The BEST Side Hustle For Christian Women: Make US$5,400 In A Month Online Worldwide

cuz did you see proverbs 31 my girl considered a field and bought it like she would look at land and she will buy it from her money the girl was rich rich she was wealthy commit to the Lord whatever you do and He will establish your plans and number 10 I told you this one was my favorite one because girl if you love Jesus and you also want to get to the bag hi I'm Vanessa I love Jesus and I love empowering women and on this channel we talk all things money for women and in today's video I have not one not five but 10 side hustles for Women of Faith so if number one doesn't work for you number eight might but my favorite one is literally number 10 because I don't like to talk about my personal life a lot but that one changed my life but before we get into the 10 side hustles you know me every now and then I bring out my Bible onto the channel cuz why not and I promise this video is not just me preaching but you would be blessed by this word people ask me does God even care about financial Independence like is this biblical let's find out I'm going to read from 1 Thessalonians 4 verse 11 make it your ambition to lead a quiet life you should mind your own business and work with your hands so that your daily life might win the respect of Outsiders and so that you would not be dependent on anybody yes God does care about financial Independence God does care about you having a job having a side hosital having a business he does it's Noble so don't let anyone lie to you or make you feel bad for wanting to Achieve Financial Independence Financial Freedom it's a good thing okay so today I'm going to share 10 side hustle ideas that you can start without breaking the bank without putting up too much money up front and you can start generating income while making an impact with your faith and that's my favorite kind of thing so let's get into it number one is faith-based affiliate marketing now if you don't know what affiliate marketing means it basically means you sell other people's products okay so if you create a theme page for example on Instagram or if you create a blog that's faith-based that's about a Christian topic Maybe Christian motherhood or being a Christian woman or dressing modestly you could be an affiliate marketer for a modest clothing line so if there's a clothing line that sells predominantly modest clothing and you already talk about the different things that make up a Christian woman's life then you would have an audience that's interested in dressing modestly and as a result it will be very easy to sell modest clothing but you might not want to run a whole modest clothing line by yourself that might be too exhausting this is just a side hustle you could become an affiliate marketer that means companies that sell Modern clothing can pay you you to talk about their clothes on your theme page or your blog and every time they make a sale you make money so affiliate marketing is definitely a great side hustle that you can start as a Christian woman number two is a Christian jewelry e-commerce store now I really love this one because I have pieces like look at this look at this amazing pieces from a company called bless a freak Boutique the owner Lola is a friend and she creates a amazing jewelry that has faith-based text on it and she sells online through her e-commerce store called blessed a freak Boutique so you can come up with your own thing that makes your e-commerce store unique and you can source for products from a place like and you can start making money by selling something that you actually believe in that also adorns other women number three is to start a faith-based sticker shop now you only need a few equipment from your house to start making stickers and there are people who are obsessed with stickers in this world like look at this Etsy store and see how many stickers have been sold people love stickers so if you have stickers that say things like girl don't forget to read your Bible or you're blessed and highly favored or things like that that people can put on their mugs on their journals you can get to the bag while also spreading the gospel and we love to see it number five number five is to have an Etsy printable store now people like to frame art or artistic things on their walls and so you can go on to canva and create artistic wall art that has Christian text on it so I have things like that in my house actually I have stickers on my wall and I also have frames that say things like you're blessed and highly favored all things work together for good because you love God you can come up with stuff like that and sell in a Marketplace that already exists Etsy number number six this one is so near and dear to my heart I love it so much I I'm a journal girly I don't know if you can tell maybe you can't but I love my journals and I always buy journals from Christian owned Journal companies you could start a journaling company literally from home there are a ton of YouTube videos that teach you how to start a journaling company from home so after watching this video you can binge other people's content and learn all the things you need to actually start this this business and that's why I went a step further by creating a free business plan template for you so that you can actually map out your business plan in just one page it has nine sections it will give you Clarity and help you figure out what steps you need to take in order to turn your business idea into a fully fleshed out business so I'm going to link it down in the description box for free for you number seven is to create quiet time gift boxes now the girlies love mugs and journal and you can put this all in a box and people would gift these things to their bridesmaids to their friends on their birthdays and you would be helping people spend more time with God while also running a profitable side hustle or full-time business it's a win-win girl and we love to see it number eight is to sell Christian affirmation cards I love me some of these I always pull one out when I wake up in the morning it's by a company called Christian art gifts it's even a Christian company but but basically it says love is patient love is kind there's always something sweet in the notes commit to the Lord whatever you do and He will establish your plans I love it so much like it's so encouraging and I like to fill my head with encouraging things and actually you guys keep leaving comments asking me how I'm so confident and so bubbly in my videos it's because I fill my head with encouraging scriptures from the Bible and if you want me to make like a PDF document with my favorite or Bible verses that encourage me and keep me going let me know down in the comment section so I can link it to the next video and if you haven't subscribed yet make sure you hit the Subscribe button and the Bell so you won't miss out on that in any of my upcoming videos number nine number nine is to start a Christian Cand

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