My 5th and WORST month on Etsy 😳 explaining why this happened and my plans to revive my shop

so as you can tell from the title this month has been my worst month on Etsy so I'm going to share how everything went for me I'm also going to share why I think things went downward so much and I'm also going to share my plan of how I'm going to revive my shop starting now for most of March I actually had only 23 listings so since mid-January I haven't posted a listing at the end of March I did post one listing I think I posted it March 31st or something so visits they were sort of similar to February conversion rate was so bad 1.8 this is my worst conversion rate ever I made 20 sales so it went down from February February was the worst month and then March was like even more worse and revenue was low so 260 Canadian dollars so it's yeah kind of similar to February but it went down a lot none of my friends bought anything from me and I didn't really share my Etsy shop with my friends last month so everything here is the same as this section oh by the way a lot of you have been loving this spreadsheet so this is downloadable if you go to the description you can download this now what's super duper interesting is the ad spend so I spent 125 dollars in March that was four dollars a day the other months I think I had one dollar a day or two dollars a day but this month so in March I spent the most I ever did on ads because some people recommended that I spend more on ads because it's going to take my sales up and it didn't do it it but I don't know if that's the ads fault or no whose fault it is so I spent 125 dollars in ads but I only made 91 which is super interesting I actually just added a new section on my spreadsheet on the ad spend conversion because I want to see how much my ads convert ad spend conversion is orders divided by clicks so this is my ads page and so orders divided by click seven divided by 404 that equals 1.73 which is really interesting because the previous month it was so much higher the previous month I had 10 sales from ads and I had 166 clicks but this month I had seven orders but 404 clicks so it's super interesting how much the conversion went down I am not sure why that is actually I do have a theory of why that is which I think I explained in my second month on Etsy video which was the December one basically I don't have that many listings so when I spend more on ads Etsy will show my listings under keywords that don't really match what the item is oh I do know that I can go in and manually unselect the words but I think that the more I spend on ads the more Etsy is going to show my listings in categories or under keywords that aren't really that related and that's why I think the conversion went down a lot because the previous month I spent I think it was two dollars a day maybe it might have been one dollar a day and then two dollars a day so I spent forty seven dollars but then the revenue that I made was more than double the ad spend but this month I spent a lot more on ads four dollars a day but the revenue was lower so I think about about maybe two weeks ago or a month ago I did actually go into my ad thing where I can unselect words or keywords that don't match my Etsy listing and actually a lot of the keywords were very related and I didn't have to unselect a lot of the words so I actually think it's because there's like a balance because I don't have that many listings so there's a balance between spending a lot on ad spend and how much how do I explain it basically you need to find a soft spot I think for me the soft spot is doing two dollars a day for ads and not any more than that because with more than two dollars a day I feel like Etsy is gonna show my products under keywords that don't really match my SC listings also I think that my listings actually show up pretty high up on the results page under the keywords that I want to show up for so I don't actually need ads because as actually as an Etsy buyer I ignore all the listings that show as ads and I look at the actual Real Results which is like the second row after so let me show you an example so I'm searching for Real Estate template and this is not my Niche just an example so this entire first row is ADS so as an Etsy buyer I know that the first row is at so I just pretty much ignored this entire first row and then I look at the second row which is these are the actual Real Results that perform well and these are the listings that actually do really well as an Etsy buyer I skip the ads but I think a lot of people who search things on Etsy they might not realize that the first row is ADS so they'll click on it but maybe some people do know that it's ads but anyways my point is I think my listings perform well even when they're not listed as an ad so I don't think I actually need to be spending that much on ads like I think my organic performance is just really good already and so my net profit was my lowest ever 36 dollars and then I received 33 dollars in the bank so out of all my months of selling on Etsy last month was my worst and that's because I spent more on ads than I should have but I still think it's good to experiment because now I know I should decrease my ad spend so I want to give a quick rundown of why I think my store went down in March and it's I think the reasons are similar to what I talked about in the fourth month on Etsy video which is the one about February so February did really bad as well you can see the conversion went down I think the main reason my Etsy store went down is because I haven't been active since mid-January I know it's like totally my fault but I just didn't have time to work on everything because of preparing to travel and then going on the trip and then being on the trip another reason is February and March are generally bad for business in general and so many of you have confirmed that under my last video so I think that's another reason why my sales went down then the other reason I think is definitely the ads I spent four dollars on ads per day and I think that really affected my conversion rate so it went from six percent all the way down to 1.73 which is really really weird because I basically had the same listings so I actually really loved this series that I created on with these monthly updates and I don't want to let you down so I have a plan to revive my store I'm gonna do a couple of things starting now so starting April 6 today I am going to do these things to get my shop back to where it was I guess my goal is to I think at least make five hundred dollars per month with my Etsy shop in net profit 500 I think 500 is a good Target I would love to keep making one thousand dollars per month but I think 500 is a great Target for now so as of today I have changed my ad spend from four dollars to two dollars a day so I think this will really help with my conversion rate and just my shop in general I will also post one to three new listings every single week so actually today I just posted one more listing so now as of April

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