Create a Youtube Channel On Your PHONE & MAKE MONEY From Day 1

if you want to know how to record cinematic videos from your phone how to upload those videos from your phone onto YouTube how to make money on YouTube before ever even being monetized or how to optimize those videos at any point of the game you're going to want to watch this video and thank you to story blocks for sponsoring this video more on that later now the first question you may be asking yourself is how does this girl know anything about what she's talking about and why should I listen to her but the good news that I have for you is that I know what I'm talking about because I have done this for many years operating from just my phone I know all the ins and outs of creating recording editing and making money on YouTube before ever even being monetized and today I'm going to share it all with you for absolutely free okay first let's start out with tip number one and that's how to actually record the video from your phone and how to make it look cinematic while recording now I'm specifically going to be discussing the iPhone in this video however I know that many phones offer these specific modes that I'm going to be discussing Google pixel Samsung Sony so it really doesn't matter matter what type of phone you have just note that I'm going to be discussing specifically the iPhone in this video if you have the iPhone I want you to go into the video mode settings like you're going to record a video and if you scroll over a little bit you're going to see where it says cinematic I want you to select the Cinematic mode this is automatically going to focus in the subject so for you if you're recording a video it's going to have the subject in focus and it's going to blur out the background really nicely to make that video pop and and look extra professional The Next Step I want to show you and the next thing I want to show you is up on the right hand corner how you can select and switch it from HD into 4K this specific setting is absolutely golden and to be 100% honest all of the videos on this channel that have gotten a lot of views over a 100,000 views have all been recorded in this mode on my iPhone before I ever purchased a professional camera and better yet the videos from my child-based YouTube channel that have a million views one has close to getting a million views these videos were also recorded in this mode or in the 4K mode and I have one more shocking Truth for you and that's that I recorded it with the front-facing camera I've heard different YouTubers talking about recording in cinematic mode but always saying use the back end of the camera now I will admit this video that has a lot of views on my channel and that really grew my channel and got it monetized was recorded with the back camera of the iPhone however many videos after it I recorded with the front-facing camera because I was always concerned about whether I was in Focus or whether the camera was actually recording and I just felt more comfortable with recording with the front face and so that's what I used for multiple months on this channel as well one of the most important things that I've noted and learned while going through this process of recording from my iPhone is after you're done recording how to actually make that video footage pop and look really professional and that is the specific look lighting that you put in your video this is something that I feel like a lot of people fail to touch on but I feel is a complete GameChanger for how your footage actually ends up looking I'm going to give you guys a side by-side comparison of two video footages that have one without the edit of color and lighting adjusted and one with the edit of color and lighting adjusted and you can see the difference in these two video clips and actually how they ended up looking I thought something else that would really hit home and help you learn this method yourself is by going in and actually showing you from the app in my phone that I use all the time and that's called inshot video editor it's very cheap I pay for a whole year it's under $20 for the whole year what I'm doing right now is taking some raw footage from my phone I'm inputting it into inshot video editor and I'm going to show you exactly how I would edit that coloring and lighting from my footage in this app so now that we're into the app you're going to have to hit the filter and then on the right just the adjust button the three to four things that I always use the most are first the auto enhance once I've selected Auto enhance I typically will scale that down after selecting it because if you just leave it it's kind of like a little too much so I typically will hit it but I'll scale it down the second is the saturation which I really like saturation in my stuff I feel like it helps it to pop a little bit and look a little bit better sometimes I probably use it too much but it's just a preference I always select Shadow I will go down on Shadow which helps to enhance the shadow make it a a little bit more shadowy and then the Highlight as well I'll typically go down that kind of helps with the skin how the overall skin looks things to that nature so I'll typically scale that down a little bit as you can see it really pops and makes that video footage look better I also want to mention that this coloring SL lighting editing technique is not just for those apps where you can edit but also if you're editing on desktop or laptop you also want to go in in that software as well but in this specific video we're discussing the phone so I'm actually going to be going over things on the phone however if you're using desktop or laptop you also want to go in to the color setting and actually do a little bit of editing in there as well now when it comes to editing like I said for years and I mean years and multiple channels I only ever use the inshot video editor to edit my videos then I added on the filora app because they had extra added effects that the inshot video editor didn't have and then I finally just cracked down and started editing on desktop computer something else I've used from the beginning no matter which editing software I'm using is a third-party media subscription service and the reason I use this is for things such as high quality royaltyfree stock images animated backgrounds copyright free music copyright free sound effects things to that nature something that you're going to want to have a subscription to when you're editing your video footage I have personally found that story blocks is the best media subscription service out there because they offer Unlimited lied downloads of diverse and highquality media for one predictable subscription cost I've found that there are those out there who will literally make you pay per clip that you're using so I highly recommend do not use those types of services also story blocks has over a million 4khd footage templates music sound effects images and one of the cool things about them is that

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