The 6 Most Popular And Best Selling Print-On-Demand Products To Sell In 2024: US$31K A Month

with one of my income streams being selling print on demand products to make money online it's extremely important to continue to learn to analyze and to improve that business model with an objective to increase my earnings and you know what 20123 has been a blessed year for me especially as it pertains to my online earnings specifically as it relates to selling products online and for that I'm very grateful but that being the case 2024 my goal is to double our online sales income and with print on Demand Being a significant portion of our portfolio I'm keen on doubling down on that area and it's for a number of reasons the first is the opportunities that I see presenting themselves online for print on demand based on people's needs for more personalized products as I'm showing here here on screen that personalized tumbler that you're seeing is from a store on Etsy called Glam C design and they have seen 75,500 sales in only 4 years which means that store owner Sara is making about 31,49 in Revenue per month selling about 53 products per day on average and while the Tumblr is a good one the fact that it's personalized with a name like Rachel is what many persons are gravitating to so I'm going to double down for that reason the second reason is as per overlow and I always mispronounce that but in 2023 there were 80 million more online buyers than there were in 2024 and that as per this article is a 3.1% year-over-year increase listen as internet connectivity penetrates across the globe and online shopping becomes increasingly more convenient this shouldn't surprise anyone that it's growing at this rate and print on Demand with no startup cost as I'm going to share with you is ideal for the e-commerce growth that's coming because you'll not need to incur cost for inventory you won't have to worry about shipping or Logistics nor do you need to worry about things like customer service when you choose the right partner and that's what I'm going to also share in this video and the third reason which is data driven and actually possibly my favorite reason because I can literally quantify and validate the results is Google Trends and this is an amazing tool that I like to use and I also use it to evaluate the best and hottest print on demand products out there for the last 3 to 5 years which means that if I'm selecting those products the probability that I'll see an increase in sales when I double down on print on demand in 2024 is much greater so rock stars I'm going to use this opportunity to invite you to come along with me to increase your on online income focused on print on demand because you don't need any cash UPF front to get started and it can be launched from anywhere across the globe so in this video I will be sharing with you the top six print OnDemand products that you could be selling in 2024 and of course they're going to be backed by the data that I got from Google Trends and in selling these products you'll be able able to make as much as $31,000 per month as is the case with Sierra and [Music] Etsy rockstars thank you for your loyalty welcome to the Rockstar Academy and if you are a rockstar Club member or subscriber on patreon or you are a YouTube member I would like to thank you for your support let's jump right into this video now before we can talk about the six top and hottest products for 2024 and beyond for print on demand we have to talk about the best print on demand partner that you could possibly work with at least in my opinion and this should come as no surprise to you because the partner is printify and again you can get printify premium for a month free with a link that I'm going to share in the description now now I like printify because you're able to start free and if you know me well you know that I love free things but I'm also willing to invest when I see it adding value to my life printify is also beginner friendly and it's very easy to maneuver as I've shared in some of the other videos that I'm popping up here on screen printify also has a mockup option that I absolutely love I use the mockup tool in printify as you see me doing here when I'm creating a design because if you can get the customer or buyer to see themselves either using or wearing the product their likelihood of purchasing is going to increase I also like printify because you can leverage it from anywhere across the globe now let's talk about the top six print on demand products for 2024 and Beyond the first product on our list are sweatshirts and every year in Winter the there's a huge increase in sweatshirts as you can see here from Google Trends listen I live in Jamaica and even here where the temperature is relatively the same all year round dropping probably 1 to 2° in the winter months or during November December January period people will put on a sweatshirt in our tropical climate and again as you can see here from the Google Trend chart part the sweatshirt Trend it has been increasing not just since last year but over the Last 5 Years well here's the great news on printify they have several sweatshirts to choose from now I'm not going to spend a lot of time showing you how to create designs in this video because it's focused more on the best products to sell with print on demand but you can watch this video here where I use a simple sentence to create AI designs with K and I'm going to put K's Link in the description of this video and you can use this video to create the designs for your sweatshirt that said let's move to product number two that's a hot seller for print on demand in 2024 and this is wall decorations or posters or artwork on canvas whatever you want to call it as I shared here with was a gift I got for my son's birthday that he absolutely loves now according to google trends for some reason these wall decorations whether it's posters or artwork on canvas they tend to sell best in August and September but if you package them with the retail calendar that I shared in this video Frankly Speaking they're going to sell all year round now printify is an amazing option for w decorations because as you can see here you have a vast number of whether it's Canvas OR poster type wall decor base to choose from on printify and what I love about printify is the fact that I can scale them up to whatever size I want and in many cases I can change the color of the background or the canvas for my beautiful art pieces as you can see here on Etsy these products are doing pretty well and are continuing to rayen records sales in 2023 so I expect that Trend to continue for 2024 especially considering the chart where Google Trend here is confirming that it's a growing Market that you can participate in for print on demand now the third product on the list that's ideal for print on demand in 2024 is hoodies and Frankly Speaking hoodies sell all year round and you'll see here from the Google Trend chart that the demand for hoodies is similar to the demand for sweatshirt

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