Make $1,424 with Google News For FREE (Make Money Online)

so today I'm going to show you a side hustle that you can use to make up to $1,400 per day in 2024 this is something that has been proven to work time and time again people have made up to 5,000 10,000 all the way up to six figures in a single month using this exact strategy I'm going to show you here today and I actually put this to the test myself and within the first week I managed to generate over $500 of this so this is undeniable that this actually works if you have either a laptop an iPad or a mobile phone then there's no reason why you shouldn't be able to make money with this so if you're ready to make some life changing money online sit back relax stay tuned because this is going to be a video you're not going to want to miss so for step number one of this video what you guys need to do right now to get started with this method is to head over to from here you're just going to very simply type in Google news and select on the first search result that shows up which is the official Google News website now if you guys are not aware of this platform and and it's the first time using it today Google news is simply a news aggregator that takes the news from all over the internet and compiles it into this database right here as you can see you have a variety of different type of news that you can gain access to on this site so you have the world news local news so this will be like local to your area then to the right of this you'll see the different categories which is what we're going to be focusing on today so this is the business news technology Entertainment Sports science and health and so on right for today's example I'm going to select on the health category and I know some of you guys are thinking at this point Dre why is this important what does Google News have to do with me making passive income online don't worry this is all going to make sense right now once you've selected on one of these categories above what I want you to do from here is actually scroll through these different articles and and find one that catches your eye right you want to find the most interesting the most intriguing compelling article you can find because this is going to highly determine how much money you make with this method if you find an article that is boring no one is going to want to read that no one's going to click on that right and if you don't get any views to these articles you simply won't make any money so you want to find something that really catches your eye right so I'm going to scroll through and have a look right now now I found this article right here weight loss experts say cutting out on one thing will help you lose belly fat now I know this is a very big thing in the health space a lot of people really struggle with L and belly fat so I think this will catch a lot of people's attention so what you want to do from here once you find your article is to just click over onto the actual article and just have a skim read through it right make sure that this is actually providing value and it is a good article now once you found your article whether that's in the science space the business space or the health category I'm going to now show you the most interesting part of this entire process once you're here you're just going to Simply copy all of the content from this article right here and don't worry we're not just going to steal this information that will be plagiarism and we can get into a lot of trouble for this instead what I'm going to show you how to do right now is take this article all of this information from one of the best articles in the health category and then we're going to use a tool which I'm going to show you in the next step that's going to revamp this entire article and turn it into your own original content which is going to One enable you to make the most amount of money with it and two it's going to avoid any you know copyright or plagiarism infringements which could come down the line possibly if we don't change his text now before we go ahead and move into that next step I want to let you guys know from this point onwards is that I have a very special bonus for you right at the end of this video where I'm going to show you multiple different ways of how you can monetize all of the articles that you find on Google News right and I'm not just going to show you one way I'm going to show you two different ways you can do it first method I'm going to show you is the way I recommend you do this if you want the most passive income for the longest time possible but the second way I'm going to show you how to monetize this article is going to enable you to get paid $1 per word that you upload to this platform right so let's say for instance your article was around 700 words you'll be able to upload your article to the secret platform and they will pay you out $700 so make sure you stick around if you want to know how you can monetize these completely free articles and make a good amount of money online by the simply copy and pase them okay cool so now we're up to step number two of this process and what we're going to do right now is head over to one of the most powerful free AI tools that exist right now on the internet and that is chat GPT so what you simply need to do is just head over to chat. then it's going to take you over to this page right here this AI is going to be the money maker for us today what we're going to use chat GPT to do here is take the content from Google news that I showed you guys earlier so any of the articles that you found on Google News you can use chat GPT to rephrase it and reword it so that you can have original content that you can then monetize later on in this video now something very important I want to bring your attention to right here this point of the video is where I see people make the most mistake and they really mess up their chances of making money with this entire strategy and I don't want you guys to fall into the same hole and repeat something that doesn't work I see many beginners that come to my mentorship program do this exact same mistake so I want you to pay very close attention right here what most people do is that they get their article just like the one I showed you right here they paste it over to a Google doc similar to what I've done then they come back over to chat GPT and enter the most basic prompt to chat GPT usually they enter something along the lines of can you reword or spin this article for me or can you make this article a thousand words long and change up the words for instance right but what happens is that chat GPT gives them the most basic content they even make it too short they make it sound robotic and usually the content is pretty rubbish and it shows up as AI when you go to post it to these other platforms so instead of doing that and wasting your time what I want you guys to do right now is Follow The Prompt that you see on the screen right

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