Make $8,300 / Month with Free Princeton, MIT, Yale Courses (Legit Ivy League Trainings)

what if you could add IV League education to your profile for free I mean imagine having credentials from Yale MIT or prinston turning your resume into a Powerhouse of prestige all without spending $1 I know you're probably thinking well if they give it for free then it can't be that good or that it probably can't compare it to the foure paid degree and you would be right but I want you to think of these ivy league courses as these rare exotic spices that you have in your career's kitchen just a pinch of this educational seasoning can transform your profile whether it's on LinkedIn or Fiverr or upwork infusing it with flavors of excellence and look having a brand like Gale or MIT or Princeton is great but it's not just about adding those Brands those impressive names it's about enriching your skill set with a really strong unique soft sof after qualities that many employers will sit up and take notice of so today I want to share with you some courses that do more than educate they will truly elevate your profile they can make you more marketable it's basically like a Master Chef who knows the exact spice to turn a good dish into a gourmet one with these ivy league flavors in your profile your career prospects will truly Sizzle just to keep the same metaphor going so you're no longer just another candidate you will be the unique flavor that enhances every company's desires and you will be the person that has the profile that stands out the most so let's sprinkle some of this free IV League Essence into your career and watch the opportunities start pouring in all right so number one we have something that I've always thought about doing so if you've also considered a leap into product design well here's why that is a smart move product designers are The Architects of the everyday World from the apps on your phone to the chair that you're probably sitting on and what is great about this is that the demand is Skyhigh with an average in the US for $81,000 salary and a potential to hit almost $140,000 this year so now let's talk about what this means to you picture this professionals like Joseph on upwork he's a product developer specializing in PCB design and he is earning $300 per hour and we also have Annie and she's bringing in $125 per hour for her product design expertise this is a proof to the value that a skilled product designer holds in today's market so how do you get there well I could suggest you mit's free online product design and development course this is not your regular um academic Pursuit suit it is in my opinion a true Launchpad into the world of practical and handson product creation you will dive into modern design tools you learn how to collaborate on real life projects and you learn directly from industry experts the course covers everything from identifying customer needs to prototyping it is a true comprehensive approach to the entire product development life cycle and if you're wondering okay but why is this course so valuable well it's because it Bridges the gap between theory and practice in my opinion so it's not just the blah blah you get the real thing it equips you with the tools and knowledge that top tier professionals like you've seen Joseph or Annie use every day to succeed and it is so through a curriculum that has a lot of real world application and It prepares you not just to enter the field but to truly excel in it so with this MIT course on your profile I believe that you will be able able to show your potential clients or potential employers that you have what it takes to turn Concepts into Creations that resonate in the marketplace number two that I would like to suggest today is one that I think has a lot of opportunity so how would you like to have the power to make any product a household name because in my opinion that is the superpower that marketers have nowadays and it is probably why their expertise is worth its value and its weight in gold to companies worldwide as a marketer your playbook is always in demand so what elevates your game you would wonder well learning from the best in my opinion and it doesn't get better than Wharton they are truly an Ivy League Titan so from viral social media campaigns to emails that folks actually want to read to building go to market strategies and SEO and everything in between the marketing landscape is Rich with opportunity and waron um will give you the keys to the kingdom because you're not just learning how how to play the game I think you're going to be ready to redefine the game okay now let's zoom in a little bit and let's take a look at warton's marketing course because it is designed and taught by unbelievable marketing gurus that are literally handing you the keys to Three Kingdoms number one is the art of branding people are paying loads of money for that number two is the science of customer centricity and number three is the strategy behind effective go to market planning I mean it doesn't get better than that and here is what you are going to master in terms of branding you're going to learn how to craft a brand that truly sticks in the mind and the Heart of the customer not just for the moment but as a lasting memory number two you're going to learn about customer intricity you're going to learn how to go beyond service and you're going to learn that it's about getting into customers shoes understanding their Journey from the ground up and number three you are going to learn how to design and put together a goto Market strategy because it is chess it's not Checkers you need to strategize your move in the market to ensure that your product doesn't just launch but it booms with success and I think is even better when it comes to warton's marketing program is their Capstone project this is where Theory truly meets the ground the streets and you are going to learn directly in the trenches with giants like Shazam and you're going to solve puzzles that are real life ones okay so I think this course can be a spring board into the League of Extraordinary marketers and if you're eager to command the room with your marketing strength then the link is going to be down below number three so now let's talk about writing because there are so many opportunities to monetize this skill but today I have a very specific idea that I wanted to share with you listen when it comes to case study writing learning from a prestigious institution like Princeton University can be a true transformation and look on platforms like Fiverr or upwork or even on LinkedIn there are writers that are specialized in key study writing and who look at a big project or a problem that someone had and they're able to explain it step by step so it's then easy to understand and replicate or solve in the same way it's like telling a story about how someone solves a tricky puzzle essentially and these writers are in such high demand and can earn so much money that you would surprised I mean you could make at least $10

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