I TRIED making $5.00 PER Video I watched (FREE PAYPAL MONEY 2024)

welcome or welcome back to my I tried it series where I try out side hustle found here on YouTube to see whether or not they actually work and whether you can make a little bit of extra money from them all right today I have a very interesting one I've got videos on YouTube claiming that you can make $5 per video that you watch some are claiming you can make $100 per video that you watch I don't know about that but in this video I'm definitely going to give it a try to see if it works or not now this specific video right here is telling us that for every video URL that you shorten you can make $5 this could rack up to be quite a ton of money if it actually works so without further Ado let's get into it come over to youtube.com where you can find different videos and can earn free payal money 2022 by just watching YouTube videos I want you to click on any of these videos and once you open the video just like this I want you to make sure that you watch at least a minimum of 30 seconds of the video so that you can earn $5 for each YouTube video you watch all of these are real payment proofs from people all over the world for all the videos they have watched here's exactly how much free payal money you can earn that's how much payal money you can earn earn with this if you watch just one YouTube video you can earn $5 if you watch 10 videos you can earn $50 and when you watch 30 videos per day you can earn up to $150 and the good thing is that you can just repeat this as much as you want and keep on making money now if you don't have a YouTube account already create your account by just clicking on create account and choosing for myself okay clearly we all have a YouTube account once you logged into your YouTube account one thing you will notice on the left hand side is you can see the best of YouTube from there under the gaming section there are literally millions and millions of people watching these gaming videos on YouTube and they don't know how they could be making a lot of free papal money but today I will show you a secret strategy which nobody's talking okay I'm saving you 8 minutes from watching the rest of that video because it's just repetitive you can make money online do this you can make money online and payle you can get free money with PayPal just like repetitive content I've watched the video in its entirety and I've jotted down the steps that he gave in that video let's go ahead and dive into the steps okay the video is telling us that we have three sites that we need to sign up with the first site is called R 76.com the second site is called steam community.com if you've ever heard of it leave me a comment down below and the third place we need to sign up with an account is called moot. us okay we're now on 7R 6.com where we need to sign up with an account my first impression of this is I don't know seems a little bit sketch because they have telegram as a way to communicate with them which seems I don't know anytime you see telegram it seems like a little sketchy to me I don't know why but then it's just giving like payout rates United Kingdom $6 United States $10 I mean really anybody could set set up a website that said all of this and whether or not it's actually true I don't know but let's go ahead and create an account okay my account has been created now I'm going to go ahead and sign in the second website is called steam community.com this is what it looks like it looks like for this one you have to install Steam on your Apple device I am a little bit worried about doing that but it is for the video so I'm going to go ahead and install it and see what it brings up I [Music] I now that it's downloaded into my computer it is asking me to go ahead and create an account so let me do that after like 10 minutes on this I can't get it to allow me to create an account because I keep verifying the email address and then it brings me back unable to verify email address this email has already been verified please return to account creation to complete the process so I really don't understand what I'm supposed to be doing from here so what I'm going to do now is just move on to that third go to moot. us and possibly this is going to give me some kind of account that I can use these URLs to make money with I don't know let's dive into that and see I can't even find moot. us every time I'm typing in moot. us on my Google search it's not bringing it up and then I'm looking on Google search it's not bringing anything up that was actually shown in the video and then as I'm typing it in into the regular browser search it's just loading and loading and loading and then it's saying this has timed out due to it taking too long or whatever on my Google Chrome account so I can't sign up with that either this one was a complete bust wasn't even that long of a video for me to bust this one this one is false do not believe these videos that are claiming you can make $5 per video that you watch it's obviously not true especially with this specific one I can't even get to the websites that it's recommending you even sign up with so if you've done this please drop a comment down below please let me know if you've been able to make five per video that you've copied the URL and shared please leave a comment down below I'm sure me and my community would love to know if you have any recommendations of side hustles you'd like to see me try please drop a comment down below or if you're interested in other side hustles I've tried in the past I'm going to leave my playlist in the description box down below for you to look at I have tried a numerous amounts of accounts I know that I do get comments suggesting me try certain accounts and I have tried many of them already if you want to know what specific accounts I've tried in specific videos just leave me a comment and I'll be happy to respond to you as always thank you so much for your support and I look forward to seeing you in my next video bye-bye

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