NEW 2024 Canva Tips and Tricks you NEED this year 🤯 (7 BRAND NEW Canva features)

canva is constantly being developed further and adding new tools and features for users it's one reason why canva is my favorite graphic design platform but it can be easy to get left behind pretty quickly and not even realize what new capabilities are right there at your fingertips there have been so many great additions recently so I wanted to walk you through some that I've been absolutely loving so that you can get started and level up your canva game today there are seven specific canva tips and tricks that I'm going to be showing you but it's important to note that some of these whether they be tools or apps are free to use and others are only available to use if you have the paid canva Pro Plan I do have my free 30-day canva Pro affiliate link below so if you think some of these tools might be useful for you then feel free to click over with that and try it out for free for 30 days all right let's jump into our canva editor all right so I've started a new project inside of canva and the first thing I want to show you is called type gradient and this is an app inside of canva so if you come to your leand side and click where it says apps we're going to type in type gradient and this is the app we're going to click on and this app is is going to allow us to put some text in that we want to be colored with a gradient so if you're not familiar with what a gradient is it's basically choosing more than one color that you want to flow within your design from one to the next so this is going to be a gradient that's actually within our actual text so the first thing we're going to do is input whatever text we want so let's say for our design we want it to say question and answer so we can see whatever we type in reflected here in our design and we're going to continue with our options here so it gives us the option to choose from a lot of different fonts so we can have a lot of fun with this so for this design I'm going to just choose a fun one like this Ambry Garden 123 and we can continue to see what our design looks like here we can choose our alignment whether we want our text left aligned centered or right this comes especially in handy when you've got multiple lines so if I was to bring these words down to a separate line in my original box here then I could choose some different alignments there I could also choose the line height with this slider so I could add more space in between each line or bring that down and then here's the fun part where I get to my gradient so this is where I can choose all the different colors that I want to be included in this gradient so what I'll do is just click on one of these circles and I can choose from this color spectrum or I can input a specific hex code here if I know what exact color I'd like so if I wanted to use one of my brand colors I could put that in and then continue clicking on each of these dots to bring it to the right color that I want as part of the gradient so there I've got three colors that I've chosen but if I wanted more than three I could always add another color by just clicking on this gradient area and I can add as many colors as I'd like I can also delete colors so let's say I'm happy with those colors now I can come down to the preview and I can actually click on these little dots to adjust how the gradient is moving through the text and where the colors are coming from so you'll see as I click on this and drag it around the colors are changing in which direction they're coming from giving it a different appearance with whichever way I pull this I can do this with the bottom Circle as well and just experiment with this until I get it to where I really like the positioning and once I'm happy with it the way it is I can click add to design and that'll add it to my project here which then I can work with to increase the size move it around and do whatever further editing I need to do with this this is just a super fun way to customize your text and your designs even more and add a lot of fun colors all right the next one we're going to talk about is also an app it's found in the app section called the enhancer so let's go ahead and type in enhancer and this is the one right here so we're going to click on that and this is where we can actually use canva AI to upscale an image and enhance the quality from low resolution to high resolution so say I have a photo like this that I really like and I want to use but it's low resolution we can tell because if I zoom in we can see how blurry and pixelated and grainy it appears so we're going to want to upscale this and increase the quality so I put the original photo here just so we can see the before and after and if I come to my enhancer and I click choose file I can choose the one I want and it brings it up here with the original image and then I have the option to enhance enance the face so I would only want to turn this on if there are people in my picture that I want it to specifically be aware of the faces involved if it's something without people I can leave that unchecked but for this picture I am going to choose enhance face and then I'm going to choose enhance image so this will take a minute to apply the changes and once it's done it'll show us the upscaled image okay so it says it's finished the image was upscaled by 500% so I'm going to click to add this to the design and I just want to kind of bring this over to the side so I can compare what these look like next to each other so if I zoom in here I can see the difference here in the way that our faces look and really just the crispness and quality of the photo itself it definitely looks a lot less grainy and pixelated than that original photo now of course with anything AI related you may see some interesting changes that it made like for instance with some of these hairs that are flying away in the background it kind of made that look a little less natural and some of the facial features just from knowing what we look like in our faces specifically made us look a little less like ourselves but I don't think it's enough to take away from the quality that it did add to this photo so in general I think this is a great tool to use if you have a low resolution photo that you really just need to look less pixelated and more quality for your designs now we're about to move on to our third canva tip which is one of my absolute favorites but first I wanted to let you know if you are a digital product seller or if you're someone who's looking to make money online by selling digital products that I have something that is totally going to help you it's my free masterclass digital product Powerhouse this is a 45 minute in-depth training where I go through my four steps for starting and growing a profitable digital products Business Online to be successful with a digital products business you've got to know a few essential things like how to determine what product will sell what's in demand in the market you

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