What I wish I would have known BEFORE selling digital products online 🤦🏻‍♀️

I waited so long before venturing into selling digital products there were a lot of misconceptions I had that held me back and kept me believing things that were just plain wrong about growing a digital products business well now that I've sold digital products and I've seen the massive potential for Financial Freedom that they can bring I wish I had started a lot sooner and that's exactly why today I'm spilling the tea on five things I wish I would have known before selling digital products so that you can have the full picture and determine if selling digital products online might be the right Next Step for you all right the first thing I wish I had known before starting to sell digital products is that the tech is doable even for a beginner I can't tell you how intimidated I was when I thought about the tech side and the tech piece of creating digital products to sell I saw the potential of the passive income that digital products could bring but I thought to myself there's no way that I can learn the tech side of this I'm not a software person I'm not a graphic design person and even though I was creative I doubted my ability to learn things like file types resolution sizing all of those words were really scary to me but as I got into it I realized this is actually a lot more doable even for a beginner like me than I thought one reason is because now there are so many different types of softwares out there that you can use to design and create digital products so you can find one that works best with the way that you think and work there are also a few all-in-one programs like canva that provide a way to create and edit a design but also provide elements and graphic assets for you to use inside of your designs so instead of having to go four or five different places to get things to piece together your digital product you can easily do it all inside of one there are several of these but canva is my favorite for a lot of reasons and you can use canva completely for free or you can get the Pro Plan which gives you access to a lot more features and elements if you'd like to try out canva Pro I have a 30-day free trial linked below that you can use to see if it might be a good fit for you and another reason I say it is so much more doable than you might think is because now there are so many different step-by-step tutorials trainings courses classes out there that can literally teach you everything you need to know to get started started and grow this type of business for instance I have a free 45 minute Master Class called digital product Powerhouse that you could go through watch On Demand completely for free and learn step by step what you'll need to start and grow digital products business having a comprehensive training like this or a comprehensive course that gives you a proven system to work through takes all the guess work out of it and makes it so doable because you have the steps right there in front of you that you'll need to take if you're interested in watching that Master Class I'll have that linked below as well now the second thing I wish I had known before I started selling digital products is I wish I had realized that certain types of digital products create passive income and certain types don't when I was first learning about digital products I automatically equated the idea of selling digital products with purely passive income meaning that I would create something once and sell it on repeat never having to lift another finger to fulfill orders now that is true for a lot of types of digital products but not for all so when you're thinking about the type of digital product you want to offer I'd encourage you to think through how important creating passive income is for you versus doing active work some types of digital products that require some active work would be for instance creating a custom branding kit for someone this is a digital product because all you're creating are digital files like maybe a business card design a logo design a website Banner but you're creating it custom made for a specific client that you're working back and forth with to get their Vision to get their ideas and creating the final files to deliver straight to them it's not a oneandone type of product that you can create once for a lot of different buyers and list it to sell on repeat another type of digital product that might require a little bit more active work would be something custom like a wedding invitation or a birthday party invitation anything that you're creating for a specific client or customer that requires editing or creation on your end after they place the order would be considered more of an active work digital product now if you're not so much into that and you're like sign me up for everything passive then I've totally got you here too because there are so many different types of digital products that you can literally just create ones and set it up to sell over and over again almost on autopilot these are instant downloads of different kinds like creating a canva template that someone could purchase and you give the link to automatically or downloadable instant wall art it's something that they purchase and they instantly get the file that you've already created and uploaded so you're not having to do any extra work and they get to print it out right away on their end anything that you're not having to edit or create after the purchase on your end is considered Passive A lot of times you can charge a little bit more for the products that require active work on your end because you are having to give more of your time and specialized attention but you might prefer to go the passive route so that you're not having to do any more active work and you can just rack up the cha-ching while you sleep while you're on vacation while you're in the Carline picking up the kids so it's really up to you but just to know that there's those two options and two different routes you can go with selling digital products the third thing I wish I had known before starting to sell digital products is that there are Trend resources available in the start of my digital products journey I was a little bit intimidated by the thought of having to figure out what people wanted and what to create all on my own but ium learned that I didn't have to start from scratch and that I can actually tap into research from the professionals as far as what's trending and what is currently in demand using this kind of research is so helpful to make sure that you're creating products that are going to fly off those shelves as soon as they're listed so just like you might incorporate trends for things like materials and patterns into a physical product there are trends that you can incorporate into digital products as well these are things like researching what types of fonts are trending what types of color schemes people are wanting and even what types of graphic elements are drawing peop

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