MAKE $1,290 PER DAY With THIS NEW AI Side Hustle (Make Money Online 2024)

discover a Hidden Gem of a side hustle that's quietly making over $1,000 every single day for those in the know imagine crafting a website brimming with captivating blog posts perfectly tailored to what folks are hunting for online but here's the real kicker sprinkle in some cleverly placed links within those posts then each time someone clicks and buys you snag a commission it's like being the ultimate Matchmaker connecting eager buyers with products they never knew they needed and guess what with the method I'm about to dish out coupled with the Wizardry of AI you'll be sprinting toward those jaw-dropping numbers faster than you ever dreamed feeling intrigued before I spill the beans on how to Kickstart your money-making Journey let's take a peek at a website that's already cashing in Big Time meet making sense of sense a personal finance blog pulling in a whopping $40,000 a month click through and you'll discover a treasure Trove of financial wisdom covering a plethora of topics but here's the kicker woven into these articles are sneaky little links most likely iate links click sign up for a gig snag a product and our blogger friend likely Pockets a tidy commission the secret sauce Behind These money-making machines are the trending topics they're tapping into what's hot what folks are buzzing about to reel them in once they've got their attention it's all about nudging them to sign up or buy so where do we start choosing the right topics to lure in the crowds here's a cheat sheet of top-notch niches personal finance Tech Health and Wellness and food but if you you want to explore Beyond these fear not chat gpt's got your back just ask for a list of 100 niches to Kickstart your personal blog and voila you'll have a plethora of options at your fingertips now on to the fun part naming your website no need to break a sweat let AI do the heavy lifting just ask chat GPT for 25 possible names for a website and you'll find gems once you've landed on your ideal name it's time to roll up your sleeves and create that website our weapon of choice is hostinger they've got a treasure Trove of AI tools that can whip up a website in minutes all at a wallet friendly price head over to hostinger and you'll be greeted with a range of plans choose your plan and add it to your cart once you've signed up the next step is to set up your account opt for creating an account with WordPress and Breeze through the basic questions it throws your way you'll be offered Alternatives if you fancy something different if your preferred name isn't available get creative with variations until you find one that fits submit your choice and and keep in mind it might take up to 24 hours for approval if patience isn't your strong suit opt for a temporary domain to speed things along once that's sorted fill in your contact info and voil you're in the dashboard click on admin panel to dive into the website creation process ready to make your mark let's get Crafting that website as we embark on building your website let's take a leaf out of the Playbook of successful models like making sense of sense if it's working why reinvent the wheel so let's dive into the process head over to the side menu click on appearance then select theme to peruse through the plethora of options hit add a theme there's a variety of free themes to choose from but to mirror the blog style layout we're aiming for try filtering for blog themes alternatively if you're after a Sleek professional look akin to news sites like CNN or CNBC search for news themes once you found your perfect match simply hit install and then activate depending on the theme you might need to add some plugins to ensure everything runs smoothly if so they'll pop up here for your convenience and just like that your website is starting to take shape now all that's left is to fill it with engaging content ready to make your mark in the digital world let's get cracking adding content to your website isn't just about quantity it's about quality to ensure you're hitting the Mark I recommend tapping into Google Gemini unlike chat GPT Gemini leverages Google search results to unearth trending topics making it a gold mine for Content inspiration Plus it's free to use simply ask Gemini for 25 trending topics for your chosen Niche and voila you've got a curated list at your fingertips what sets Gemini apart is that it not only provides topics but also showcases the websites associated with them this allows you to scout out your competition see what's working for them and put your own spin on it now while you might stumble upon some generic topics resist the urge to jump on the bandwagon these topics are saturated instead hone in on specific niches by by narrowing down your focus you increase your chances of ranking higher and getting your content discovered by the Right audience once you found the perfect topic from Gemini it's time to bring it to life on your website head back to hostinger's dashboard and navigate to posts in the menu first things first let's kick that filler post to the curb it's just cluttering up your space simply select it and toss it in the bin now onto the fun part adding your own content you can either craft your own article or to streamline the process stop for creating a post with ai hostinger ai tool makes it a breeze just answer a few questions about the type tone and length of the post you're after you can go for a tone that's trustworthy and friendly and when it comes to length longer articles tend to Fair better in search rankings so aim for something substantial now here's where the magic happens tell the AI what you want your article to be about using the topic you snagged from Gemini don't forget to specify the keywords you want to rank for if you're unsure Gemini can help with that too hit generate content and voila in the blink of an eye you've got a full-fledged article complete with images it doesn't get much easier than this if you've made it this far Kudos we're almost there and you're on the path to success now it's time to add the real money makers to your blog affiliate links the links you add will depend on the topic you're covering for instance if you're running a tech blog and your latest post is about the top five TVs you can sign up for Amazon Affiliates Walmart or Target simply search for the TVs your featuring grab the affiliate links and then integrate them into your article once your Amazon affiliate account is linked to your Amazon account you'll have easy access to product links every time someone clicks on one of these links and makes a purchase you'll earn a commission it's that simple turn your passion into profit with affiliate marketing for those diving into niches like personal finance Amazon might not always be the go-to choice for affiliate links unless of course you're discussing budgeting and can include financial planners but fear not finding the best affiliate programs is a breeze with Gemini or chat GPT s

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