WOW! 🔥 $15 ( No Human Hair ) Bohemian Goddess Knotless Box BRAIDS!

hey guys what is up so in this video I'm gonna be sharing with you how we achieve this Bohemian curls with the regular extension that we get at the local Beauty Supply and I spent 15 000 error on this entire hair including the extension and the workmanship she brought the extension with r and she charged to me everything for just 15 000 I think that is pretty pretty cheap I'm also going to be leaving at details in the description box so be sure to check her out especially if you stay in ibadan let's get right into it hey guys what's up so we started off by straightening my hair with the mega growth deep conditioner and it changed the game this is the first time I'm going to be using it and it just made it look a lot better A lot finer a lot shinier and a lot Slicker I had relaxed my hair like two weeks ago so I figured there is no point in relaxing it again so we basically just used it and emit the old thing look better it just simply changed the game now we proceeded to like section my hair into two because we are going to be using the first part for the feeding Bridge which is the canal weaving and second part for the knotless bridge which we eventually added the colors to so for the knotless braids it's just basically the same way you do not less braids you want to weave the natural hair from the onset and then you had the extensions so basically what she did here for the chorus part was just to like braid it halfway and drop part of the extension which I'm going to show you later but she was just braiding halfway drop part of the extension continue braiding and that was it [Music] foreign [Music] foreign [Music] foreign [Music] thank you [Music] alright so for the feeding Bridge we basically did the same thing anybody would do I'm gonna allow you watch it again but we added course to some of them [Music] I wake up in the morning open the shades sun is shining I can smell the coffee you made me songs that you've been singing tell me how much you love me you love me I don't wanna go to work but when you wearing my shirt need more than a weekend to be here and I'm feeling like location when I'm with you every day I wake up you're my Ocean View I'm on vacation when I'm with you [Music] every day I wake up on an island for two I don't wanna go wanna cause just you [Music] need I feel I feel I'm on vacation when I'm with you every day I wake up you're my Ocean View I'm on vacation when I'm with you every day I wake up on an island [Music] me [Music] when you're wearing my shirt I don't wanna go to sleep when it's just you and me I'm on vacation when I'm with you every day I wake up you're my horse [Music] foreign so basically what happened here was that all the hairs that we left out was rolled to this bending rulers right I don't know what happened but I can't find the clips on my laptop on my camera so I kind of like skipped it but that part but all you have to do is roll the heads into the bending relax just like you draw your wig or your natural hair using bending relax and from here she had to dip the entire hairs including the road part into hot water because putting it in hot water is what would actually give out those cars that we wanted foreign [Music] [Music] foreign [Music] foreign [Music] thank you [Music] [Music] beautiful things together [Music]

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