on my virtual mirror and you see a video of me using those or maybe i'm right there with you and you're like oh marina but what do you use for face i'm like oh this is what it is like this is the way i see blogging in several years and just that concept requires so many things that you can create right now like first of all building something that would help us bring the whole room into 3d building virtual clothes something that my friend is doing turning it an object into a 3d model virtually this is something that's going to be required so if you're studying modeling if you're into gaming look into those areas now if you think that oh marina but that looks like something i could build only in 10 years because i'm just starting out believe me a lot of ideas like this were born actually in college they were born to people who were just starting other research who got excited about the subject so i want you to focus on the subject t

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