Top Small Business Ideas For Women 🌎

number eight is my favorite favorite one they have Deep Pockets and big budgets and so if you're high and welcome to the channel if you're not new here welcome back and give me a second girl let me introduce the channel really quickly to the women who are watching for the first time I'm Vanessa and this channel was made specifically with you in mind we talk about money so making more money making money online investing your money all of the things and as you watch you would realize that it's not for everyone but it's for you girl it is for you and today we are talking about making money by starting a business so I have 12 business ideas for you today and number seven is one that I'm so excited about because I have someone who can actually teach you how to do it if you're interested in starting this business so if you don't want to miss the best parts of this video watch it all the way to the very end okay and if this the kind of content that you enjoy and you want to see more of then go ahead and hit the like button it helps this video go out to more women like you like us so without further Ado let's get into the video number one is to start a self-care subscription service now if you're a black woman and you follow successful black women on Instagram you probably have heard of my leak right my leak used to be someone's personal assistant before she came onto the internet to start creating content building community and launching her subscription-based business now her subscription-based business is for curly hair but you can use the same business model to do something else like a self-care subscription box it is no news that the girls now care about self-life and taking care of themselves and there's even something called self-care Sunday now Google it it's a real thing people care about their disposable eye masks and their lotions and their bath bombs and all all the other things that make them feel good about themselves and they make time to do these rituals sometimes on a weekly basis sometimes on a monthly basis sometimes on a quarterly basis and that's where you come in you can start a subscription service based business where you put together different products from different brands and have people sign up to receive those boxes every week or every month or every quarter now from what I know about my league story she did not have any business experience going in she learned everything on the job so if your mind keeps telling you the reason why I can't start this is because I don't have business experience who's going to buy from me you need to look at blueprint people who have done it so you can do it too and that's why I'm name dropping my leak in this point number two is to sell hair tools we spend a lot of time on our hair hair that grows out of our heads hair that we buy because this is bought I know a woman call called Joy who has a company called joyful bee and she sells wash day products in a box like look at it she built this business into a six-figure business while working a full-time job so it was even a side hustle I made over two hundred thousand dollars in Revenue in my business in my first year so if you've been sitting on an idea for a while now and you're like I'm too scared I don't want to quit my job to start business you can start it as a side hustle number three number three is to start a skin care line for historically excluded group of people listen there's a 26 year old black woman who launched a brand called topicals because we need skin care that was made for us and this girl at just 26 years old has raised 10 million dollars for her business and because of that she made it to the Forbes 30 on the 30 list number four is to start a hair growth brand for babies there's a huge need for this product because people want to learn how to make their children have long hair so if you have like a product or a formula that works for you you can start sharing it and eventually get all the licenses you need to make it a product that can be pushed out to meet this need number five is to create a content-based business as you know I run a content-based business this is content and creating valuable content through my channel through my newsletter is a business model so if that's something that you're passionate about if you want to start creating content as well and to generate income creating content you could also start a Content based business number 6 is to set up a gift shop for new moms when people have babies a lot of us think of getting gifts for the baby but literally the person who just went through all the things to bring that baby into the world is the mom we need to have more services and gifts that serve new moms I think there's a huge gap there and you could be the one to close that Gap number seven is to start a statement jewelry company I have a friend who runs a statement jewelry company and she has sold over 4 000 pieces and if you think that you have to be good at crafts and you have to know how to make the jewelry by yourself or you need a factory you don't she literally Drew out the things that she wanted sent pictures to people that she found on set up a Shopify store and started selling orders of this thing and actually I have one of the necklaces so let me show you give me a second I'm back with a statement piece jewelry look at that how do these uh influencers do it like this did you see it her business is called blessed a freak Boutique because she cares about Africa and she cares about God so she did this thing where let me show you she put a cross inside of the map of Africa I love it so you can set up a statement jewelry company as well if this is something you're interested in and you want my friend Lala to come onto the channel to teach you how she did it I'm thinking of bringing her I've actually made her record something already for y'all I've met a couple of my friends record things but I don't even know if you care but if you want to start a jewelry business and you want more of this thank you for joining us for this Workshop hi everyone my name is Lola then let me know in the comments section number eight is my favorite favorite one because I know a lot of people who make money in America who make money in England who make money in Nigeria doing this and it's an education business and you're like but I'm not a teacher girl what are you talking about you can literally teach anything there is a book that I would recommend it's called how to teach what you know I'm just gonna put it here anyone can teach anything and make money online this guy teaches people how to teach and he makes over a million dollars a year I love the internets because if you really want to get stuff done you will number nine is to become a consultant and help people solve their problems you can be a social media consultant you can be a bookkeeping consultant you can be a legal consultant okay as long as you have a skill and people

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