5 ULTRA-SIMPLE Side Hustles You Can Do With AI. ($200 Per Day)

if you're someone that's been looking for a cider so that can make you anywhere from 500 to maybe five thousand dollars a month but you just don't feel like there's time in your schedule to cram in anything else even if you know that thing will make your life so much better then this video will be a game changer for you and you're going to be able to get AI to do about 95 of the work for you which means you can legitimately make thousands of dollars a month and you can do it with just an hour or two a week now I do have to say this the last one that I'm going to show you is so cool I'm so excited about it and I don't see a single person literally zero people in the world doing it right now now the first one is using Etsy to sell digital prints and the reason I'm choosing this is my first one is I actually experimented with this just a few weeks ago and I spent about 30 minutes of work I had no clue what I was doing I'm not an Etsy guy and I was able to make thirty dollars now even better than that the second order the last 10 order actually came in a few weeks after I'd done all the work which means this has very real potential to bring in passive income because you can make money off of work you've done a long long time ago now all this is is when I go to etsy.com and I type in digital prints of you can see right now there's quite a few different for digital prints of they're not looking for like a physical picture they can put on their wall they probably just want to print it out use it as a background a number of different reasons but they're looking for a digital file right of a picture of any of these different things so you can see if I clicked on beach prints right here this sells for 17 there's six different digital prints they can get and it's got thousands of reviews which means it's probably got tens of thousands of sales you know I can't speak to this one but you can use AI art generators to make something almost exactly like what this person is selling now to be honest I've heard people say they think this is unethical it's tricking people AI is not allowed to be doing stuff like this it's copywriting things like that but my thoughts are the people know what they're getting they're totally happy with the picture they're getting they don't care if it was colored by you if it was colored by an air generator or if it was colored by a rabbit it's so easy to get started too and all I did was I used this ierank.com I searched digital downloads and then it showed me a bunch of different options I sorted by those that were the least competitive and then I found a few that I was willing to work with I used a site called mid-journey to actually generate the air you can see here all I did was type in seabirds flying over ocean realistic 8K a meaning I want high definition and you can see I can click in and it gives me four different options that I can choose from for my pictures next you take that digital file out of mid journey and you upload it to etsy.com as a digital print and you can see right here I did this with 20 different products and I'm now making 816 views every day and I did get a sale yesterday weeks after I initially tried this experiment to do this you can use sites like printful.com and it will actually go out and it will print the picture for them and mail it out to them and you don't have to be a part of any of it next up is creating websites for local businesses and the reason we want to Target local businesses a lot of times when we're using AI stuff is they tend to be 5 10 15 years behind the curve where they don't know or don't care to learn about all these new AI tools and all the new softwares and stuff that are coming out because they're focused on creating and building their own business but for this you can literally build an entire website with AI in a matter of seconds you're going to use app.durable.co all you have to do is enter in a business name you're going to enter in window washing and then you're going to enter a location and click create business this app will actually create an entire website for someone that you can go out and offer for them as a business and you can see right here this is the site that it generated in seconds I can go through and edit anything I want but you can see right here it's got a place for testimonials it's got a place with calls to action right there a map to find them just a really good simple landing page for a local business now to find clients you can use a new AI tool called outboundflow.ai now they are in Access only mode meaning they're only letting certain people in so you may or may not be able to get in but this will eventually be available to anybody but what this tool will do is it will actually allow you to set a location you'll be able to send out emails and mass emails and reach out to all the businesses in a certain area saying I'm offering this and it will do that it will find email addresses and do all of that for you next up is starting a faceless YouTube channel now I will leave links down below to two different videos where I talk about this but essentially there are YouTube videos like the one that I'm doing right now and there are also YouTube videos like tutorials and YouTube videos with whiteboards and YouTube videos that just show b-roll and kind of nice scenes they don't involve someone actually showing their face now you're watching a YouTube channel right now but what a faceless YouTube channel is is it someone that can run a YouTube channel without any involvement of an actual person so you can see right here is a good example this one's called whiteboard crypto they have 850 000 subscribers there is no face or person that actually runs the channel it's all done using whiteboard videos now other channels will do the same thing but they'll use b-roll like nice footage that they get online from different websites and once again they don't show their face at all there's not an actual influence or somebody behind the screens on the camera now these channels make money the same way YouTube does every time you go to watch one of their videos YouTube's going to throw up an ad and it's going to split the revenue with the person that made that video so they can make a pretty good income especially if their video gets a lot of views now this side that will sound super hard but it's actually a lot easier than you think you're going to use a tool called vid IQ all you have to do is say give me five video ideas about and give it a subject and it will spit out five different YouTube videos that you can make next you're actually going to click write a script for YouTube video about and it will actually write an entire script for a YouTube video for you as well you'll plug that script into a tool called in video or a tool called Pick 3 right here and it's going to spit out an entire video for you complete with b-roll and you can see right here this is the video it's pretty good it's g

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