Super realistic, non-aesthetic day in my life✨💻 29 year old youtuber, etsy shop owner, calligrapher

as much as I wish my life was super aesthetic like a lot of the other day in the life videos you see honestly it's not so this is a super realistic non- athetic look at what it's like in a day in my life and I literally had the idea to make this video yesterday so it's not like I chose a day where I had really cool things going on anyways usually in the morning I wake up around 7:00 and if it's not raining I will go out for a run or else I'll do some kind of YouTube workout this is the reality of filming by s you need to put the camera down do the thing then run back to the camera and turn it off running to me is like therapy if I don't do it at least one to two times a week I feel off it's also one of my favorite ways to relieve stress and calm my mind down I have the same breakfast every day which is a glass of milk with decaf coffee powder for flavor whole wheat toast with peanut butter and an egg and I usually listen to a podcast around 9:00 a.m. I'll start on work and every morning I have the same green tea on most days I'll open up a 10-minute guided meditation and do it so I can settle down and focus sometimes I'll Journal as well if there's a lot on my mind but today I felt pretty good already so every single day I do a Time block you can see all my time blocks here and today I'm working from 9 till about 3:30ish and today what I'm working on is the script for this video which is the stay in the life video because as you film basically you need to write the script as you film and then I'm going to plan my next two YouTube videos I'm going to work on my Etsy shop for about an hour an hour and a half and then if I have time I'm going to do some shorts do some reels I'll have lunch and then clear emails reply to YouTube comments make a quote calligraphy quote for my friend Wendy I'm attending office hours with Roberto's Blake membership and then I have a date this section is three things I must accomplish today and if I accomplish this stuff then it means today was a win usually every day I work 4 to 6 hours and in the past I used to work way longer but actually this year I tracked my hours and I really wanted to make it like four to 5 hours and it actually has made me more productive I think because in my head if I have a limited amount of time to work then I tend to do things faster oh did you hear that okay I have this like Nifty wait let me turn it off okay I have this Nifty uh Pomodoro Timer thing that I got off Amazon and it's because I've been using the Pomodoro Technique for years basically you can see like 25 right so I want to work for 25 minutes so I'll just do this and it's going to start the timer and then once the 25 minutes are up it's going to beep and then I turn it to 5 minutes I just literally turn this thing and it starts the timer for 5 minutes so I do 25 minutes working 5 minutes off and I pretty much do this the entire day when I'm working and I'll link this in the video description if you guys are interested but I I love this Pomodoro Timer thing during these 25 minutes I work uninterrupted and then during my 5 minute breaks I usually go to the washroom or get some water or do some stretching the reason I work 4 to 6 hours a day and not 8 hours a day is because as a creative there's only so much deep work that you can do until you feel unin ired or unproductive according to Cal Newport who is the author of deep work the upper limit for deep creative or intellectual work is 4 hours a day for me I usually work a bit longer than 4 hours because there's also some shallow work that I do every day like responding to emails Etsy messages and YouTube comments by the way if you don't know me already my name is Dena and I've been self-employed as a calligrapher YouTube Creator Etsy shop owner and creative entrepreneur for almost 5 years on this channel I make make videos to help you start a creative business and by the way I have this free business plan template that you can download if you're just at the beginning stages of starting a business so it is 11:40 right now and I have this dilemma I'm trying to brainstorm the second video that I'm going to film this week and the thing is this entire month I've been trying to sell pre-sell a Etsy listing photos course and in 3 weeks nobody has bought anything and I have 3 weeks left to promote this thing until November 30th and so supposedly like all the videos that I'm making this month should be kind of promoting this Etsy listings course that I'm selling and so the second video that I'm making this is going to be the last video of the month honestly I think my mind is a bit jumbled because I have no sales so far it's a pre-sale and if I get no sales I'm not going to make the product but I know that there are still 3 weeks left so I could get some potential sales but I think even if I get like three sales five sales like I don't know if it's worth it for me to make this course because it's going to take so freaking long so I have this dilemma right now of whether or not I should make a video that is on the topic of this course so something about Etsy digital products something like that or should I just make a video that's not about that cuz right now I'm just not feeling it I'm a bit bummed out that I'm not getting sales I thought this product would do well but I haven't gotten any sales in the last 3 weeks and I have 3 weeks left yeah when it comes to YouTube planning cuz this is going out in 2ish weeks it's it's hard to say you know and like once I make the video I can't like take it back so I don't know I I'm sharing this because I feel like yeah like day in the life things are generally great like I love the work that I do but there are times where I run into these decisions that I have to make and these dilemmas and it's just like it's like I don't know what to do I I I mean I could talk to someone about it but like in the end I think it's I have to feel it out myself and see how do I feel about this what do I really want to do and yeah I think with these decisions like it takes up a lot of energy to think about like what I should do so I don't know I I don't really have an answer to my own dilemma um but maybe for now I'm not going to come up with what I'm doing for the second video I'm just going to work on something else and then maybe sometime today like I'll just have like an epiphany of what I should do and for those of you who are trying to start a business or maybe you have a business but you're not getting the results that you want I just want to remind you that your business results don't say anything about your success or your worth as a person and for me I really had to learn that over the years like I would tie my business success to how good I was as a person and how successful I was as a person but now I don't I can like Det cash from that now for lunch I had leftovers while listening to a podcast usually after lunch I'll move my laptop to my makeshift standing desk and stand for ha

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