Driving Tesla CYBERTRUCK: The best Tesla ever? *full review

hey guys welcome to silon Valley girl today we are reviewing the Cyber [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] truck wow wow how long have you had it for for one week how is it h it's amazing it's I was the most advanced car in the world for sure yeah super fast and easy to drive wow huge it's huge do people take pictures of you all the time all the time yeah you you will see it you will see it later and this is the first car that has been delivered uh the first cyber Beast cyber Beast yeah yeah they they started delivering the customers last week and this is the first cyber Beast as which means goes from 0 to 60 m per hour in 2.6 seconds wow wow yeah yeah honestly I've never seen a car that gets so much attention it's [Music] crazy I'm standing here for like 5 minutes and people just keep coming taking pictures asking questions can I get one can I get one oh my goodness all right let's review the car oh my God you know I have a Tesla I have a Tesla Model X but this is something completely different yes it reminds me of my Tesla sometimes but okay guys let's try so the first thing that you notice is that the doors open in different way you actually have to press this button and they do not fully open automatically they just open a tiny bit and then you open them with your hands now let's get inside this is my favorite part by the way it smells like a brand new C which you know logically um what I really like like is the build quality it is so much different from my Tesla because my Tesla X was one of the first to the market and you kind of felt like they were testing things with this cyber truck it feels like this is something they've already worked on for a while I like the alc contar here nothing is squeaking or whatever like every detail kind of makes sense and this is the new wheel that they came up with it's like yoke and it's something in the middle between the Yoke and the regular w um but it feels super good another thing that I like as a girl let me show you this this is the area for your purse oh my God how great is that especially if you're driving with someone normally you're like where I put my purse I don't like to put it in the bag because you know crime in San Francisco whatever but here is the perfect spot for a first oh and talking about the crime in San Francisco this uh car is bullet resistant so I don't want to do this just right now but I guess if you leave something in your cyber truck in San Francisco they won't be able to get in uh by breaking the glass what's cool when you sit inside the Cyber truck and you drive it you feel like you're driving bigger Tesla it's slightly smoother slightly bigger but you don't feel like you're driving a tank and this looks like a tank to me from the outside which is kind of cool and so one of the features that they have here which I think is a great feature so they have this frunk all the my Tesla also has it but this one is so much bigger let me show you so you open it from your car from the screen by just pressing a button and then you have all this space here which can fit your carry on suitcases if you're flying somewhere and another feature that they just added that I don't have on my Tesla X is that you can actually close the front by just pressing a button which is super convenient because a lot of people blamed me for um almost breaking my front by trying to push it too hard but this is this is awesome you have your light here and then the next thing that I don't know it just grabbed my attention right away this is the biggest windshied wiper I've ever held in my hand just look at this it's huge it's like almost I a meter and a half it's kind of funny but the the whole windshield is is huge in this car let's explore the trunk what I like about it is that you can control it with buttons so you don't have to lift anything you don't have to apply Force I just press the button and I can open as far as I can it can Stope right here but I can open it all the way up and then I open this door and there we go we have this huge trunk so my first thought when I see it I'm going to put a double I'm going to put a mattress here we're going to sleep here all together you know with kids and husband because so much space and I imagine us going um Tahoe Lake In Summer and spending the night here and I would bring my Kettle I would bring my mattress I would bring my laptop because what you have the power outlets right here so you can really spend the night here and do whatever you want you can cook you can boil your tea whatever and the more I explore this car the more thoughts I'm getting like you know this is a kind of show off car look at me take pictures of my car second thought is this is an entertainment car you would really use it for like well you could use it for construction work and what ever but I would totally use it to explore California explore the US with my family you know these portable fridges fore drinks now they thought about this and this part could also be used as a fridge they have their mobile connector here so if you put ice here you can drain your water from here but again this is extra storage space we have a Cadillac right now which we use for travel and it fits a lot less honestly this would fit everything that we normally take with us uh and what I really like about this truck is that okay I'm a girl I'm not a strong girl at all and when I think about a truck and I see you know Constructor workers with trucks I think oh my God yeah this is not for me because you need to apply Force you know you need to lift tanks here everything is super easy to operate like I I can still wear my heels and wear my nice outfit and everything and everything no it's gonna and everything's going to work perfectly so if you're a girl thinking about a cyber truck I would say get it you have your space for the purse you can operate it easily looks great what else G welcome to the back of the Cyber truck now okay Let's test it feel spacious I would need the seats to be more kind of I I wouldn't say I'm in a relaxed position I would like more reclining in the seat but it's fine andone thinking like okay uh if I have two kids one car seat here one car seat here our nny would kind of fit here if one of the car seats is a booster but I wouldn't say there's like too much space here um you have your screen which is again perfect for kids entertainment you have YouTube uh all of my channels are available uh in the back seat as well so you can enjoy them while while you're driving H and another feature that I saw in reviews that I really wanted to try is that you can actually lift these seats and you get your extra space so there is this thing you pull and yeah and then you lift your seat here and then you can lift another seat as well oh my goodness you know so easy to operate this car oh my God because normally when we get a new car oh my God how do I do this how do I do that to call my husband here everything is

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