Step-by-Step Guide To Making $100,000 With An Online Course (No Paid Ads)

in the last three years we've done just shy of a million dollars selling one single online course and we've done that without spending any money on paid ads using completely free organic traffic and automated sales systems this video is going to show you step by step everything that we did to get there we're going to show you how we're getting the traffic we're going to show you how we're turning those into leads i'm going to show you how we're taking those leads and turning them into sales this is going to be a life-changing video for some of you so let's not waste a single minute let's just dive right in some real quick background about my online course i teach people how to start a successful affiliate business and grow it to a full-time passive income over time it currently sells for about fifteen hundred dollars but for most of its life it sold for about nine hundred dollars we also have two payment plans available where they can pay 197 a month for nine months or six hundred dollars a month for three months and get full access up front the course is hosted in thinkific who i'm very very happy with and who's actually agreed to sponsor this video so we'll probably talk a little bit about why i love them further on in the video but for now let's dive in and talk about how you can do this exact same thing now your first step is actually going to be picking a topic and maybe you already have a topic in mind but also a direction or how you're going to run with that topic something that's typically a little counterintuitive when you're creating an online course is that the riches are in the niches and we've all heard that statement a lot of times but it's a very true statement and especially true here and what i mean by that is you don't want to say something like i'm going to teach you how to make money or i'm going to teach you how to look good or i'm going to teach you how to lose weight you want to go much much much more specific than that if you think about it there's millions probably hundreds of millions or even billions of people that are looking to lose weight you need to do something that makes you stand out a little more than just saying i'm going to help you lose weight maybe you have a very specific method maybe you can teach them how to lose weight in a very specific way maybe you have a very specific audience meaning you can teach people post-pregnancy how to lose weight or people that have a certain disease how to lose weight or something like that you can take this much narrower audience and you can really tailor your market and your course to them and one it'll be a lot easier as you start trying to sell to reach a much smaller audience as opposed to reaching the 500 million people in the world that want to lose weight it's much easier to reach the one or two million people that just have a baby this year or much easier to reach the 500 000 people that have this specific disorder that's causing them to gain weight right the more narrow you can get the easier it is to reach them but then also you can take this course and instead of being so broad you can tailor it to these specific people and you'll be able to sell it a lot better and you'll actually get a lot better results for your students as you can tailor this to their needs their desires and their actual things that are holding them back from achieving what your course is going to help them to achieve i've seen million dollar courses on how to listen how to train a dog how to do cpr on a dog how to dance how to dress nice there's millions of different niches and small tiny subsets of the broader market right maybe the broader fashion market or the broader pet market that you can take and really dominate step two is traffic and this is where everyone kind of crumbles no matter how well they do on step one they need to get eyeballs to their course and i'm gonna show you exactly what i do because this can be applied to virtually anything and it's a very simple system that works very very well so the way we're going to work this part of the video is we're going to talk about how to get traffic we're going to talk about turning that traffic into a lead right and a lead is someone that you have access to that you can run emails to or run ads to and that you can market to and who knows who you are all that kind of stuff qualify someone to be a lead and then we're going to talk about how we take this lead and we turn them into a customer right someone that bought our course and a happy raving customer and so let's start with traffic and we'll go from there now remember i talked about how my course is on how to make money online but specifically it's about affiliate marketing now the way that i drive a vast majority of my traffic is through my youtube channel and there's two big reasons that i just love youtube as the best way to get customers to your online course the first one is that people that are looking on youtube tend to be looking with their credit card in their hand they're what we call either a warm or a hot lead right if you're running an ad let's say on facebook to someone you're having to take somebody who's just scrolling across facebook and stop them and get them to read your ad even though they're not interested in that right then right like as they're scrolling facebook their interest is not losing weight at that moment or making money at that moment it's basically turning off their brain and chilling for a little bit and you're disrupting that interest but on youtube somebody typically comes to youtube and they type in something right how to lose weight post pregnancy right that might be something that somebody types into youtube right there and then we've got all these different videos now those people are very interested they have a problem and they want to solve it right now and can you imagine that it might be much easier to take these people and sell them a course or a product than it would be to take somebody who's just scrolling across facebook and try to get them to remember the problem they have and convince them they have the problem maybe and then go from there i'm gonna tell you right now much better leads coming off of youtube because somebody's already actively searching to solve their problem the other reason i like youtube is the exponential way that it can grow and here's what i mean by that so you remember that my course is on affiliate marketing you can see right here i made a video about affiliate marketing with no website right it's kind of like a subset of affiliate marketing and you can see that i rank right here number two on affiliate marketing without a website and that video to date starting two years ago has gotten 65 000 views and it continues to get thousands of views for me every single month so that means that i've got people that come in they watch this video and then they head down my rabbit hole that we'll talk about further on in this video where they

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