How To Deal With The Emotional Rollercoaster Of Building A Business

if you want to get good at anything if you want to get good at building a business if you want to get good at making money there is an element of show up and do the work and practice and there is going to be so much discomfort that you have to move through and so much effort that you have to put in in order to get the result that you want to [Music] get in this episode of the shimi business show I want to do something that I haven't really fully done before and that is just really have a little chat and a good old conversation around like the truth about building an online business or your own business because I think that so often we see the outside of people's businesses and it looks all shiny and amazing and perfect but we don't really see what's happening on the inside we don't really see what it does it really take to create that success what do you really have to do and um I think it can get really confusing and I think that there's you know we see so much on social media about like it can be easy and you don't have to hustle and there's a lot of good stuff in that for example you know I also don't think you should hustle yourself to burnout cuz that's no good for anyone but there are times when it's not going to be easy there are times when you're going to have to flip and hustle your ass off like there just are if you want to create that level of success there are going to be those times when you're working and sometimes it doesn't even feel like hustling because you're so excited and Fir up about what you're doing um that it doesn't feel hard but you're still flipping hustling you're working you're doing it and you're spending like as many hours as you can building your business and getting it out there and creating that success and that's fine like I know for myself I got to you know where I'm at today and have created the success because I flipping worked my ass off to get here like there is absolutely no denying it I cannot say sit here and tell you that getting here was easy peasy like I just can't tell you that because it's such a lie I got to where I am because I worked so hard to get here and um when you see things online about people you were talking about being really easy and you know you know not having to hustle and and and everything like that it can make you think oh my God I'm doing something wrong or like I'm trying to make this easy I'm not hustling and why is nothing happening and I'm not saying that it can't be easier because it can but I think there's Seasons to things there's Seasons to to it all and um for me I'm constantly going out of Seasons where I'm taking it a bit easier and Seasons where I'm flipping working really really really hard and um and that's life isn't it like that is life I mean it's I I I know that I mean you all know this is true from any experience you've had about when you've got good at anything like I remember when I was like learning to PL the clarinet as a kid like there if for me to get good I had to practice and practice and practice even when I didn't want to practice even when I hated the damn thing even when I wanted to chuck it out the window like I had to show up and practice if I wanted to get good and if you want to get good at anything if you want to get good at building a business if you want to get good at making money there is an element of show up and do the work and practice and there is going to be so much so much discomfort that you have to move through and so much effort that you have to put in in order to get the result that you want to get and I think that it's just really important for us all to remember that bluming takes effort because if success was easy everyone would be bluming successful but everyone's not really successful because it's not that easy like it requires us to show up it requires us to face our fears it requires us to be courageous it requires us to put in a lot of effort and hard work and time quite frankly time and I know that so many of us want to create success or like you know so many of you you know people I chat to and they want to create success but they don't have very much time and I get it so it's then fig figuring out how can you make the most of the time that you do have available and and sometimes that means having to make sacrifices and again I think that's another word where we don't like talking about sacrifices especially in the like the more feminine space is because we don't want to have to make sacrifices we don't want to have to sacrifice things that mean something to us that are important to us and I get it because I don't want to sacrifice either like I am a mom I have two kids and I do not want to sacrifice the time I get to spend with them but sometimes I do sometimes I have to because I have to focus on like building my business and sometimes that means that I have to really really work hard at the sacrifice of spending time with them and sometimes that Bloody sucks um but that is the truth and the reality um sometimes so um the other things that I want to talk about because I wanted to just like share about this and like I would love to also hear your thoughts and feedback on this as well um because like I said so many people do think that I have it all figured out and that everything is so Rosy and peachy all the time and I get it because there's other people online who I look at and I think gosh I bet they really have it figured out I bet they don't have the problems I have I bet they don't struggle the way I struggle and then I think well actually they probably do um or just maybe in different ways or have gone through it you know at one time or another um because for me like since having kids um you know like you know been 5 years and um since having kids I um you know I my life obviously completely changed and um not only that I think I'd reached a point in my business where I was starting to like expand the team and I mean the whole team thing for me oh my gosh like I still haven't got that right I still haven't figured it out I still keep getting it wrong I still you know keep making mistakes I still feel like I need to be a better leader I you know and the emotional drain that comes with like getting the teams to frong is really hard and to be honest like over the past few years I feel like I've taken an absolute battering with getting it wrong and like trying desperately hard to get it right and you know learning and doing things and you know really trying to be proactive to get it right but the the people side of a business is is is I have found to be challenging at times and really draining and it's like taken a lot out of me over the like the past few years trying to do that but you wouldn't know it you know seeing obviously my social media all the stuff I put out there cuz obviously I'm not going to be blurting out oh yeah today I'm having a real struggle with this this and this um which is why I kind of want expect this podcast epi

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