How To Make Money On YouTube in 2024 (For Beginners)

you need to find out what eyeballs you're naturally getting and giving them exactly what is that they wanted and lo and behold the moment I gave them exactly what it is I wanted I went from making seven dollars a day to four grand a month in December 10 grand a month in January 20 30 40 50 60 because I spent a period of time not getting any results but getting just data from the people that was actually watching my videos [Music] this is how I went from seven dollars a day to over one million dollars a year with YouTube now I remember it was like 2020 when the world was kind of like burning in chaos and everyone was just kind of like freaking out me personally I was just freaking out because I had no idea how to go ahead and for example survive with the chaos that was going on in 2020. I don't know if you could remember but I remember there was like some people that were making a lot of money and there were other people that were just losing a bunch of money and unfortunately for me I ended up being in that camp of people that were losing money and couldn't pivot and couldn't actually go ahead and adapt to the changing Marketplace so I went into a very very dark place and I was like used to making like for example six figures a month and then I got to the lowest point of like seven dollars a day and I remember I was like living in Bali at the time and I was like with my girl and my dogs in this huge villa mansion but even having like the girl the dog the house I felt like I had nothing and it's because I had no money and I felt like an imposter I felt like I couldn't do it I felt like you know maybe YouTube is not for me I remember it got so dark I remember thinking okay if I could just get into a Marvel movie and and succeed in that maybe I can accidentally make millions I remember I was like in this part where I saw an Asian Marvel movie coming up I don't know if you guys know like shangshi the legend of the five or seven rings it's essentially a Marvel movie with a bunch of agents and I was like you know what I could fight I could go ahead and maybe act in a Marvel movie and I was thinking if I could just get this role if I can just get this role I would literally be set I would never have to work ever again I could make millions of dollars I could just be famous and that was kind of like my way that I thought that I could go ahead and succeed so I remember sliding in the DMS of one of the guys that like essentially does casting and he just left me on red and I was like all right screw this you know maybe I should go ahead and focus on YouTube it was kind of hard because it was like I I just didn't think I could go ahead and do it you know my YouTube channel at that time was Dead uh I wasn't making any money it was just seven dollars a day and I was just kind of playing this story inside my head where it's like well what if I'm not good enough what if you know people don't actually care about me there's so many other people out there that are way better than me that are looking at me more talented than me better storytellers than me why would I go ahead and blow up in YouTube and I knew that that's what I needed to do but there was this big fear and this big procrastination whenever I came to actually going ahead and making videos so I remember meeting one of my mentors down in Bali in like the southern tip and I was telling him all of my problems in my personal life I was like you know my money is not good like it's very hard no one wants like I'm stuck I can't find new clients I can't find new customers what what am I doing wrong and I was expecting like a tactical shift in what he would tell me like oh just you know make make a bunch of videos or oh it's your thumbnails or oh it's your click through rates or all any like the technical mumbo jumbo so essentially what he told me he was like Mike you know you need to do I'm like what he's like you need to meditate like four to ten hours a day and I was like that's freaking ridiculous but you have the results that I want so I'll just listen to what you did so instead of actually making the YouTube videos which you know I would just stress in the beginning I was just like okay let me go ahead and sit and think and observe what's going on in here and as I'm like sitting bored out of my mind hours and hours and hours every single day for seven days I started realizing just how much victim mentality I was playing and how I was waiting for someone to go and help me make money with YouTube when the person that was going to make me money was actually myself and at that moment in time I remember thinking like why do I care so much oh well what if I get so little views what if what if no one watches me what if I put my heart and soul into this video and no one really cares and what if like I put a video out and the comments are mean and I started thinking like do any of these fears do they actually matter like are any of these fears actually going to go ahead and pay the bills and I started thinking like something went insane in my brand I remember in one of these meditations I was like you know what I'm gonna do I'm gonna make three videos a day 10 minutes long I'm gonna publish it every single day for the next year and My Philosophy was like well if I could get one video to get a hundred views a day if I make a thousand videos and each video gets 100 views a day I essentially get a hundred thousand views to my products offers and services every single day this is exactly how I ended up making a lot of money in YouTube and I'm telling you I went from seven dollars a day to literally a million dollars a year within a year of doing this and that was every single day I would literally go ahead and talk about whatever everyone's like oh well you need a niche no you don't okay so I remember when I was like on this I was publishing three videos a day and a single day I would do like oh here is a Wix tutorial or a Shopify tutorial and then right after that it would be like oh this is what I learned from Tantra and spirituality and after that it's like oh this is what happens when you do nofap for like 90 days and every single day everyone thought I was crazy because you looked at my YouTube feed and it was like there was no Niche I was like talk about everything every oh I tried being vegan for 30 days oh I tried being a carnivore oh look at what I learned with Amazon FBA just content and content and content and content I remember this is now October 2020 and every single video I would launch I remember looking at uh one of my close friends in Bali who helps me with the videos and I was like this is gonna be the video that ends up blowing up and he was like yeah bro this is me the video that ends up blowing up and lo and behold that video didn't blow up and every single day I would put my heart and soul and so much energy in so many videos it didn't blow up and it didn't blow up and I was just waiting if I could just get one video

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