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people i know always say that i'm super lucky to have a supporting loving and caring family but it's not entirely true because of the problems that we had among our relatives my parents taught me to respect love and protect our family since i hit puberty we have many family issues on my dad's side and i've witnessed many things that people wouldn't leave betrayals lies issues among siblings and a lot of ingratitude family first no matter what these are the words that i repeatedly heard when growing up because we had first-hand experience of how family issues can affect persons mental health happiness and general well-being we actively try to do our best for our family before moving to italy and living alone i thought i understood the meaning and the importance of the family but boy i was wrong after spending some time alone i realized so many things that my family was doing for me without me noticing them i'm not a child they protect feed and take care of anymore i stepped into my adulthood which makes me scared but at the same time the more i grow each day the more my gratitude and love towards my family groves every time i look into the mirror i remind myself to make my family proud and happy one of the things that i hate the most is giving empty promises so i decided to take an action and bring my mom on a trip to paris because our lady is in love with traveling plus of course luxury dining so here is the journey of me stepping into my rich auntie face or let's say adulthood enjoy on the day of my flight i woke up a bit earlier than usually i do because i wanted to do a bit of yoga before my flight i always feel kinda anxious when i fly alone especially this time because my parents used to take care of everything and they made sure that i have everything and they even helped with packing my luggages and all these sort of things but since now i live alone in italy nobody does my thing so i need to make sure that i have everything and i'm ready so it was just like making me a bit nervous a bit anxious but yoga really helps with that i should probably be more consistent with my yoga routine but for that you know i'm planning to do a 50 day challenges on instagram and on youtube so stay tuned for those and i hope that i will stick to my yoga routine [Music] [Music] the sun is [Music] [Music] so i know they're real they really love [Music] [Music] after my yoga session i decided to wear a bit of makeup to feel good because you feel good when you look good and when you look good it makes you feel good and since i was nervous i actively decided to look good so that i can feel good if you're currently feeling a bit stuck or lazy even changing your outfit can help with your mental health girl we got this go for it i support you [Music] after meeting my mom at the airport we decided to take a taxi to our hotel and this is my third time in paris for the first two times my mom brought me and for this time i'm bringing my mom to paris your girl is grown and while looking outside of the window i was mesmerized by the beautiful city of paris i'm so in love with the city guys i can't explain you guys how much i missed my mom because she's my best friend she always has my back i trust her i love her from bottom of my heart and she loves me and she trusts me too i love you mom so so much [Music] i need to do my makeup and i'm also going to have this cappuccino this one was really nice we decided to stay here next time we come to paris it's like really small but it's also a really old hotel i think the this hotel was grounded in 1860 but they renovated it in 19 no 2019 it's pretty nice it's really cozy the breakfast was really good generally the access is fine too the name of the hotel is hotel because that bright bright bright something but anyways we'd recommend you guys after settling down in our hotel we decided to do a little walk around paris you know to burn some calories because we knew we're gonna eat a lot and i know walking doesn't burn that much of calories but before eating good food you gotta feel good and walking does it and this trip was third of a birthday gift to my mom from me because this lady's favorite activity is traveling and she was saying me that oh i missed paris so much let's go let's go so i decided to gift her this whole trip after having our breakfast number one i'm saying breakfast number one because we are about to have the second breakfast in our hotel we walk to the hotel and you know having a breakfast with my mom hugging her telling her that i love you updating each other about our live is the best way to spend time for me my love languages are quality time physical touch and gift giving and i often hug my mom and tell her i love you when was the last time you told your mom that you love her if you don't remember i recommend you to tell her right now because she is the reason why you are currently alive so tell your mom that you love her and hug her if you're traveling often like me you probably know how annoying it is when you don't have an access to a platform because of the location change in those scenarios north vpn will come in very handy to you it takes just a click open the map click on your desired location and you'll be connected in seconds and yes it's that easy you don't need to miss your favorite content anymore you can access from anywhere even when traveling abroad you can stay at home virtually and also another thing that i love is that you can find streaming platforms at a lower price a platform isn't available in your country simply change your virtual location with non-vpn there are more than 5400 servers in 60 countries find a server near you for better speed or in a very rare location for more content and it also has an amazing speed it's confirmed by the speed tests nordvpn is the fastest vpn out there you can use it in six devices on every major platform windows android ios mac os and linux even your android tv supports node vpn use my link duty to get to your plan plus one month free by clicking the link and it's risk-free with nord's 30-day money-back guarantee thank you nordvpn for sponsoring this video after having our second breakfast my mom and i decided to walk around the city a bit and we suddenly came across to a church where my mom took a photo 30 years ago even before marrying my dad but she forgot the details and she forgot about the whole trip because she used to think that it's super cool to not take photos and have the memories only in your brain but she regrets it quite a lot one of the things that i really love about my vlogs is that even though when i'm filming them i feel kind of annoyed because you're not living the moment truly but when you look back to them you remember so many things and we watch my vlogs sometimes with my family the difference between vlogs and photos is that you have your voice you have your narrative and you can re-experience things that you experienced befor

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