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today I'm going to be discussing roles through Tick Tock job opportunities apprenticeships and internships so without further Ado let's Dive Right In now Tick Tock is still currently the leading destination for short form mobile video their overall mission is to inspire creativity and bring joy the opportunities discussed in today's video is not just going to be for the U.S but globally now the average salary at Tick Tock is quite High coming in at sixty three thousand dollars per year and that is specifically for internships with their overall roles much higher along with that great pay there are hundreds of reviews raving about great benefit packages extensive paid time off and things like maternity and paternity leave let's go ahead and dive into tick tock's career website and take a look at the rules and opportunities that they have to offer so if you check here you can see there are a variety of locations to choose from now if you go ahead and click the top right corner here where it says early careers it's going to bring you to this home page on the left here you can see the tab for graduate and apprenticeship roles and on the right you can see the rules for internships their website gives you ample information about what to expect during the entire process so as you can see here they give you what to expect from the application process and even what to place on your resume so step by step Tick Tock is kind of giving you what we're looking for what you can expect to work with what the team is like what kind of questions we're going to ask you in that interview they're giving you all of this information that you typically would need to go out Google look on indeed look on Glassdoor Google on YouTube to see if somebody out there had posted some information about it tick tock gives it to you right here on their website and this isn't just for those who are in Apprentice ship roles or looking for internships or people with degrees in general throughout this video I'm also going to provide you guys with job opportunities that they have that you don't need a degree for so that's really awesome Tick Tock currently has over 100 roles for internship programs and they have over 3 400 job rules available all together globally now right now I want to take a look at some of the roles that they offer for individuals who do not need a college education okay so here I am under the search jobs tab I do not have anything specifically checked here on the left hand side and as you can see the over 3 400 job rules available what I did here was scroll down to the bottom of the very first job page and I selected the tab that says Tick Tock live quality implementation analyst I want to take a look at this role because as I was doing my research I noticed that this role does not mention any type of college education so let's go ahead and quickly read over some of the things that are required of this job now this page sorted it gives you a look at basically everything about the role they even have here a tab that tells you about the team you'd be working with about the role here's the responsibilities portion as you guys can see here your responsibilities are collaborate with other teams to ensure requirements are accurately Incorporated and effectively executed regularly monitor the quality of moderation projects provide insightful feedback on problems faced during project implementation to relevant units facilitate effective integration and continuous improvements of first-line information transmission processes such as guideline cascading to maintain efficient internal communication ensure safety and quality Protocols are upheld collaborate with other units to design develop and Implement strategic technical projects to enhance content safety and user experience so overall if we put that in a nutshell we're really looking for quality implementation we're looking to protect the quality and overall use of the platform now qualifications here we are there is no mention of a college degree what they're asking for for this role is three or more years of experience in managing a project in working with quality assurance this could even be through Walmart Target companies like that doesn't matter quality assurance throughout the company and some type of leader role excellent analytical problem solving and organizational skills strong communication skill with the ability to provide clear and constructive feedback so they're really looking for a leader I would say that this is more of a leadership role so that first one was really analytical okay that first one was really looking at quality assurance software things like that now let's dive into another role that does not require a college degree but is high paying and is in a different type of role now the second job role title is accounts receivable specialist the overall job description describes this job as reviewing and approving sales contracts with emphasis on financial terms if you have education in financial accountant certificates things to that nature that's going to be really superb for this manage the monthly billing process by ensuring timely and accurate invoicing assist sales team with billing payment contract issues so like I said this is a completely different type of role then the first one so Tick Tock definitely is hiring for a vast variety of roles now under qualifications again you're not going to see The Mention Of bachelor's master's degree requirement the qualifications they're looking for is overall experience in an AR related role and notice it says related role okay strong communication skills contract review EXP variants preferred ability to learn new software High degree of accuracy confidentiality attention to detail now something else that I really want to highlight here at the bottom of this job role they have for paid transparency compensation description the base salary range for this position in the selected city is starting at sixty four thousand dollars a year as well as dental vision short and long-term disability basic life insurance Voluntary Life and AD insurance plans they have flexible spending account options like Health Care absolutely incredible if you guys like this type of content don't forget to hit the like button down below so that I can create more videos bringing more job opportunities for you here are two other videos that you may enjoy thanks for watching

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