Shopping & Preparation For Hollywood Durban July | South Africa is So Expensive!!!!

[Music] I remember when my mother would kiss me good night and tuck me in but we would pray together I recall a day the stranger told me to not let my smile fade oh hey guys what is up welcome back to another Vlog I'm starting this Vlog on a Tuesday and that's because the boundary lies on Saturday I'm sincerely opening this camera and speaking because sometimes I'm like okay this is working and other times I'm like nah this is not working so I'm gonna assume that this is working properly today um so today is Tuesday like I said and this is currently 10 13. we want to eat first we want to have breakfast and then from here I would go to I don't know where they call that place but I want to go check for um clothes I need a dress to wear yup and I didn't come with any from Nigeria so I'll be going to shop for some clothes maybe I'll get a very nice dress because the double July is is like all these Beauty Awards kind of is I don't know but the way my housemate and his colleague talk about it is like a very big deal but surprisingly I checked on YouTube and I couldn't find any South African YouTuber that has vlogged about it most of them just use like um um Dublin July weekend but they didn't even show what the entire the banjo lies about so I was like okay you know what I'll probably just do that so that's why we're starting the week this Vlog with shopping I don't know maybe the entire advantula would fit into this but let's just say this is in preparation for the bungee line I think that makes sense anyways this is Florida root so I'm Gonna Catch You guys pretty much later velvet the tribes over the sky Under the Stars wonder what life be like on March [Music] seasons will fly by and friends will make you cry the world will change before your eyes yeah for the longest time I've won a lot of rebound fugazi glasses so let me buy original refund and it's not that expensive even in dollars be two hundred dollars yeah so just buy one anyways hey guys what's up we just finished eating our breakfast okay so we just finished having a breakfast and I love it I love what's the name of that place Freedom way oh sorry Florida road okay and it was an English breakfast I love it the only thing I didn't like were the mushrooms it tasted they were blonde everyone tasted really good the chips the the what was that thing void s bovas what else was there then the eggs what else the bread I like the bread too I think everything in general I loved it right now we're going to umtlanga ewale we're going to umtlanga what is it umhlanga um [Laughter] okay I went against me um yes we're gonna go shopping so see guys when we get there of course you know I'm gonna take you around sort of really cool all right see you guys later seasons will fly by and friends will make you cry the world will change before your eyes you'll toast for champagne and make many mistakes that will keep you awake late at night but know that when the going gets too hard you'll have me in the Stars all right so we are settled now and I'm only gonna be making my toenails because there's no time to make this one right and it's so expensive it's like 260 runs that's that's about it okay so what should I say okay that's the way this is the regular price and but in Nigeria I don't think I've ever made my two meals for almost 10 000 era yeah the most I've done is 5 000 error the most like the most expensive and that's even on the island so 10 000 error is expensive for my Nigerian people yeah oh you people in South Africa a rich rich I need to move here so yeah YouTubers yes because it's very expensive so I'll just do my toenails because it was four thousand five so that's four thousand five times two that's Nike plus 50 does maybe around two five they're about so that's me spending almost twelve thousand era foreign yes exactly it's not like yeah big girl you mean a big girl yeah I think I'll do white and then for her or what she comes I think she said 800. yes foreign [Music] ah super comfy this is life I know 260 is not expensive no you do like this [Laughter] okay for 260. this is not expensive I was saying to 60 is a lot a lot of money earlier on but for 260 this is good I take it back yeah [Music] hello so I just finished my 260 rounds news and I think to be honest this is my 260 rounds news but I don't think it's bad but um this is a 3K Nails in Lagos Nigeria 5K at most but anyways the complimentary so anyways um I'm going to have cocktail now and the cocktail is usually about 100 Grand so I think I mean I'm getting the value for my money yep [Music] hey guys what's up it's currently raining I'm inside the car waiting for my housemate and his friend she did her toe nails and her fingernails but I couldn't do my fingernails because they just wanted to apply gel on it and it was for about 260 run so I would rather just have um a full acrylic done why am I breathing so hard so I rather have the full acrylic done anyways I have a meeting in the next six to six minutes it was actually scheduled for 1pm or 2 p.m but for some reason okay I didn't confirm with them that I will be available soon we had to reschedule and this is currently 3 24 so the meeting is for 3 30 and we're gonna start anytime soon I wish I could place my camera somewhere here but it's not staying I don't know I don't know why it's nothing okay they are here so I'm gonna have my meeting soon and catch up with you guys later on bye [Music] all right [Music] sitting in the room where can I buy it [Music] this is the second one I think this is a lot finer than deep blue but I'm still not feeling it kind of it's not bad actually this looks good but I can't do unless because of them babies yep hey guys what's up so yesterday I could not update you because I go back or we go back I'm really tired and it rained heavily so and bruh I don't like rain whenever it rains I'm usually at my worst okay um so it rained yesterday and we got home and I just went straight to bed but I got the black dress I got this one and it was for one 1400 runs and that's um a little bit over 50 000 error which I think in Nigeria no I won't get this dress for 50 000 which is crazy so they are clothes here are very very expensive I don't know why um I've been shopping literally every day I got here because I didn't come with enough clothes so every time I need to go somewhere it's either again new clothes or I have to like run the laundry in the morning or something and then I got um a sandal I looked around and I could not find the one I would prefer so we went into Zara store and they were having a sale so I got this gold used it's like gold and silver this is what it looks like this is what it looks like now that I think of it because I got a silver post today now that I think of it I'm not sure the silver pot is going to look nice on teeth maybe I'll have to wear the dress again wear the ears and hold the cross but yeah I also got this slippers I fell in love with it at first sight and it

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