Make Wall Art Prints that SELL with AI to Earn Up to $102,009 per Month

this Etsy Shop makes over a hundred and two thousand dollars per month selling mostly framed wall art and canvas print it was opened only three years ago and they made an estimate of 3.6 million dollars in revenue and there are dozens of other shops just like this I'll break down the whole game plan and business model for you how to do your competitor research how to create amazing art with AI tools using just words even if you're not a graphic designer and how to print these designs on products and get this I'm gonna start my own shop in this video and guide you through every single step but wait before we get all RT with AI we need to check what's selling like hotcakes on Etsy so our step number one is to do Niche product and keyword research when I'm doing this Niche and competitor research I'm using this Chrome extension ever be on Etsy if you never tried it check my link Anastasia dot com slash ever be in the description below and sign up to try the tool for free no credit card required so here is this super handy trick that you might want to know when you're snooping around someone else's Etsy shop there is this sidebar thing that you can pull out on the left just hit product analytics and boom you can check out the stats for all the listings so you just need to click on analyze all listings and you can even sort them like by the monthly revenue or buy the views for example it's an awesome way to see which products are getting the most clicks and sales you'll see the product names links and even little preview images everything that you need to figure out what designs would be profitable and what kind of designs you should create first for your own store cool right you can also go more in depth just find keyword research in the left menu and then if we start with wool art this is a very broad keyword with high competition so we need to dig deeper I recommend you to click on filters here and set the max volume to about 2000. submit the keyword that has to be included in our case it's the word art and with this filter applied we can find some narrow keywords like anniversary gift wall art or Botanicals art print and more our next step is to start creating the art design with AI tools I jumped onto this software called Kittle it's super beginner friendly and it's packed with tons of graphics and fonts for digital creations and the best part is that it has this new AI feature just use my link in the description below to start a free account on Kettle once you started the project click here on Ketel AI button in the left menu and then you can give it a prompt you should choose the style of your image I chose here oil painting style and then I will add the keyword Botanicals art print in Japanese style if you're not sure how to generate the right prompt then click on this learn more link which basically teaches you the language that AI understands the best see I tried out different prompts for example this one with Japanese trees and I clarify that I want mostly green color scheme once you chose one image just drag it by the corner to get the right size and what I love about Kettle is that you can control the quality of the image over here and you can even tweak the design to Perfection I played around with contrast and saturation to make the image colors look more like an old Japanese paintings if you want to try it out there is a free version and the link is down below but a heads up if you want to get a full commercial license without any attribution for selling your AI generated art you will need to get a paid subscription you can start even with a 10 month Pro Plan now our step number three is to quick start the business first create a new Gmail account maybe something that Vibes with your own business name this will keep keep things neat when you open other related accounts trust me it's a lifesaver so you're not mixing your business and personal stuff head over to Etsy click on selling Etsy the bottom then get started use that shiny new business email that you just made to sign up you can use the link in the description below and ads you will give you 40 free listings for your new shop alright next sign up for printify using the same email there is a link in the description for you to start a free printify account once you're in connect your shop and you just need to find Etsy logo here and then make sure that you are logged in to your Etsy account and Grant access to printify this syncs everything up making life super easy later on our step number four is to try and make advanced AI design in me Journey so the setup is done and now if you want to try designing your wall art with a more advanced image generator rating an eye we should head over to Mid Journey first make sure that you've got a Discord account and that you joined me Journey there now heads up me Journey isn't free if you want to sell the images so it's about 10 bucks a month but it's worth every penny for the commercial rights now start your private chat in Discord and to create your first Masterpiece type a forward slash in the chat box a prompt pops up click on the Imagine option so I will use here a prompt to create colorful floral abstract art in 4k quality just look at the result I've got in a few seconds this is beautiful now if you want to use one of these images you can click on this you one two three four buttons I will choose u3 and it will upscale the image then you can click on the result and view it in browser and even save it to your computer from here our step number five is to abstain feel the quality using AI image enlarger so this cannot be the final quality of the image because you have to make sure that it will be good enough for printing it on any size of wall art so for that we will use a free AI image enlarger yep it's the name of the tool I'll give you a link to it in the description below as well just create a free account and upload your image from me journey and choose 400 size that's the maximum available on the free plan and once it's done just download the file here is how it can look like our next step is to create a product on printify you have already connected your printify and add to shop earlier in this video now head over to the catalog on printify and click on home and leaving section where you will find posters that's what we need for the wall art oh and don't miss out on the canvas section it's a premium product option priced higher but totally worth it for those buyers who are looking for higher quality inside the poster section you will easily get lost because there are so many options my tip is to start with the best seller and check how it looks and also check the reviews that it has and by the way they are great reviews if you want to start saving 20 on all the products you can upgrade from your free account to printify premium now have you selected your product then you will see a list of fulfillment partners for this product by the way there is just

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