The BEST Way To Make Money Online As A Woman In 2023

he's the one who created this brain he's the one who made the passion the creativity all the things that make me me so I'm not gonna hate myself I'm gonna monetize myself now number three the real money bag I tucked this away number three because you know I wanted to get out one and two for hey yo hello hi and welcome welcome back to the channel bro you do not know how excited it makes me to sit here and pour out my heart my knowledge my research to make you richer it's ridiculous how God just made us so differently and gave us all unique talents and while some are busy hiding their talents away and being ashamed of the fact that they're creative and they keep coming up with ideas the rest of us are out here maximizing all that we are and getting to the big bags and if you've not been getting to the bed with your creativity that's okay that's okay that's about to change today we are talking about making money as a creative person in case you haven't figured out in case you haven't realized from the way this channel is I'm creative but I didn't always know I was creative and then when I finally figured out that I was creative I wasn't happy about it because I was like do creative people even make money all these ideas and creativity and abilities how do I turn them into dollar signs I figured it out and today I am spilling five ways that you can also generate income if you're a creative person and I know creativity is diverse right we have some people who are good with words we have some people who are good with painting some are good with graphic design all the things we are all in the same group so if you're in this group and you're a woman then girl this is the video for you while I think all five of these are great number three is one that I have tried I have tested I have gotten to the bag I have made multiple thousands in a single day just doing this thing but the others are awesome as well so get comfortable girl and if you miss everything that I say in this video make sure you don't miss number three okay because that's the one I've done so I can tell you that girl it's a whole thing and you know I like to get straight to the point so that's enough of an intro you know what the video is about let's get into the Five Points number one is for my fake graphic design sisters and I said fake because I consider myself a proud fake graphic designer if you are good with canva you're a graphic designer because you're you're putting out great graphics look at the thumbnails on this channel like who who wants to step to me come out come out I dare you and that's not because I study graphic design or anything like that in school I just have a natural eye for colors text as long as it's not complicated to put it together now platforms like canva make it possible but how do you monetize your canva designs because we're talking about the money we're talking about getting to the bag so even though I like to make a lot of my designs myself there are some things that are just a little bit time consuming okay I would pay money to have someone else do it for me even if I can do it myself so you could be that someone else honey if you're good with making thumbnails templates checklists web pages whatever it is course outlines if you're good with all of these things then you might want to consider spending some time creating some designs on canva and then selling your designs on a website like creative market so you make your designs even if you don't want to set up your own page and grow your your own audience and sell to them which is always the best you can always sell on a website like creative markets okay okay number two is to consult for companies or brands or businesses now if you're good with finding trending topics if you're good with SEO if you understand algorithms like the YouTube algorithm like I do or The Tick Tock algorithm or even the Etsy algorithm these are all different platforms that work in different ways but they're usually similar and the skills transfer so for example my Etsy shop where I used to sell African print designs as a side Hustle the skills that I got from running an Etsy Shop I've used the same skills to run a YouTube channel I use it the first time with my first YouTube channel that blew up to over 25k and now this channel which has grown so it's the same skills and they transfer well and I'm very confident in my SEO skills my ranking skills my copywriting skills because there's copywriting in these videos okay because even though I like to think that you're watching me because you just like me I know you're watching me because you're getting value out of these videos and I'm very intentional about communicating the value and that's a skill that some Brands some businesses some individuals who have amazing products amazing Services amazing expertise don't know how to do okay but that's something that I know how to do so I can consult and make even more money by doing that and we're going to get into number three in a second which is the one I'm so excited about but if you've been watching the video so far and you believe that you don't have time to be creative even though you feel like you're naturally a creative person but life is just too busy because there's work and there's motherhood and there are all the 50 11 things that you have to do then you might want to consider taking a class that will help you make time to get creative a good example is this class the busy creative three quick and easy drawing exercises to spark creativity there's an inner child in all of us and I love the way this class just allows us to express ourselves and bring out the sides of us that otherwise would be buried and the class is available on skillshare who've been kind enough to sponsor this video if you don't already know what skillshare is girl are you even an OG cause everyone who watches this channel knows skillshare skillshare is an amazing platform with thousands of classes from inspiring teachers to help you get creative understand how to run a side hustle and so much more and because skillshare has been kind enough to partner with this Channel and to sponsor this video the first 1000 people to use my link below will have the opportunity to explore skillshare for free Yes you heard that right girl for one whole month now number three the real money bag I tucked this away number three because you know I wanted to get out one and two for people who might not be about this life because you know we're different kinds of creatives out here but this number three is where the bag is at it's one of the things I do of course I do many things with my ideas obviously this channel is one of the things I do but I'm number three is another thing that I do because I'm one of those people I don't know if you can relate but if you can relate let me know in the comment section I wake up every day and I come up with taglines I come up with business ideas all the time and I

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