MAKE $680 PER DAY With This EASY ChatGPT Side Hustle! (Make Money Online 2024)

ever wondered how to make money online effortlessly in 2024 well today's your lucky day today I'll unveil the ultimate side hustle for 2024 making money online using chat GPT and the best part you won't need to sell a thing I'll guide you through each step making it super easy to get started right after watching this video stick with me as we dive into the simple yet effective method to boost your income let's get started to begin let's request chat GPT to compile a list of the top 10 bestselling books current trending and available on now once we've got our list in hand we'll need to zero in on one book to work with whether your passion lies in health relationships or any other Niche you can adapt this approach to suit your interests in fact the more niches you explore and books you promote the greater your potential earnings imagine creating dozens of these promotions each tailored to a different Niche and watching your income multiply exponentially now before we dive in it's crucial to evaluate our chosen book we will take a close look at its ratings and reviews this tells us if the book is popular and relevant making it an ideal candidate for generating those coveted commissions and here's where things get exciting by leveraging the power of this strategy combined with clever traffic generation technique you can easily Rak in $15 every time someone signs up for an audible free trial to snag these books with the potential to create multiple promotions across various niches the sky the limit for your online income imagine effortlessly making 500 $100 a day it's not just a dream it's within your reach with this powerful approach now that we've pinpointed our Target book it's time to craft a compelling review that will draw readers in and encourage them to grab their own copy through Audible and guess what chat GPT is about to become our trusty Ally in this endeavor so if you haven't already make sure to sign up to chat GPT it's going to be your go-to tool for this process here's the plan we'll feed chat GPT a prompt requesting a comprehensive 1,500 to 2,000 word summary of the book complete with an introduction and chapter by chapter breakdowns once chat GPT Works its magic we'll have a detailed summary that's bound to peque the interest of potential readers enticing them to snag the audible version for free of course so you can pocket that sweet $15 Commission Now armed with this meticulously crafted review we're ready to dive into the next phase of our plan let's make sure we're equipped with all the tools and knowledge we need to maximize our earnings now as we prepare to share our review it's a essential to enhance it with visually appealing images we'll head over to to create these eye-catching visuals starting with a custom design size of 1400 x400 pixels we'll dive into canvas's app section and select magic media here's where the fun begins canva prompts us to provide relevant information to generate images tailored to our book while canva Works its magic we can also draw inspiration from the reviews summary noting key chapter themes to inform our image choices by interspersing these images throughout the review will not only enhance its visual appeal but also break up the text for a more engaging reading experience just take a moment to admire the stunning images canva creates they truly bring our review to life once satisfied we'll download each image for later use now that we've got our visuals locked in let's explore where we'll be sharing this review but before we dive into that let's ensure we've got all the pieces in place to make our review standout from the crowd now it's time to take our promotion game to the next level by signing up for the audible creat program but before we dive in let's explore the two Pathways available for promoting audible books and I'll share my thoughts on which one packs a stronger punch first up there's the option to join the Amazon Associates program with this you'll be able to advertise audible books Drive traffic and earn commissions the breakdown you'll pocket $5 for every sign up to a free trial and an additional $10 for each subsequent book Purchase made by those signups but wait there's more now let's crunch the numbers just imagine with 10 signups a day you could be pocketing $150 a pretty enticing Prospect right fill out the necessary details and you're good to go once you're onboarded you'll gain access to your unique affiliate link ready to start earning those commissions now that you're all signed up let's dive into the exciting world of free traffic generation head to vocal media this platform provides a perfect Avenue to share your book reviews and drive organic traffic all while embedding your audible affiliate link for potential signups to get started on vocal media simply click on create story at the top of the page next enter a catchy title to grab reader attention then add a subtitle that sets the stage now comes the crucial part pasting in the comprehensive review you generated with chat GPT head back to chat GPT copy the entire review and paste it into the story section on vocal media voila you've now got an informative article ready to entice readers to explore the book but wait we're not done yet let's add those captivating images we crafted earlier on canva to break up the text and make your review visually appealing simply upload the images to vocal media and intersperse them throughout the article this not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also keeps readers engaged as they scroll through your review with your article now polished and primed it's time to sit back and watch as the traffic rolls in and remember every click on your affiliate link could mean another $15 Commission in your pocket as you navigate through your article on vocal media you'll notice a convenient little plus sign between paragraphs clicking on this opens up a menu of options including the ability to upload images let's take advantage of this feature by selecting the upload option and adding one of the captivating images we created earlier let's strategically place the link multiple times throughout the article ensuring there are ample opportunities for readers to engage with it this way they'll have various entry points to click through and sign up for the audible free trial remember transparency is key key at the bottom of the article it's crucial to include an affiliate disclosure to inform readers that there are affiliate links within the review this ensures transparency and builds trust with your audience the disclosure lets readers know that while you may receive a commission if they sign up for the free trial there's no extra cost to them once you've fine-tuned your article and added the necessary elements simply scroll up click save changes and then publish the article vocal media is a Powerhouse for generating free traffic boasting over 2 million views and potential exposure to audiences se

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