Make Your First $100K Online As A BLACK Woman (gate keeping ends here 🤑)

number three this is the most important one on this list because before I did this I was scrambling around like a headless chicken one thing a black woman is going to do is go hard for everybody else but who's gonna look out for us but us and that's one of the reasons why I'm so excited about making this video I have been itching to make a video specifically for black women I said it and today I am scratching that itch so girl pull up a seat tell your girls to come through and let's talk about this internet money there is a lot of money to be made and not a lot of people are actually talking about how to make the money everyone's selling their services and showing you their new houses their new cars their new purses and you're out there just looking like well how though how are you doing it who is paying you where's the money coming from I know that I used to be that person when I worked in corporate and I looked at people like Patricia bright and wondered how on Earth is she doing all these things like where's the money coming from how did she grow an audience and after spending my time my money my resources and my prayers to figure this thing out I'm like I'm never going to gatekeep if you're watching this right now maybe from work or from home and you're thinking I also want to make money on the internet but I just don't even know where to start then girl your prayers have been answered okay because in today's video I'm gonna be sharing six steps six actual practical steps to take to know exactly where the internet money is and how to make it and I even took it a step further to share a free resource with you in point number three so make sure you watch this video all the way to the very end to make the most out of it number one the first thing you have to do is choose a money path there are four main money paths to make up to six figures on these internet streets and I'm not talking about making hundred dollars here or two hundred dollars there I'm talking about making one hundred thousand dollars and above on the internet and the four money paths Are One content creation two agency freelancing three coaching and four selling digital products these four money paths are the absolute best because you can start with very little money you do not need any physical inventory and you can scale to a hundred thousand dollars and Beyond and if you want me to Deep dive into any of these four money any paths then let me know which one you want down in the comment section as you know on this channel I'm making the videos that you need so let me know down in the comment section and if you haven't subscribed yet then go ahead and hit the Subscribe button and the Bell so you don't miss that video when I make it number two number two is to choose a promotion platform okay so if you're saying you want to be a content creator or you want to sell digital products you have to show up somewhere especially if you're doing it without money if you're doing it with money then you can always run ads but girl if you don't want to spend your money up front I still got you okay you have to show up somewhere though you can show up on YouTube you can show up on Instagram you can show up on a Blog it really doesn't matter where you decide to show up but you have to make sure you show up in a place where you can afford to be consistent for some people YouTube is just too much you're not trying to get dressed sit in front of a camera talk all of the things that have to go into making a YouTube channel and that's cool you might be good at writing and blogging might be more your speed or you might be someone who writes really good captions and you can just make some graphics and set up an Instagram page whatever your strengths are you want to lean into them as you pick the platform to show up on however showing up is non-negotiable if you want to get this internet back so what you have to do is decide which platform aligns best with your natural skills your natural talents and show up there consistently number three this is the most important one on this list because before I did this I was scrambling around like a headless chicken this is where all my money went into before I started showing up online and making my own internet money you have to invest in your education now I'm not even going to hold you up it can get really expensive so my corporate job actually funded the education that I needed to be able to learn how to show up online make money and then quit the job to do this full-time time however I know not everyone who watches this channel has that kind of money and that's one of the reasons why I'm very intentional about bringing you resources that are high quality and beneficial but also low cost or even free so when HubSpot agreed to sponsor this video I was over the moon because I took one of the classes on Hop Spot Academy and it completely changed the trajectory of my business they were intentional enough to create a course specifically for us and it's literally called build your business as a black entrepreneur I was like okay through hotspot I'm willing to have a conversation with you and bring you on to the channel and because they've been kind enough to sponsor this video you have access to the course for free I mean you're gonna learn how to Target your audience with who you actually are you're going to learn how to put your own sauce into your content into your business and into your messaging like things that I cannot even begin to say in a YouTube video you get to learn directly from a global brand like hotspot so don't even procrastinate girl go down into the description box right now click the HubSpot link sign up and get access to this course for free don't say I never did anything for you because I'm out here bringing you only the best so thanks HubSpot for sponsoring this video number four but before we get into number four if you've been watching this video and you like it then please go ahead and hit the like button it's free and it helps this video go out to more people like us so number four is to choose your target audience I know we like to think that we are forever everybody but I know I know I'm not for everyone I know I'm not for everyone I wasn't even called to everyone and I'm aware of that and I'm okay with that sometimes we think that if we only focus on our target audience the pool might not be big enough so we'll stay small I had to dismiss all of those limiting beliefs and let me tell you you can see for yourself how the growth has been it's been exponential and it fills my heart with so much joy because I know I don't just have hundreds of thousands of random people who I'm not called to I have amazing women like you you're determined to Achieve Financial Freedom you want to walk into your purpose you want to be Fearless in the things that you've been called to do and there's no way you would have found me or my channel if I wasn't intentional about reach

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