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I found the easiest way that you can use tragic PT with YouTube automation to make money on YouTube without showing your face and without recording any videos so as you can see I've been earning 4 through 500 a day just from ad Revenue alone in this one single Channel and in the past 365 days I'm at over 190 000 just for mod Revenue alone but in this video I will show you how to not rely just not revenue and make a lot more and you don't even have to sell any products and do affiliate marketing or anything like that but first of all what you want to do is you want to sign up to chat GPT you want to create an account on chat GPT even for completely free you don't have to pay for charge apt plus now what we're going to be doing is we're going to be replicating this channel over here which is using AI to Showcase best movies for all sorts of different genres so we have these top 5 Stone Age movies and I found this all I do is basically they just have the intro generated by AI so the AI voiceover and then they just have like a list of five different movies that people can watch in this genre and if you go to their social blade you can see they're making 27 000 a month just for my driving you alone but I'm going to show you how to make a lot more even if you don't make any money from ad revenue and how to make a lot more with a lot less views because these guys are getting 6 million views every 30 days which is obviously a lot especially if you're just starting out and here's another channel that is doing the same thing it's called watch Mojo that are also showcasing the best movies and lists of different movies for different genres and they are also making hundreds of thousands of dollars a month just from ad Revenue alone so what you want to do is you want to use this app which will be the second link in the description box down below where I personally made over four thousand dollars promoting offers from this app it's like a CPA Network where you can find offers that will essentially just pay you when somebody enters the email address and if you go to the all offer section you can type in Netflix and it's going to show this Netflix offer where people have a chance to get paid 15 an hour to watch Netflix movies and you will be paid six dollars when someone enters the remote address so they don't have to spend any money they don't have to buy anything and they have a chance to make some money by doing something that they love which is watching Netflix and watching movies so what you want to do is you want to copy the a link for that particular offer once again you're being paid six dollars per person and then you just want to go back to chat to GPT and you want to ask check the GPT for 30 movie genres and it's gonna give you all of these different genres and based on those genres you can select best for example five historical movies or best teacher movies or best Coming of Age movies or best martial arts movies or past animation movies and it's gonna give you a list of the best movies that you can make your videos about and then you can also ask chai GPT to write YouTube script in a watch Mojo style about five of the best historical movies and as you can see it's gonna start writing this entire script with this bracket showing exactly what you should be editing in that particular second so here we have an entire script that we can use and even though this is a short one as I previously told you this person that is making 27 000 a month has even shorter script they literally just say movie number one and then tells the movie name movie number two and tells the movie name that's all they have but you also got a description from China Kitty and so on and so forth and then instead of you actually recording this videos yourself what you can do is you can just go over to 11 Labs IO which is an AI tool that provides you with natural sounding voiceovers and you can just paste your script inside of this box and it's gonna generate a unique voiceover that sounds like an actual human so you can actually stay monetized but you will first need to get your channel monetized in order to earn any AD revenue and if you want to get your channel monetized in less than 12 hours you can go over to monetization or click on the first link in the description box down below and that way you can actually earn money from ad Revenue because if you're not approaching to the partner program you can't earn money from these ads showing up on those videos but what you want to do to maximize your results is you just want to add a bar that's going to be at the bottom of the of the video throughout the entire video where it says get paid to watch 15 an hour watching Netflix movies Link in the description that's it that's all you gotta do just added one single call to action and that's going to help you make so much more money than these people because they are not promoting those offers and since you're not selling anything the conversion rate is going to be insane really high imagine someone opens up a video and they search for the best historical movies they can watch right now so they're usually just gonna watch the movie and not get paid anything but now you can tell them that they can get paid up to 15 per hour if they click your link and when they click your link in the anchor email address you will be paid six dollars per person so even if your videos don't get that many views even if you get 10 times less views to these people that can still be like 30 000 views out of those 30 000 people that already watch movies for free if you can get 1 000 of them to sign up for your free offer where they have a chance to make some money as well they can end up being six thousand dollars in revenue from a single AI generated video so even if you're not monetized with ads you still get to make some money off of this with a very small YouTube channel and if you're wondering yeah but they've everyone already made these videos about top 5 Stone Age movies and top five historical movies or whatsoever but the difference is not every single video is the same so for example when I want to watch some historical movies and I search for that I usually come across pretty much the same movies that every is recommending so you can perhaps them have some new movies in your list so that's actually what's going to make people click on and people watch multiple of those list types of videos even for the same genre and you can of course make twists to this and you just want to attract people that are interested in watching movies and this is the best way to do it if you make a list video of the best movies that they can watch that's obviously gonna attract that audience and watches Netflix and watch his movies and they're most likely gonna sign up because it's absolutely free and they have a chance to make some money while doing something that they already love and I personally run many different YouTube automation c

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