has anyone else noticed that it seems like canva is always changing and introducing new features they are constantly upping their game which is why I love canva so much and use it as my primary design platform well Cana recently made a huge announcement regarding their brand new magic Studio this is essentially the new hub for all of canvas's AI tools and features there were already some AI capabilities within canva but now we can find them all in one place within canva and they've also introduced several new AI tools with this launch I've talked about some of canvas's AI features before so in this video I'm sharing my top six picks for my favorite of the new canva AI tools within the magic Studio let's get into it so just as a reminder there are three different canva plans we've got canva free canva Pro and canva for teams so some of these features may only be available for Pro or teams users but whatever is available for you with the plan that you're on should automatically be appearing inside your canva account if you see a feature you like but don't have access to if you're on the free plan I do have a cana pro 30-day free trial Linked In the description box below if you like to try out Pro and try out some of these features that are on the Pro Plan for 30 days and see if you like it then you can click that link and get signed up for free to try that out all right so if we come to our canva homepage and go to the left side menu we'll now see where it says magic studio so we can click on that and this is the hub for all of the AI tools so if you scroll down here you can see all of the different AI tools within canva that all start with the word magic and you see something that starts with magic inside of canv this is your clue that that is something to do with artificial intelligence so we've got the three different magic design capabilities we've seen magic design itself before but now we've got magic design for presentations magic design for video we've got magic right which we've seen before but there's a few new ones they just introduced which would be these three magic switch magic animate and Magic morph also magic media which we've seen the text to image tool before but now it's called Magic media because it also has a text to video capability a couple other new AI tools are magic grab magic expand and we've got several new AI apps as well so I'm going to go ahead and jump into my first of my top six picks for these new tools and that is Magic grab so let's say we're here inside of canva we've got our blank canvas and we want to select a photo that we want to use so let's select this photo of the coffee cup and what we can do with magic grab is while we have this photo selected we can come up here to edit photo and when we click on edit photo in the top left here we see our photo editor menu with lots of different options pop up so this is where we're going to find magic grab so then we can select magic grab and it automatically selects the subject of the photo which we can then just grab and drag around as we please so we can either take this off the photo and just use the background of the photo and put something else layered on top or we could delete that background and just use the subject of the photo however we'd like so this is a really amazing feature because before we would have had to use the background remover and actually go through the process of removing that background with the background remover and then we would have this but now we can just easily grab and pull this around where we'd like it to be we can also use multiple photos to switch things around so let's say I have this other photo here of a coffee cup as well and I've got this one that I just used I can use my magic grab like I just did for this one so let's come up to edit photo magic grab I can then bring this coffee cup away and delete that let's say I like this coffee cup better but I want it to appear on this background then I can come over to this one also use my magic grab here to grab this coffee cup I'm going to drag the coffee cup over here delete this background and then I can work with this photo background and my new coffee cup to arrange it in the picture how I'd like it to be so this magic grab feature has so many different uses including creating really fun and interesting social media post images and even creating digital products to sell now if you're interested in creating digital products to sell online on a place like Etsy or creative Market I have a full length comprehensive course called digital products with canva where I use canva to walk you through stepbystep how to start and grow a profitable online digital products business if you're wanting to make some extra money then selling digital products online is an amazing way to add on a passive income stream and make some extra money without having to do a lot of extra work a lot of people like this idea but get pretty intimidated when it comes to the tech side of creating digital products which is why I created digital products with canva so if you're interested in getting some extra training to start your own digital products business then definitely check the link below and watch my free masterclass digital product Powerhouse this is a$ 45 5 minute crash course into my proven four-step system for starting a digital products business and I also talk about my full length course inside of that Master Class so after you get done watching this video definitely hop over watch that free master class and see if digital products with canva might be of value to you all right moving on to AI tool number two which is Magic morph we can find the magic morph tool by coming over to our leftand menu here and clicking on apps right now it's showing up right here because it's one of the featured apps but you can always search in the canva apps as as well for magic morph if you don't see it here but we'll click to open Magic morph so the process here is if we have a design already created here we can select an element or a piece of text in our design to use and morph it into something else but for this demo we're just going to try a test element here so let's add a star and while that is selected I'm going to come to step number two which is describe the look so here I'm going to input a prompt that I want it to morph my star into so I want my star to be filled with bright rays of sunshine so I'm going to put that and then I'm going to click magic morph and then here on the Le hand side we can see the four different images that it's given me so it's taken my star shape and actually used AI to put some bright rays of sunshine in so let's say I like this one I can add it to my design and use it however I like inside my design this also works for text as well so let's add some text here we've got an example can make this say whatever we like let's say happy birthday and then again we're going to come to step number two and desc

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