WHAT I WOULD DO if I were going to start an Etsy Digital Products Business in 2024 💵 (STEP BY STEP)

what's up friends so as you've probably figured out by now there's never been a better more profitable time to start an etsy digital products business and make some serious income i'm talking income that could change your life that could change your family's life and give you some real financial freedom for the future i've learned a few things over the past seven years as i've transitioned myself to making a full-time income from my etsy shop and i started thinking what would i do if i were going to start a brand new etsy digital products business this year from scratch so that's what i'm going to be talking about today is the exact step-by-step process that i would use if i was going to be starting my own business this year selling digital products on etsy so if that sounds interesting then just keep watching [Music] [Applause] hello hello friends welcome back to the channel so glad you're here if it's your first time here i'm kate i'm a wife a mom to three awesome kiddos an etsy seller and business coach and i'm here on this channel to help you start and scale your business so that you can spend more time on what's important in life as i mentioned before i've been on etsy for seven years and i feel like i've learned a lot along the way in terms of actually growing your shop and being able to make a substantial full-time income from etsy in today's video i'm gonna let you in on a few little secrets that i would do if i was gonna be starting my own digital products business and some things that i really feel like will get you started off on a good foot this year if you are starting your business so let's not wait any longer let's hop over to the computer and i'm going to take you through the first steps that i would do if i were about to get started okay so the first thing i would do is to complete some product and niche research so i know i want to have a digital product for sure but i don't know within that yet which kind of digital product would sell well and what i should focus on so the first thing i'm going to do is come to the etsy search bar and just start typing in printable and see what starts to come up so we have printable art printable printable wall art printable planner christmas cards christmas tags calendar gift tags abstract art so this is not you know obviously a comprehensive list but this is a good place to start just to get an idea of what types of printable things people are searching for so let's say i'm going to go with this printable wall art and just see what comes up for that now i'm looking for a couple of things here one to see how many results come up when i search for that of course this is including ads and also to see these ones that say popular now with this little yellow tag i want to just see and kind of get an idea of if there are several kind of best seller items that are popular now showing up and it looks like there are um and it does look like there's also a lot of results obviously so this is a really popular and pretty saturated keyword phrase but i'm going to hop over to sales samurai this is where i'm gonna go and type this same phrase into my keyword search to see some more detailed information okay so now we can see for the phrase printable wall art that it is searched over 3000 times a month on etsy and the competition is very high so normally i would say when we're looking for a good keyword phrase we want to try to find you know pretty high search volume with relatively low competition that can be really hard to do on etsy because there are a lot of saturated categories so i would suggest even though this competition is high that it is possible to break through even high competition so i wouldn't let that be a make or break thing i do like the fact that we have you know a couple thousand per month in search volume so that shows us that the term printable wall art is searched a good bit each month so now i'm going to come down here and just look at the top five listings so sales samurai will show me the top five listings actually it'll show me more than that if i want to i'm gonna take a look at maybe the top five or ten these are the top listings that are using the phrase printable wall art and i can kind of look at them and just see what phrases they're using in their title what price point these are mostly at and a lot of different information on it so you can actually click on this and it'll show you on it see what the listing is for so this is a face line drawing and what i'm kind of looking for here i'm just going to scan through the phrases that are used in these titles and see if i'm noticing a pattern at all between these top listings so i see um minimalist art line art bathroom art so now let's go back to our list here let's look at the second one this flamingo print is the second one so of course besides our printable um keywords we already assumed that would be in there we have modern again we saw that in the first one let's go look at the next this is an aquarius constellation print we can look at the style of this as well along with what phrases are in the title but we can kind of see this is sort of going along with the simplistic modern vibe even though it may not use that in the title we see that in the style of it let's go click on the second page and look at the next five okay so we can see here without clicking on each one but we see a lot of this modern boho we see a couple of different nursery prints this one says minimal botanical poster so i've seen a good bit of that botanical as well we also want to be taking note of the colors we're seeing so if we click on some of the ones with a little more color are they bright colors are they pastels are they muted and it seems like there's kind of this pastel muted color trend let's look at these woodland animals prints so we can see again some really pretty pastels this is a french bulldog print pastels watercolor okay so it seems like we are seeing a theme within these top listings of minimalist modern pastel and watercolor okay so we're just basically getting an idea of what's selling well within this niche and so the next thing i'm going to do is go back over to etsy and i'm going to be looking through some of the forums and some of the articles that are actually put out on the etsy community page this is an article on trends coming up for 2022 and trend predictions for what will be popular this year so i'm going to come down here and click on full report so i can see the whole thing so we're looking at marketplace insights early 2022 trends so if we're continuing with our wall art printable theme we're going to look at home and living and it'll tell us just some things within home and living that are predicted to be popular this year so one thing would be novel shapes we're looking at abstract shapes and squiggles i'm going to click back over and see what it's saying down here about cross category trends because these are trends that are applicable

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