Make $1750+ Per WEEK With Pinterest Affiliate Marketing (Beginners Guide)

I know a lot of you absolutely love the last Pinterest affiliate marketing tutorial So today we're going to get into a more in depth step by step so I can go over all of the questions that were left unanswered in the last video in this video you're going to be learning how to make $110,000 a month with Pinterest so that includes learning how to pick a profitable Niche how to find High convert and affiliate products and how to correctly tag these pins to promote your chosen product the best thing is you don't need any experience or any money to get this all set up all you're going to need is Wi-Fi and a laptop or a phone and that's about it by the end of this video you're going to have my exact 0 to $10,000 strategy so you can go off and make those sweet commissions ASAP now before we get into the video you know the drill let me quickly introduce myself for those of you who are new here hi I'm G and I'm here to help you run up a bag online so you can live the laptop lifestyle you deserve now if that sounds good go ahead and drop me a laptop Emoji down in the comments and let's get right into the video so I feel like most of you do know what affiliate marketing is but for those of you who are completely new to this affiliate marketing is basically a business model where you promote someone else's products or services and earn a commission for every sale or referral we me now why should you choose Pinterest for affiliate marketing specifically well with over 450 million Marly users Pinterest remains one of the best free traffic methods out there right now so you never have to spend a single penny on ad firstly what you need to do is choose your Niche choosing the right Niche is essential for affiliate marketing and trust me over the years I've had a lot of hits and misses but it's really a simple formula when it comes down to Pinterest what you need to be aiming for is niches that you know have very visually appealing products in them and what I mean by that is things like let's say fashion or interior design or food or even Fitness basically niches that you know you can collect aesthetic images to promote your product to give you a real life example because a lot of you have asked me why I don't actually have a finance-based Pinterest and that's simply because there weren't that many people that would turn into Pinterest for finance advice so it was a lot harder for my pins to go viral and when they did they barely got any conversions at this moment in time my top performing Pinterest accounts are in the lifestyle and the home decor niches and these two accounts alone are exactly what got me to $144,000 in 1 month once you've decided on a niche you need to find good affiliate product I know one of the main questions that was asked the most under my last video was what affiliate program specifically to sign up for and I honestly can't tell you because it really depends on your Niche this is where you're going to have to go off and do your own research to find the top affiliate programs in your chosen Niche because there's significantly better paying programs than the Amazon partner program for example now you can find products on affiliate marketplaces like ClickBank or Amazon or what you can do that I person recommend is you go on Google and type in best affiliate programs in your chosen need so you actually have to go off and find that yourself which like I said can be done very quickly with a Google Search and to clarify you get these links from these platforms that You' signed up for so if you decide that you want to promote a product that's on Amazon you would sign up for the Amazon affiliate program and the Amazon affiliate program is where you're going to be generating your link that you can put on your Pinterest and also this is the platform that you're going to be getting paid for this goes for any other platform that you decide to sign up for so make sure that you put in your bank details or your PayPal so you don't miss out on a payout obviously they're not going to take your money they'll just hold it until you add your bank details but yeah once you find some products that you would like to promote in your Niche whatever program they might be on you'll want to generate the links and put them to one side for now so you can move into optimizing your Pinterest account now having a good Pinterest account is important because while people still buy products without ever actually seeing your page first you do still want to build a following and in order for people to follow you they need to like what they're seeing now before any kind of customization you want to make sure that you switch over to a business account if you haven't done that already and you can do this in the account settings now from here you want to add an image or a logo related to your niche as your profile picture and your banner everything has to look nice and cohesive so you can quickly Design This on camera or kit using the pre-made template try to stick to one aesthetic or one color palette for your profile picture and your banner and definitely if you happen to use a logo or you have text in your banner make sure that you're not using more than three fonts because then it will look very messy a pro tip as well is to revamp the name Pinterest themselves will assign you with a username that will look something something like this so you want to go back in and come up with a name that doesn't have like numbers or weird letters in it and for your actual name you'll want to add some keywords so for example of a brand new Pinterest I would put glow of G and then digital marketer or affiliate marketing or keywords that are actually searchable what this does is make your username search engine optimized you have the opportunity to rank in the search which means you'll get way more eyes to your content this is also the case for your bio so you need to make something short sweet simple and definitely with a few key words the goal of your bio is to kind of give people an idea of what they're signing up for if they happen to follow you this you can add a few bullet points into chat GPT and ask it to write you a short bio you don't have to spend too much time on this and then you can move into setting up some boards now over the past few years I've really learned the importance of having good boards cuz back then I wasn't too informed so I was just throwing random pins into random boards that weren't very like specialized in anything but what I do now that 100% works is I go to Pinterest Trends now on here you can do research on Trends in your Niche so a hack I use is to name boards after the top searches in my Niche because my board is likely to come up when people search for these keyword and that obviously means I'll get way more eyes to my Pinterest and of course I'm more likely to get sales my best advice is that you have a minimum of 5 to 10 Pinterest boards with at least 20 pins in them that rel

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