IBADAN LIVING #2 – I bought N1,000,000 Electronics for my New Apartment in Ibadan

hey guys welcome to another Vlog and today I'm gonna start off by taking a quick tour around ShopRite as well as shopping for electronics y'all know I just moved into a new apartment so come along with me as I go electronic shopping for my new apartment [Music] spring is the season that wakes me alive and fall is the season to contemplate life was like the least set of chairs you have the lists in terms of price which one looks like this this one is how much 80. foreign [Music] [Music] [Music] whoa let's get hungry here hey good afternoon yes we're going to check Jane generator so let me show you what we need before we did what I can carry at least when you see one in big fridge and maybe what I can do it 1.5 I'm saying at least and at least one is fridge TV and visions oh yeah foreign I like it is she is foreign hey guys so uh let's use a very long day but we're eventually able to get the TV the washing machine the gas cooker and whatever and the generator I was not supposed to buy a generator used to do but for some reason with no hard light for two days now so you have to write generator it was so freaking expensive and with my fridge they couldn't we couldn't come with the food yesterday uh because when they were packing apparently or when they were trying to build it inside the car I realized that some part of the fridge were Genting so I requested for a new one and he said you don't have another one in stock but it should be delivered to me so today is Friday so tomorrow it should be delivered I also got an iron and apparently I forgot it they didn't pack it because I didn't even see the highway so guys so I left them a message last night so hopefully they are able to like sit in their office and then have you deliver to me tomorrow alongside with my fridge so let me quickly show you guys like the TV and everything let's see we've got these items smart F4 Series in 43 inches okay and that's because this space is actually really really small it's small because when we open this door right here let me show you what I'm trying to see okay this door is being opened can you see that the rest of this space is literally very small so I don't want institution whereby this door would be it's in the console or the TV or whatever is there which is why I opted for this 43 inches it would have made sense here but the structure looked really weird I would have tried this angle but my mom was like nah you don't put a TV by the window okay so that is it for the TV stand for the gospel this is the gospel because it's the max the normal drums I actually really like this one because it is all black so in my next Vlog when I'm trying to like unbox I'm going to show you everything and what it actually looks like we got this 5kva generator and this is also Brown we bought this one when I was doing I didn't have any particular brand in mind but we bought this one because it looks a little like it looks better than others and this is not cheap because this is not cheap okay so I got this one from 5kb and this will be able to power at least one AC and the refrigerator so lastly I'm going to show you the the washing machine this is the back of the washing machine and they just unbox and put it here so this is the washing machine right here it's the item stop loader okay 10.5 kg I was actually scared that it won't fit in this bedroom the cable eventually it's eventually sitting right so later on we would just probably shift it over there and at least someone here will be able to conveniently use the toilet so this makes sense everything is eventually coming together so yeah that's all we got yesterday and just some groceries [Music] down Monday [Music] we are having a quick about an okra for bronze because this is neither breakfast no lunch so just in between it's not like repeating tradition no draw all right so the electrician was able to fix this stuff we used this this is like a changeover between generator and light and this is an indicator so we know whenever whenever there's light and this wood stuff is actually really funny I don't like it but apparently the way they wired this house is crazy crazy and it took us a whole lot of time to figure out where this is going to be so for now not even for now for as long as we stay here this is where this is how it's gonna be it's not aesthetically freezing okay but there's really nothing we can do maybe I'll get like a marble wallpaper and attach it later on but for now this is what we have he also did this where we can like conveniently plug our fridge okay as at the time I'm filming this particular clip after my fridge has arrived okay so but my fridge arrived until about maybe like two weeks later the details of that is in another vlog so um this switch right here is just like everybody from up and then it came down and this is switch a socket and that's a fridge regulator and this is the fridge but I'm not going to show you now okay so another thing he did was to run this circuit for washing machine he also brought it from like this ceiling right but because the this this is Styles um this couldn't clip in properly so that's why we have it like this which I don't think is really bad because for a fact I don't think there's anyone that's going to be using this bedroom for now for the washing machine is literally digging it took me like at least two days to figure out this washing machine which is still the tea leaves now you don't have time to clean properly but yeah that's another thing the electrician to be the whole wire we got wondering lastly um a how should I say it this socket was there before right so and I mentioned that I want to put my microwave here it was able to attach an extra socket right in there okay that way I don't have to be bringing a microwave out every time I want to use it all we have to do is turning on [Music] turn it off okay and then it also removed this this drawer destroy so I'm gonna end the Vlog here and see you in my next one bye [Music] [Music]

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