What it’s like to finally live my dream after 8 years ❤️️🌏 (WATCH THIS IF YOU HAVE A DREAM)

as some of you may know it has been my dream to be a digital Nomad for the past eight years and this year I was finally able to actually try it out so I actually do do quarterly reviews in my journal for myself and I don't usually do like six month reviews but I thought this would be a good time because it is halfway through the year which I cannot believe and because my goal on this channel is to share my entire Journey with you all that's why I want to make this video so I left Vancouver on February 7th and it has been exactly six months since I left home oh yeah I'm looking at my notes right here so I don't go astray I guess also I want this to be like a mid-year reflection so first I want to share with you what my goals were this is what I wrote at the beginning of 2023 in January which I also shared in my I finally blew up video so the first thing is I have a mortgage by December 31st and I have not started on that at all the second goal is I am making 8 000 to 20 000 per month by December 31st first and I am not there yet but I will get there by the end of this year I know it and then the third goal is I have lived outside of Greater Vancouver for four months digital nomadding so yes I have achieved that one and my overall theme for this year that I wrote at the beginning of this year is look within it's like my phrase of the year because in the past couple of years I actually got a lot of coaching and so at the beginning of this year I really thought you know what I actually have a lot of tools and I have a lot of methods for working through things and setting goals and working towards my goals and overcoming issues and stuff like that so I told myself that I wouldn't get any kind of a coach to help me with my mindset like I feel like I have all the tools I need to work on my own mindset but I did say that it's okay for me to get a coach if I want to do brand deals or like more strategy wise stuff not mindset but strategy wise and also if I need therapy then that's okay too and I think reflecting on the past six months I have really looked within for a lot of of the challenges that I have gone through and I'll talk more about my challenges later oh I would love to know if you guys have a phrase of the year or a theme of the year put it in the comments I would love to see okay and something else that I wrote at the very beginning of this year is a wouldn't it be cool if in 2023 and then I have like a whole page of things that I think would be cool so some that I wrote were I got some brand deals that really align with me so I did visit Beijing with my mom I did that make money while lying on the beach that did happen because I made Etsy sales while I was lying on the beach and yeah I'm earning money from YouTube ads so I guess yeah that is me earning money while lying at the beach I could feel 100 confident in crop tops and bikinis I didn't wear a bikini this year but I am wearing crop tops and actually you might think that I've always been wearing clothes like this but actually uh it wasn't until like last fall all that I decided I'm gonna enter my hot girl era because I really wasn't I just didn't like the way I was dressing at that time and so last year it was just like not even one year ago when I decided that I'm gonna start wearing crop tops and being comfortable wearing crop tops and yeah throughout this whole six months of me traveling like it has been so hot everywhere I go and I have been wearing crop tops I also had to buy more high-waisted stuff so I did that too another one is I could visit Leo in Vietnam and Leo is my good friend and yeah I finally did that I did do a subscribers Meetup so I want to go over the highlights the low lights and the learnings that I've had in the past six months the first highlight is I could finally live out my dream which is to have a digital Nomad lifestyle oh yeah and if you're wondering I don't think like I never wanted to be a digital Nomad for ever forever I think it ideally for me I would spend half the year being a digital Nomad and then half a year at home because I really love the summers in Vancouver and I would just go travel when it's cold and raining in Vancouver and another part of that a digital Nomad dream that I had from eight years ago was I didn't want to just be a digital Nomad and make money online and travel I really wanted my work to be impactful like something that could really make a difference in the world and I felt like I have done that this year through this YouTube channel oh yeah another one of my highlights which I guess this goes into the next highlight is I actually met a lot of my subscribers I would say in the six months and like traveling to a bunch of countries in Asia and Southeast Asia I've met at least 10 of my subscribers which was so fun and just seeing that wow like my videos are actually helping real people and it's making a true impact and inspiring people to work on things that they've always wanted to do this is like what makes me really happy so a highlight was definitely meeting subscribers but also meeting other digital Nomads and reconnecting with my old friends that I knew from before but they live in Asia and I usually don't get to see them so reconnecting with old friends meeting more people people and also meeting like people that I was friends with on Instagram but then I never met them in real life that was also really really fun the next one is reaching 10 000 subscribers and I know right now I'm at 36 000 but for me reaching 10 000 was a huge goal of mine and it was a really really big milestone oh yeah this year I'm trying to get to 100 000 subscribers so if you find my content useful Please share my content with your friends and also like this video comment below and subscribe if you haven't subscribed but I think most people watching this video have subscribed another highlight was I finally got to do some brand deals which has been a dream of mine so you may have seen that HubSpot sponsored a couple of my videos and for me this was so exciting because I was using hubspot's resources for a really really long time like there are freebies and their blog posts like they have so many educational resources that are free and so when they reach out to me I was so excited because I really think what they're doing with their free resources and their blog it's amazing for people who want to to learn how to run a business and right now I'm also talking to a couple more companies so stay tuned for more of those another highlight was visiting my grandpa and my relatives in China I'm still here right now I've been here for about two months and this was definitely a highlight because I haven't seen them for so long like the last time I came back was in 2020 January right when covet started in China and like I came here it was supposed to be a month's trip but after five days like I went back to Canada because covid was starting so it's so nice to not just spend like a co

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