How I Make Faceless YouTube Videos in 10 Minutes with AI (Free)

last year I made a video where I detailed my attempts to make a YouTube channel that was completely run by Fiverr gigs I use Fiverr to buy the thumbnails to buy the editing to buy the voiceovers to buy the scripts every single thing came from Fiverr and I'm going to give you a quick update to that channel you can see right here the channel got 26 000 views it got over 400 hours in watch time and if we look at our dashboard the last video actually got 900 views and was the best video we've ever put out and to be honest I only put out 24 Total videos on that channel now there was only one problem with that channel and that's that it was burning up cash I was spending a lot more money that I made in fact I was making absolutely nothing from the channel in the last few months though that problem has completely changed because there's become an artificial intelligence tool for basically every part of making a YouTube video and that means you're going to be able to make a YouTube video The way I did without all the cost in fact what I'm going to show you today is how to make a complete YouTube video in probably about 15 minutes completely for free using mostly artificial intelligence tools let's Dive Right In now before we start there's two important things you need to know about all these AI AI tools the first one is that we need to know how to talk to them so you might understand that there is an AI tool that does something for you but if you don't know how to talk and you don't know how to explain in a way that the AI tool will understand you'll end up with a garbage video and so what we're going to talk about is the language a lot of times that we're going to use to get the AI to do exactly what it is we want and the second thing is we are going to be using chat GTP and we're also going to be using a tool called vid IQ now vid IQ is actually just chat GTP packaged up a little differently now what they've done is they've taken chat GTP and they've actually built an integration into their own website and then they've trained it a little bit more specifically for YouTube so first we are going to start vid IQ and that's going to be for ideation okay we need to come up with a good video idea something that's really going to knock people's socks off and get a bunch of views now vid IQ makes this really easy and all you've got to do is go to vid IQ and sign up and you'll go to AI coach right here and then it's going to have some prompts we're going to go to give me five video ideas about we're just going to click that right here and again this is going to ask chat GTP this question but with a little more data now my channel is all about Job hacks things like that and so getting a job might be a good one that we'll type in right here and it's going to spit out five different cool video ideas for us to run with now you can see right here it's given us five ranging from resumes to interviewing to networking now if you don't like it you can always say give me five more and it will give you five more I think we're gonna run with something resume related because that's something that really did really well on the channel before so we're going to run with how to create a resume to stand out from the crowd next we need to come up with the title and that's pretty easy all I'm going to do is I'm going to click refresh and we're going to say fix this title and I'm going to type in something like how to create the perfect resume right now it's going to fix this title or give me a bunch of title ideas for this so it says step-by-step guide to crafting the perfect resume I'm actually okay with that if I wasn't okay with that I would say try again and it would try again and I can say try again as many times as I needed to until I got a title that I felt like had a good potential for a lot of clicks for example The Ultimate Guide to writing a standout resume also a great title I might run at that one instead anyway once you select your title you now have a video idea you've got a title and it's time for you to start scripting so for step three we actually are going to use chat GTP to make our script and the reason that we want to do that is chat GTP tends to give you longer and more filled out scripts so if you try to use vid IQ you'll find that it's only two or three hundred words the script it spits out and chat UTP you can you can talk to it enough and get it to give you a long script and I'll show you what I mean so when I say write a thousand word script for a YouTube video let's say I have 12 techniques for crafting the perfect resume now I'll tell it to write five sentences about each technique and I'll be witty and guess what sometimes it'll listen and sometimes it won't and in this case it didn't listen Okay so it started to write a pretty good resume right here you can see all I did was tell it to write and I told it to be witty I always tell it to be witty hey there job Seekers and it gives me a nice little intro and then it starts to dive into the points now this isn't going to be long enough I can already tell that it's not going to be long enough so you'll see that I respond down here and I say write it again but I want you to go into more detail about each of the 12 techniques and chat GDP I'll dive in and do that so you can see right here it's going to start right on the techniques again and this time we're getting a little more we're getting five six seven sentences for each one which is much more in line with the length that we want and we could tell it as many times as we want to go into more detail we could tell it to go into more detail about point two all you've got to do is respond back and forth until you have what you feel good about you're also going to find that as it's going it sometimes stops going and you can see right here have someone else review it this and then it stops all you've got to do is tell Chance ATP to keep going it's almost like it has a brain freeze so you'll tell it to keep going and it will finish up this article and or finish up this YouTube script and then it will finish up with a good closing statement right there as well now at this point you're just a few minutes in all you've done is get an idea you've got a title and you've got a script and each of these unless you battle back and forth with the AI should take you about 30 seconds now it comes time to actually make the video this is where I was blowing a lot of money before the video editing and the video voiceover and all that that was costing me a lot of money on my previous channel but it doesn't anymore so what we're going to use is we're going to use a tool called in video dot IO and we'll leave a link down below to that as well again they have a free plan everything I'm talking about can be done on the free plan if you want to improve the quality of your video in a lot of different ways obviously there are different paid plans that will dramatically make your video better you'll get

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