NEW Way to Earn $184,530/Month Passive Income Online

this young lady makes $34,000 a month in passive income and this person makes over $50,000 a month while this person makes over $181,000 every single month and now you might be saying da but they got a large audience and they got lucky well what if I told you that hundred hundreds of people are using this exact same website including myself to make tens of thousands of dollars in passive income every single month and 90% of these people are completely faceless Anonymous and don't have any social media followers my name is Dave Nick and the website that I'm talking about here is school and this is particularly with school games which I will show you how you can apply for and how to do even if you run a faceless brand and you don't have any social media followers and you can check these earnings yourself you can see the Mr which is monthly reoccurring revenue and this is the current Mr shown by school so it's all transparent and you can actually see that these people are making $181,000 a month so once there is a nerd in the comments who says but Dave this doesn't work here's proof that it actually does the these people are making tens of thousands of dollars a month and it's purely transparent you can see how much they are adding every 24 hours and these are the monthly winners as well so you can see new Mr added this month 10000 thou $999,000 just added this month and it's not like you add Mr once and that's it if you make $10,000 this month that compounds every single month just adds on top of each other and it builds step number two is to choose the right Niche now you can also just choose something that you're passionate about or combine multiple things that you are pass passionate about or if you're running a faceless YouTube channel or a faceless brand then you can just go to chat GPT and you can ask for what will be the best Niche and then just combine that with Pinterest Trends or Google Trends and yes I sometimes do use Pinterest Trends as goofy as it sounds you can just go to the region and you can search for United States and you can find what's trending right now and then combine two different interests so for example Alex rosi talks about the business philosophy and fitness Joe Rogan talks about aliens bears and fighting and you can talk about different things and make your own Niche that way step number three choose a discovery platform if you're more into writing instead of creating videos and you want to stay absolutely Anonymous you can also just choose platforms such as Twitter so for example I recently started writing these posts and even though they may not get a lot of views we still get some really high quality traffic from here another alternative is threads. net so you can also share different post here and you can also just write blog post on medium as funny as it sounds we do get some traffic from this platform by sharing blog post articles like in April we get 1.1 th000 views and even though may not seem like a lot those are targeted people because you can use some AI tool like SEO writing you click want to click blog post and you can write articles on any topic so for example if you want to write top 10 yoga exercises let's say let's say that's my Niche let generate a title and then it gives me some idea and then I can just select the language I can also add some NLP keywords and let's say I also want to add some AI images to spice it up a little bit I'm just going to add add one here and then I'm going to click on run and the AI will do that for me so here's this full article now written for me like 2.6 th000 words and this AI generated image I really don't know what this uh man lady what is she doing and what kind of yoga POS that is but it it would go pretty well the entire article is actually high quality doesn't really sound robotic if you read through it and you can just copy the article and then you can go back to your medium account you can click write and then you can just paste it over here that's like 2 and a half th000 works it's not going to copy the image you would have to actually download the image and then upload it again but this is how you can just start getting and start building your account here in medium and start getting some traffic through search now if you're more into creating videos and those can be absolutely faceless YouTube videos then you can just start a channel because you can make money by sending people for free like you get free traffic and you also get paid for it so for example one of my channels over here during its lifetime May made about let it just Lo $680,000 just from add Revenue alone and that's like I'm sending people to Links in the description through these channels and I'm also being paid for it I also have Instagram accounts like I also have a personal brand account here 71,000 followers and we are just posting these reals and then we are sending people to the link in BIO so we are sending them to a school Community if you open this up it's an actual School community and here it is we have thousands of members here and then also Tik Tok is a great platform as well to get started and before you say Dave but how do I do it without showing my face well here are some example accounts I literally made a l list of over 100 accounts that I want to show you as an example like this one over here it's completely Incognito and of course they have a link in BIO which takes people to different communities and courses here they are and also different guides they're selling and this is like a completely faceless account that's the reason they're called Incognito here's another one over here and these guys have managed to get over 94,000 followers or this guy or girl and they sometimes get millions of views with these faceless reals and let's say for instance let's open up this one and let's see what they're doing like these guys are posting faceless ones and 61,000 followers again sometimes millions of views step number four is to post extremely valuable content provide value and think about the audience rather than yourself make sure they're getting value and don't just generate these posts with chat GPT because it's not going to perform well would you read and consume AI content you're watching me because I'm a human if I were AI generated you wouldn't really be watching this video at all and that brings me to step number four which is a mindset that you must acquire so beginners look at their low views and they blame it on the algorithm they wait to get lucky or go viral but the best the world class creators whether they're faceless or not they view themselves as humble servants of the audience they are there to create great content and then they know the market will reward them for the effort they're putting they're not expecting to go viral with just one click of a button pressing something into CHP and somehow getting millions of views it doesn't work like that step number six is to start the actual

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