Complete TikTok Creativity Program Tutorial For Beginners (Make Money Online)

Tik Tok has a new feature called creativity program which is unlike anything we've ever seen before it pays about $1 per 1,000 views and complet beginners are using this to make anywhere from $10,000 to $30,000 a month without even showing their face and without even filming anything with their camera or their phone and for comparison here's how much YouTube pays me for YouTube shorts about 6 cents per 1,000 views and then here's how much Tik Tok pays for 1,000 views over a dollar so this is a complet step-by-step tutorial in which we will talk about how to actually get instantly monetized and how to get approved for Tik Tok creativity program even if you're outside of the us so you can be anywhere in the world and still make money with this Tik Tok feature we will talk about the best niches to go viral how to get views and how to of course make money on Tik Tok also if you're a regular Tik Tok enjoyer then you're probably going to struggle to watch this entire step-by-step tutorial you're probably going to get bored and leave which is okay because 95% of people people will do that and never make money with Tik Tok which is okay more money for us so I'm talking to that 1% of you that will actually control your ADHD and watch this entire step-by-step tutorial without skipping through and without clicking off and you will actually pay attention and Implement what we will talk about in the step-by-step tutorial all the money is for us you can take advantage of this program while Tik Tok is still giving away money for free they literally have a billion doll fund right now and it's not going to last forever so without further Ado my name is Dave Nick and let's talk about what creativity program actually is and how you can apply so essentially Tik Tok creativity program beta is Tik tok's way of battling YouTube's partner program and now Tik Tok has dedicated over a billion dollars to give away to its creators to incentivize them to post long-term videos so creativity program is currently available in the US France Brazil and a few other countries but in this video we will go over how to apply and get accepted from literally anywhere in the world and I will even show you how to get instantly monetized with a little trick you won't find anywhere else so make sure you do keep watching this video but either way the requirements for this program are you must be at least 18 years old you must have at least 10,000 followers which is actually a lot easier than you think and you must have at least 100,000 views in the last 30 days which if you have 10,000 followers is pretty easy and to actually earn money from your Tik toks they need to be over a minute long so unlike YouTube not all of your videos are going to be eligible to earn money but those that are eligible are actually going to make hundreds or thousands of dollars if you do it correctly also keep in mind that the Payday for the creativity program beta is every 15th in the month so if you make $10,000 in November you will be paid on the 15th of December and if you're already enrolled in the Creator fund then step number one is to just open the Tik Tok app and tap on your profile then tap the menu button then settings then tap on Creator tools and then creators fund and tap switch at the bottom of the page and also please note that if you join the creativity program beta you will not be able to switch back to Creator fund you will say in the creativity program forever with that particular account now there will be three different ways to get approved for Tik Tok monetization fast the first option is to get an instantly monetized Tik Tok account from my agency Linked In the description below that way you can skip all of this BS and start earning right away because otherwise you would have to post content for weeks or even months without earning a penny and some accounts may never even get accepted so it's a lot cheaper to just get an instantly monetized Tik Tok account linked in the description box down below and just start earning from day one and it's also worldwide available so even if Tik Tok creativity program is not available in your country if you get an instantly monetized account you're basically right away approved unfortunately this is a very very limited service and even though I would love to help everyone and give away as many of these Tik Tok accounts we can fulfill that many orders so if that's not available anymore here's some alternative options for you to go with for the second option you would need to have 10,000 followers and 100,000 views and honestly this is fairly easy on Tik Tok so step number one is to choose choose a Mass Appeal Niche you don't want to go with something that's too niched down because that way it will take much much longer to get monetized for example if you make copyrighting tutorials there's probably not going to be that many people who would be interested in that on the flip side if you make an account sharing fun facts or anything related to General entertainment then you have much higher chances of going viral after all people go to Tik Tok to watch funny videos memes hot girls and whatnot they don't go there to watch quantum physics step two is to create videos above 60 seconds you can go to YouTube and see what performed well in that Niche here just search for your keyword on YouTube and filter by view count that's going to show you the most popular videos in that category and you can just recreate it for Tik Tok you can also serve Trend you can find Trends by going over to Tik Tok Trends or Google Trends and make videos about whatever is trending right now and if you start posting 3 to five Tik toks very high quality ones every single day I guarantee at least one of them will go viral and get a lot of views and by the way I've also seen some people use smm panels to get those 100,000 views and 10,000 followers and smm panels are basically social media marketing panels where people buy those followers and Views but I haven't tested this myself and I believe it's very risky I believe Tik Tok is going to notice that you are doing that and you will probably get rejected now the second option is for those that are outside of the US here's how you can bypass the system and get approved for this program from literally anywhere in the world step number one first things first you would need to change your phone location if you're using an iPhone open the settings app click on your name search for location or region and change the country if that's not available on your device you would just have to use some service like GT phone to change your location or just search for phone location changing services on Google and just try to find one that is free or at least cheap if you're using an Android this might be a little bit easier just go to your settings app search for your country and region and you can easily change it and select the United States I also recommend changing the languag

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