The NUMBER ONE Side Hustle For Women (You would not believe this! 😮)

that means you can generate up to three hundred dollars a day two thousand dollars a week and over six thousand dollars a month a portion of this video is sponsored by hostinger but more on that later hi and welcome or welcome back to the channel if you're new here hello I'm Vanessa and I help women make more money so if you're a woman and you care about money then go ahead and hit the Subscribe button today we are talking about side hustles that can be done from home side hustles that don't require you to leave your house so if you've been searching for how to make money from home how to make money online side hustle ideas for women then this video is the one for you in today's video I'm gonna be sharing not one not two but five side hustle ideas and while all of them are high paying side hustles that you can do from home number four is one that I know that you have never heard of and I'm wondering why doesn't anyone talk about this when I found out about this one I got so so excited so if you like videos like this one and you want us to keep bringing them to you for free then please go ahead and hit the like button number one I have a friend who's a doctor but she just had twins and she wants to spend more time with the kids and even though her workplace gave her a couple of weeks off for Parental leave she decided to give herself extended parental leave but she is still making money off of her knowledge and expertise because of just a lot of us think that the reason why we're able to generate income is because we have a job and that's just not true the reason why we're able to generate income is because we have knowledge skills and expertise and your knowledge skills and expertise can be used in so many different ways and answering questions from people who want to know the things that you know is one way that you can generate income from the knowledge and the expertise that you have experts on make anywhere from two thousand dollars to 7000 dollars a month and these questions can be answered from the comfort of your bedroom or the nursery or the kitchen or wherever you like to spend your time I think it's a no-brainer so if you're skilled at anything it could be Finance and Accounting it could be a law it could be medicine it could be home making whatever it is you have a lot of knowledge in you can start putting it to use on a website like number two is to convert video and audio files into text recently I've been trying to compile all of the information that I've given away on this channel into long-form text-based content that I'll be using for other projects in a few months and that led me to discover and of course when I pay money for something I always think about the person who's on the other side collecting my money the people on rev are people just like you and they are getting to the bag simply by watching videos like this one and converting the audio to text and these people make anywhere from 20 to 40 25 dollars per hour so if you decide to work from home full time and do this eight hours a day that means you can generate up to three hundred dollars a day two thousand dollars a week and over six thousand dollars a month number three is affiliate marketing the reason why I've plugged a tutorial into this point is because affiliate marketing is something that has been saturated with a lot of scams if you try to Google how do I become an affiliate marketer or affiliate marketing links to make money you might find a lot of scam links and that's why I decided to expand more on this point first I'll tell you what affiliate marketing is what you need to get started and where you can find links to start making money so first of all what is affiliate marketing it's basically Word of Mouth marketing but on the internet now the difference between Word of Mouth recommendation and affiliate marketing is that you get paid when you make recommendations for the products and services that you like so for example if you're a mom and you have a page where you talk about your struggles and your joys of motherhood a lot of mothers would follow you and when you post things that your baby uses or products that you actually genuinely like a lot of other mothers will begin to ask you where you got it from what the the product name is and things like that and what you can do at that point is insert an affiliate link now even if you don't have a social media following yet you can start a blog and it doesn't even need to be anything complicated I'll just go ahead and show you how to create one now in just a few minutes so first you're going to need website hosting I've been using hostinger for a long time for all my crazy ideas every time I get an idea and I want a new domain and I want the domain to last for a long time I just hop onto hostinger to purchase a domain because first of all it's super affordable and for the price the price of quality ratio is unmatched and also I'm no Tech person but I really appreciate the fact that their servers are really fast so I reached out to them and told them I was going to make a video on this topic and asked if they will be willing to sponsor it and they agreed so you get a discount code from hostinger today and I'm just going to show you how to set up your own website really quickly so all you're going to do is go on to and click claim deal there's a deal going on right now because of the holidays you can do the one month you can do 12 months I personally like to do 48 months because that's four whole years of owning the domain and everything I don't have to keep renewing and we have a code launch to wealth and you can get it at a discount so that's awesome so just apply the code um right there and then after that you just create your account your email address put your details in and click on claim domain right and then you can just create any domain I it's good to just because you don't want your website to be sketchy so we can just pick anything like let's go with I help baby sleep better I think that's better um and then check availability let's see if it's available oh it is okay great so you just claim the domain at this point see how easy it is and then you you put your information your country details and then you get registered all done and then all you have to do is Click setup and once you click setup it would take you to where you can start building out your blog your website very easily I'm building it by myself um I'm just going to choose blog um no thanks so let's create a new website a WordPress website because hostinger is really great with WordPress uh look all of the templates so you don't have to create from scratch um which one should we use oh I see women in action definitely that one so let's preview it so you can look at it and see if that's the one you want and if it and if it's the one you want then you can just click select and continue so

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