Real Side Hustles That Make $1,000/Month (NO SKILLS REQUIRED)

i survived on side hustles for the first two years when i got out of college and i've gotten pretty good at telling if a side hustle can actually work or if it's just there to exploit your labor for a few pennies an hour or even worse if it's just a youtuber making up a side hustle to get some views so they can make money with their side hustle i'm talking to you survey people anyway unless you've been living in iraq you've likely noticed that the prices of basically everything that you spend money on has gone significantly up in the last year and this movie's not going to get into politics but even worse no one really knows when or if they're going to go back down and that means that most people need to make an extra three to five hundred dollars a month now just to live the same lifestyle they lived a couple years ago and i promise you this video can help these are 11 unique but very very real side hustles i spent a long time looking for side hustles that are real that actually make a good income and that actually work for a majority of people so there won't be any nonsense there won't be any fluff and we're going to set some rules here to make sure that these are good side hustles the first rule is that it has to cost less than a hundred dollars to get started most of you aren't looking to buy a thousand two thousand three thousand dollar program to get started in this where you're not going to be profitable for months or even years anyway the second thing is that none of these side hustles require a huge amount of skill or if they do they require a very small amount of skill that you can learn within 30 days or less and third these are all ways that can bring in money in the next 30 days i'm assuming you're watching because you're having problems right now bringing in money you're not looking to make money in 2023 2024 you're looking to make money in the next month and all of these side hustles have the potential to do that most of these side hustles go way above 15 an hour if you get it going and you do it right but all of them have the potential to earn at least 15 an hour for anybody even someone who's just starting and even better almost all these side hustles i was looking for opportunities where you actually do better during a recession so when the economy is doing bad these side hustles actually tend to do good which is good because the economy is about to do bad most people think so let's dive in and talk about these side hustles number one is exactly like i just talked about this is an opportunity specifically that comes up and is very strong during a recession or during a bad economic time and what it is is it's wholesaling real estate essentially what wholesaling real estate is is where you go to somebody who's either looking to sell their home or they're not looking to sell their home but you convince them to sell their home or you find somebody that needs to sell their home for whatever reason and you contract out a price so you talk to them you find out and agree on a specific price let's say a hundred thousand dollars then you go out and you find somebody who's looking to purchase a home and someone that wants to buy probably typically an investment property and you find them willing to pay 105 or 110 000 for that exact same property and then all you do is broker that deal you sell the contract that you just created on the home to the person who's looking to buy the home and then you pocket the difference now you can just google this and see that the average wholesaler makes five to ten thousand dollars on any one of these deals now obviously a lot more work goes into this than some of the other side hustles that we're going to talk about but this is a really lucrative opportunity especially as the housing market starts to cool down and potentially we see home prices drop you'll start to see people potentially underwater you'll start to see a lot more issues with people paying their mortgages and that will create opportunities as a real estate wholesaler where you can go find people that really need to sell quick you can create these contracts be the middleman find buyers and make this happen really quick and the real beauty of this is only a couple sales is what you need to make 15 to 30 000 a year with this method easy right now wholesaling real estate is not what i specialize in but we are going to leave a link to a video where if this is something you want to learn more about because i think it's a really killer opportunity then you can go ahead and get started watching that video and go down that rabbit hole for the rest of you we'll move on to number two all right for number two i actually had to go outside to film this because this is the craziest story ever i made the outline for this video about a week and a half ago and then just yesterday someone knocked on my door and they're doing side hustle number two so we're gonna talk about real quick and then we'll actually show you how it worked out so what it is is it's actually painting these numbers on curbs like that you can see it's a good clean looking number it's helpful obviously for people trying to find your house but it's really helpful for emergency responders and stuff if there's a problem to be able to quickly identify your home now looking at my front door you can see i can zoom in over here and you can probably see these guys got it as well and this house right here got it as well that means that when they came to this street which has three houses on it on a cul-de-sac they were three for three now that's probably not like that everywhere they go but three for three probably means that there's a lot of demand for this they only charge 25 bucks but our neighborhood has about 16 houses in it and if they can get 10 of those 16 houses in an hour or two that means that they're making quite a bit of money per hour this is literally such an easy side hustle to get started with as well all you have to do is search curb stencil kit for address painting on amazon or go to a walmart near you and buy one and you can see there's a ton of different options like this then you just go knock on doors and you spray paint the numbers on the curb very easy to do very lucrative especially for these young two kids that we're doing in my neighborhood now this might not grow into a huge business empire like some of the other side hustles out there but it's easy to do and it can start making money extremely quickly and you can also use the general mills pricing model and what i mean by that is you may have noticed if you go into a grocery store that you'll see a box of captain crunch for five dollars right and then a few weeks later you'll see that same box of captain crunch selling on sale for two for five dollars or two dollars and fifty cents and they're making money either way but they're using a pricing model right they're they're basically getting all the people that are willing to pay five dollars

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