HOW TO CREATE INSTAGRAM HIGHLIGHT COVERS | Amazing hack using Canva without posting to your story

what's up YouTube it's Millie and ladies coming right at me right now are you going to ruin this you can never ruin anything first I just wanted to say thank you so much for all the love that you guys have been giving me on my how to edit Instagram photos video I had no idea how many people would see it and I really really appreciate all the love I've been getting a lot of questions lately on my Instagram how I create my Instagram highlight covers there are so many different ways to do this I wanted to talk about a way that I kind of discovered works really really well for me and it helps me customize and make it exactly the way that I want them and in a way that fits the aesthetic that is already going on my Instagram page so that's something I wanted to dive into today before I do the walkthrough with you guys I just wanted to talk about all the other options for creating your highlight cover if you don't want to like get really in depth if you want some like quicker easy ways you could go on to Pinterest and look up Instagram highlight covers and you could probably download plenty of pre-made options I do want you to keep in mind that when you go this route it is possible that you will be signing up for somebody's email list which isn't always a bad thing you could end up falling in love with another Creator but you also never know whose email list you're signing up for or if they send a bunch of emails every day so that's just something to keep in mind if you're using solely your phone for making Instagram covers then you can use apps like over Pixar canva and a bunch of apps like that to just make it on your phone the way that I'm going to be teaching you guys today is what I use on my laptop this gives me more options and I'm able to visualize everything all together so I don't have have to keep going back and forth looking at my Instagram feed and then looking at the colors I'm able to kind of put my Instagram feed up next to the colors that I'm picking and find the different icons that really works well for me how we're going to be doing this is I'm going to jump into a screen share and show you the entire process of how I create my Instagram highlight covers and then we'll jump right back in here so let's Jump Right In to this screen share hello hello everybody Welcome to my screen share so as you can see on my laptop I have my Instagram feed pulled up on the left side so I could look at the colors and overall aesthetic of my feed and then over on the right side are a few things that I want to show you that work well with creating your highlight covers okay so first step when picking your highlight covers is to pick colors that match your Instagram aesthetic or match your brand and if you don't already have those colors then I'm going to show you a way to do that there's a few ways my favorite is using uh it is completely free to start the generator you just click right here and it's going to pull up a bunch of color suggestions that you can just keep playing with until you find um the colors that you really love if you're not vibing with any of these you can press the space bar and it will Shuffle the colors for you and I'm just going to pre keep pressing Shuffle until I I see a general theme that I like or a specific color I like um say I like this uh greenish color like seafoam greeny but I want it a little bit more on the blue end I'm just going to tweak it a smidge I feel like that matches this photo pretty well so I'm just going to lock it in place and then I can keep shuffling who doesn't love a good pink color you know yeah you just keep doing that process until you find five colors that you absolutely love something that you do want to note when you are done with choosing your five colors writing down these numbers because you will need the color code later so write down these colors or at least export save it to your computer so you have these codes to use when we start jumping into canva another option you can do is Pinterest you can literally look up Color Oops palette so look up color palette and Pinterest has a ton of color palettes that you could use um pros and cons with this Pros you can like pick based off of a theme vintage rustic modern um if you find a palette that you absolutely love it might not have the color code on it so I have a way that you can get the color code say I really like these colors um I'm just going to save that image and I'm going to go to this boom shakalaka uh this is HTML color codes. info you can upload a file there we go so you can upload a file that you really like and then um just click on the color and then it'll identify the color code for you this is something you could do if you have a color palette that you found on Pinterest or what I do is I'll you actually use one of my Instagram photos that I feel have a great representation like this one I feel has a good um overall representation of what my feed and brand is it has the like deep orange and the teal and travel um so I would upload this photo to this website and then click on different parts of the photo to get my brand colors that is what you can do as well the last option is color hunt there's a bunch of color palettes here that you can choose from they're all pieced together kind of like the paint section at Home Depot and you just scroll through and like I said you just find palettes that you enjoy when you click on a palette it'll do like some suggested palettes based off of the one you had selected and it also shows those color codes so like I said make sure you're writing down those color codes that you like um because we're about to use those in canva now that you have your colors picked out we are going to create your Instagram highlight covers on this website canva is the best thing in the world I use it for literally everything uh it's also a free website so you do not have to you don't have to purchase anything to use it um there is like upgrades within the website but nowadays like who doesn't have that all you do is create an account and then type in Instagram story there you go and then it already has a template for Instagram story highlight cover it has a bunch of different suggestions and templates for you to choose from and I love all of them the one that I use currently is this one so I like the Simplicity of it what you're going to do is click on the background change the color and then you paste the color code right here let's see you copy and then paste boom so that's like the um one that you picked for your brand I'm going to just use the colors that I already have saved um to make it go by quicker okay so I have all of mine done I personally enjoy having the circle there because it comes in very handy later when you're setting it up on Instagram so I'll show you that I believe this is all together and I don't like this ticket so I'm just going to get rid of that and add my own Circle put a little white there and then w

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