How to Start Dropshipping from Your PHONE & GET SALES (STEP BY STEP) Shopify Dropshipping

hey future millionaires my name is Isabella I am the owner of two six figure earning online businesses and today I'm going to be showing you the simplest method of how you can start a Drop Shipping business in less than 10 minutes and all through your phone it has never been easier to start a Drop Shipping business with these new tools that nobody else is talking about on YouTube and I am so excited to share with you guys the most simplified method that is also effective so you can stop procrastinating and start your online business today and I mean right now so grab your phone and let's go people definitely over complicate the process of starting a Drop Shipping Store and the most important thing with anything in life is taking action and getting started the goal with this video is to get you through the most tedious parts of starting a Drop Shipping business so you can put more time into the things that really matter such as marketing strategies and getting sales speaking of that make sure you watch all the way till the end of this video because I going to be sharing my own personal marketing strategies that grew my online businesses from nothing to earning over $400,000 in less than one year without paying for a single ad so you don't want to miss it my YouTube channel is your number one source for 100% free education in courses all I ask in return for the free education is just hit that like button for the YouTube algorithm And subscribe to my YouTube channel so I can continue to create free courses and videos just like this now let's get right into the tutorial now I have been working on some awesome new projects for you guys to simplify the way you do online business and I personally got involved in creating this AI bot that builds your online store for you for free you already know people will try to charge you thousands of dollars just to build an online store for you and with this AI Builder you're going to get one 100% free so the first thing you're going to do is go to the description box down below and click on this link or just go to your phone browser and type in buildy your store. A/B in business I will also pin a comment to the top of all of the comments so you have this resource there as well the beauty of this is that there's no work needed on your end the only thing you have to decide is what Niche you will choose for your online store and within 2 minutes this system will fully build you an entire branded Drop Shipping Store so first going to do is just click on this button here that says build my free store you're going to enter your name in here your email and here is where you're going to pick your Niche you could choose from fashion and apparel pets Electronics Home and Garden Sports and Fitness or I'm not sure which will just give you a random one so for this video we're going to go with the random one and we're going going to click on the home and garden Niche then you just hit build my free store now once the store is created it's going to give you this login here now this is the email and the password so make sure you save this or take a screenshot of it right now I'm going to do it right now with you guys because after you exit from this page this will be gone so then just click on this link or just go to copy the email paste it here then copy the password they gave you and paste it for password so now let's check out the online store that it made for us I think this online store looks insane and this is so crazy to me because I feel like this is way better than even I could have done if I had like a short amount of time to actually do it so you now have full control over this online store it's now yours and if you need to edit any of the products you can go back through the Shopify page click on the drop- down menu here just click products and you can go through these products if you want to to delete any just click on it scroll down and click delete if you want to change any of the products increase prices you can do that all through here you will notice that some of the titles will need to be shortened a little bit so you can do that here as well I always like to have shortened titles because I just feel like more simple looks better than like having like these super long titles it just kind of looks a little weird so you will notice there's also already products imported into this store they are automatically imported here for you ready to go using a program called autods it's totally up to you if you want to use these products they are ready to go if you don't already know what autods is autods is honestly an awesome platform for helping you find the products to sell getting you the fast shipment supplier and it also automates your entire Drop Shipping Journey they have a huge library of products to sell in your Drop Shipping Store with fast shipment times just in case you are interested in keeping autods installed so you can start selling these products right away I'm I'm just going to give you the inside scoop so you can see what autods is all about so for example this is the winning products Hub this tab gives you access to an entire collection of proven best-selling products just by going through each product you can gain so many new ideas and autods Updates this section on a daily basis when you pull up a product that you're interested in scroll down you'll see all the data that gives you Insight on how to price the product and so many other things they also have a feature called the Tik Tok ad spy which is a tool that allows you to oversee active Tik Tok ads and content that's performing well on the platform by using this feature you're going to be able to see what insights is actually trending on Tik Tok and gives you inspiration for products to add to your store as well you can search something like Tik Tok made me buy it in the search bar on this page and whatever you're wanting to narrow your search down on and like I said autods does automate your orders for you the program provides tracking updates and handles returns for your store so you can set it up through autods where when a customer places an order on your website that supplier from autods will ship that product straight to the buyer automatically so you don't have to be going back and forth copying and pasting the customer's information over like the old days there's not going to be any extra work on your end needed you will also notice that autot TS now includes an entire print on demand section so if you wanted to use this AI Builder and then start a print on demand store you totally could do that as well so go back to the sidebar here click on apps click autods and it will take you directly to the platform where you can sign up with them or I did put a link down in the description box below where you do get 30 days for free I think this one will only give you 14 days for free so if you want to extend that trial I linked it down below for you guys as

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