The new SIDE HUSTLE no one is talking about…yet

when you see this side hustle that I'm about to show you are going to be stunned that it has not blown up the internet yet the first thing that I did when my buddy told me about it was I went and I searched YouTube and there wasn't one single video about it anywhere and that's honestly really crazy because look at these numbers so these numbers you're seeing these are from the platform itself okay the platform that's doing all the paying so these are very real numbers and you can see here the top 10% are making $144,000 a month now that's great for them right let's be honest we kind of all hate the top performers so the number that really got me going is that 50% of the active creators on the platform are making more than $44,000 a month doing what I'm about to show you and I've honestly I've never seen a side hustle with a success rate that's that high more than 50% and the real bow on top is that these people are only taking a couple hours a week to do what I'm going to show you now I know I know that you're thinking that I'm tricking you just to get a view but I'm not and we're going to prove it here in this video so first let me establish a little bit of a background about why it is working or even exists and we need to go back a little bit to kind of the traditional way that Brands and companies in the past have reached their customers and what they've done is they create advertising or marketing departments and they come up with all this creative content and these creative ads and they run them and then they see what happens now that's been the case for literally decades since we first had TV right but that all kind of changed a few years ago when another Trend kind of started to emerge and that Trend was called ugc and if you don't know what that is that's called user generated content and that's where users or normal people like you and I we make video content on platforms like Tik Tok or Instagram about products now these videos they're not professionally done in any way uh most people just pull out an iPhone or an Android phone and they film right there on the spot but they work and they work really well because of one single word authenticity so Brands over the last few years have started to realize that when people watch videos made by users and normal people like you and I they keep watching significantly longer and conversions go way up and the numbers back up what I'm saying here you can see here according to the future of marketing brands that are using ugc in their ad campaigns are actually getting a 4X on their click-through rate and a 50% drop in how much they're spending to get a customer now since we are normal people and to put that in normal people terms they make a lot more money if they use user generated content in their ads instead of just making the ads themselves and that kind of makes a lot of sense right we've been hit by ads our whole life since we were little kids watching cartoons and we sniff out those ads a mile away and we turn off our brains and what ugc content does is it gets around that auto shut off feature that our brains have built in so now that that makes sense that's going to take us to how you and I are going to make money with this entire idea and right now it all comes down to Tik Tok so Tik Tok has spent the last few years trying to turn itself into a massive competitive ads platform right now we really just have Google and Facebook that are dominating the space and Tik tok's trying to break into that so as part of that they've been launching all these cool programs to get advertisers to leave the big guys like Facebook and Google Now the one that I'm going to show you right here is is called the creativity challenge now before you click away this is not the Creator program this is not the Creator fund because honestly those are terrible programs and will make you very little money this is the creativity Challenge and let me explain real quick how this works so step one is that Brands both big and small they come to Tik Tok and they request to be part of the creativity Challenge and I'm sure Tik tok's reaching out to these Brands as well so some kind of Tik Tok ads manager is going to work with these Brands and they're going to create what's called a challenge brief so first it's going to give you kind of a rewards pull this is like how much money they've been kind of vague about this but I believe it's how much money is going to be available for you to make off of this and you can see it's about $3,000 on this one second thing is you can see the weekly spot which is 100 they're going to accept 100 people and the objective is app download so with what they're doing here they want people to download their app now if you scroll down a little bit here you can see they're going to give a bunch of requirements like um these ones are pretty typical right it must include at least one person in the video must include some sort of VoiceOver some background music subtitles these are all basic things for a piece of content and then they'll also let you know what you're not allowed to do so you can see here obviously it doesn't want drugs and weapons dangerous action sexually suggestive content basic stuff like that right these are Brands and these are ads so they don't want anything like that they're going to give you what the top features of the key selling points of their product are right so we've got all these templates we've got all these tools built in we've got realy music tracks all that we want you to talk about this stuff because that's what is most important to our users and our product and then it's got a really cool feature right here that makes your life so much easier if you're in this creativity Challenge and that's called top videos and you can see when I click there it's actually going to show all of the top videos the videos about their brand that have done the best now warning I just switched over to another one because that brand didn't upload any top videos for some reason but you can see right here that when I go to top videos on most of them it's going to have all of these videos that have done really really well on Tik Tok you can see at the top both from users and directly from the brand meaning ads that they've created that have done really well and all this is is ideation for you it says hey these videos have done great for us and so they might do great for you as well now I can be a testament to the fact that the Tik Tok algorithm tends to kind of work well when you duplicate what works well you can almost directly copy something that worked well and there's a good chance it will work for you now obviously you shouldn't directly copy something that worked well but I would pay very careful attention to these ones that have done well because there's a good chance that yours will do well doing the same thing now at the very bottom of a challenge brief you're going to see that there's either an option to

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