How To Make Money With ChatGPT Affiliate Marketing in 2024 (For Beginners)

I found a fast and easy way to make 100 to 700 a day with Chachi PT affiliate marketing in fact with this method Nick was able to make six thousand dollars in a single day in fact here is a two minute video example of someone that made six figures with AI robots check this out if you're suffering from cataracts diabetic retinopathy macular degeneration glaucoma so that was literally made with AI robots and as you can see this one thing alone you had like AI robots and the voices so it's not even like human voices this thing literally got 5.4 million views now that's a huge deal because when it comes to making money main goal of making money in line is you need to go ahead and find a way to gain attention problem most people is they don't want to go and show their face on camera they don't want to go ahead and for example make YouTube videos they don't want to go ahead and be some type of personal brand they just want to go ahead and get the attention without tying their face to it and as you can see with this one YouTube channel it only had 4 000 subscribers but it was able to get 5 million views and the funny thing enough is if you go to this person's YouTube channel they don't even have any YouTube videos so this person is literally making these AI robot voices using chat EBT using affiliate marketing without having any of their own products without having to do any of the shipping handling without having to do any with the customer service they are literally making passive income using AI robots and this is exactly how it's by finding a script that converts so how would you go ahead and make a video like that if you have no idea about copywriting or if you're not good at sales if you're not good at marketing well it's very simple you want to go ahead and find a product that you want to go and sell on ClickBank now what is ClickBank ClickBank is a place where you can essentially partner with businesses that will do the shipping the handling the customer service they'll spend all the money on inventory but they'll pay you most of the money and as you can see if you literally go ahead and see all of these products right here some of these will only pay you 100 to 200 in commissions for every single sale so imagine this imagine getting a video that gets 5 million views and sending them to a product where you get paid a hundred dollars in commissions that's why like just think about it five million people saw a video they are inclined to go to want to buy a product and the product is one of these products on ClickBank where they pay you huge commissions without you having to any shipping and handling that you can literally see why this video alone has made more than six figures because of all the attention plus the high commissions that you actually get and then all you really got to do is reverse engineer their marketing the coolest thing about this is if you go ahead and go to any one of their affiliate Pages you can go ahead and pull up their affiliate page and they have these things known as email creatives now what are email creatives these things are essentially if you just go ahead and click on this it is something that allows you to go ahead and sell on emails so meaning some person a copywriter got paid a lot of money to go ahead and create these words that essentially sell and what these are is you know that okay someone wrote these words someone is making money because of these words I need to just turn this script that they're already giving me into an ad as you can see I'll just copy and paste that ad the next step is just going to Chachi PT and telling Chachi P to let them know you are an expert I'll go ahead and type that in and check that out YouTube as well as like chatgpt is essentially creating me a script that I can use for example on YouTube ads where I could go ahead and create something similar like this but as you can see it's like I'm not really doing any of the hard work this Chachi T artificial intelligence will literally go ahead and take the email that's already proven to be high converting and turn it into a YouTube ad does that make sense and that's the crazy thing about artificial intelligence and AI it is literally taking over the world it's going to go ahead and take away a lot of jobs and it's going to go ahead and take a lot of opportunity out for the normal people who don't know how to use it which is why if you want an even faster and easier way to make sure that you are AI proof and you don't want to make sure that maybe AI is not going to go in and take away your job then I highly recommend that you check the free Workshop below because we are revealing a brand new skill that is AI proof that there's little complete beginners someone like for example Gary who made thirteen thousand dollars in a single month he was also able to do it without showing his face on camera without creating content without doing any of the hard stuff like for example traditional business models and it's very important that you learn skills like this that make you AI proof because of the fact that again A lot of people are going to lose their jobs with this crazy technology if you want to know the entire system of how complete beginners are making three Rand to literally 10 grand in eight weeks and sign up for their free Workshop below but once you actually have all of this and the entire ads what I would actually go ahead and do is because you probably don't want to go and use your own voice you could literally copy and paste this script throw it into which will turn the script into some type of realistic AI voice that captivates your audience now I recommend using a UK Voice or an Australian voice because of the fact that Americans don't really know the difference between those accents so if you go ahead and use that Accent on here and then Target the us Americans like they don't know the difference between an AI voice and an Australian in a UK accent which is what a lot of people in our community are using these UK voices and Australian voices go and really sell their products and then you want to throw it in in video dot IO to go ahead and turn that script that you really I chat tpd crate into a video here's an example right every single time you go ahead and go through this video where it says his vision was so poor granddaughter's face see this word granddaughter's face if you go ahead and throw this script that has the word granddaughter space into it will literally take a video that has whatever is in the text and turn it into the thing behind the screen does that make sense and this is exactly why like even if you don't aren't really good at video editing if you see something like scientific discovery and it's in the script that you put on lovo and chat GPT and it pops up on it will literally match the video like the scientific discovery to the actual word meaning you literally have a video a two minute video a video

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