Easiest $7,000/Week YouTube Automation Tutorial for Beginners (2024)

I make over $7,000 a week for faceless YouTube Automation and I think I actually found one of the easiest ways to start to make money on YouTube without showing face especially if you're just a complete beginner now I know that a lot of people like to talk about YouTube Automation and how to make money with it but it's very rare that someone actually sits down and shows proof that they are also making money with faceless YouTube automation so I'm going to walk you through some of my channels so that you know that what I'm talking about is something that I'm also doing and I'm speaking from experience for example this channel over here that around is doing about $14,000 just from M Revenue alone per month so it did about $5 to $600 a day this month this channel is doing about $9,000 per month so it's continuously doing a few hundred a day this one is slowly dying but still did about $7,000 in the last 28 days this one did about $12.9 th000 in the last 28 days and actually yesterday we had a $1,000 day again just from add Revenue now in this step-by step tutorial we'll be focusing on a very unique Niche because essentially actually I just found this AI tool that I want to share with you and how to actually use it to make money on YouTube without actually showing your face you see this guy over here that you're seeing on the screen right now that's not actually me that's actually an AI Avatar and if you watch him and if you actually listen to him as well you may think that this is literally me because he's using the same voice as me he's speaking exactly like me but this is just not me this video is going to be crazy now in order to actually make money from YouTube and earn out revenue from those videos you're posting on your channel regardless if they are a faceless nonf faceless AI generated or whatsoever you need to be approved in the YouTube Partner program if you want to make money on YouTube and get paid for the views that you are getting and currently YouTube Partner program requirements are 4,000 hours of watch time and 1,000 subscribers in the last 12 months if you want to earn out revenue from those videos now you can actually cut the curve and get instantly monetize by going over to dfy dave.com monetization or by clicking the first link in the description box down below so that you can actually start earning from day one and start earning from every single video that you publish on your channel that way you don't actually have to wait for months to get approved and miss out on thousands of dollars that you could have otherwise made if your channel was monetized from the start now the niche that we will be focusing on today is the software review Niche because there's always new AI tools and new software that we can talk about with these faceless videos not just make money from ad Revenue in a very high CPM niche but also make money from affiliate marketing as well now CPM essentially just stands for cost per meal or cost per 1,000 VI and how much you would be paid for 1,000 views on your channel for example this channel that you are watching right now is actually earning about $13 per 1,000 views if we go to my analytics here and I go to the revenue MB we can see that in the last 28 days I did about $133,000 in this one and the RPM is about $12 per 1,000 views because this is a very high CPM SL high RPM Niche and this is again Revenue per meal or Revenue per 1,000 views so we will be focusing on this software review Niche because you can actually rank high if you use the factic which I will share with you in this video and you can find new AI tools by going over to different platforms such as Future tools or partner Tack and you can find a bunch of new AI tools that are always launching they're always they're always adding new tools here like that's 2 there's 2.5 th000 different software that we can talk about it's like 2 and a half thousand videos that you can make on all of these different topics and the newer the software the less competition there will be so for example there I actually found this submic AI tool which like helps people edit their short form content and I found out that they have an affiliate program as well so I've signed up to their affiliate program and then I can just grab my affiliate link here and I can start making money if someone sign ups through my referral link or you can also just go to partner stack which is like a Marketplace dedicated for affiliate offers and dedicated to software companies so essentially once you sign up as an affiliate you you can start promoting software companies and start earning reoccurring commissions month by month and you can register for free by pressing on the get started button over here and you will just enter some basic details about yourself to sign up now what I usually do is I just use a tool like viq to do research or you can of course if you don't want to spend money on any software tools or whatever you just go to YouTube and you do the research by going to the search bar over here and you search for example you want to promote in this case submic I would just take a look at what other people are talking about and what are the types of videos that are getting the most views but actually make things a lot easier I just use vid IQ then I go to the keywords tab over here and I can type in whatever it is the tool that I'm trying to promote so if I type in submic it's going to show me the search volume as you can see the search volume is extremely high and the competition is very low so this is actually a perfect tool to promote there's a 100,000 people searching for this tool those that's warm traffic those people are searching for this tool because they're probably on a verge of buying this tool and now I'm just making a video for example a review and telling them why they should potentially buy this and in a second and I will show you how to actually create AI videos so that you don't have to actually record anything yourself and the most important part is that you can also search for related keywords here so it's going to show you what are the most related keywords to this one and you can also view by the search volume and you can also search for keywords you're going to see what people are searching for when it comes to this THM and that way pretty much Niche down even more and even though the search volume might be lower again it's going to allow you to rank higher and actually bit the competition for example how to use submic is being seared for by 14,000 people per month that's 14,000 people that can potentially view your video and sign up through your affiliate link for that particular tool that you might want to promote how to use sub magic for free what are the magic b rolls in sub magic how to remove sub magic Watermark all of those different things are different videos that I could make on the subject now I also made this like a template and where you can have like Frameworks for

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