Earn $37 Per Hour – 7 Digital Side Hustles NOT MANY ARE DOING

in today's video I'll be sharing with you seven Secret side hustles that not a lot of people are talking about they have good potential and can make you anywhere from 45 US Dollars up to a hundred dollars every single day best of all you can do this side hustles at your own pace in your own space at your own time they are available worldwide and don't limit you to how where and when you can do them so if you are interested in finding out what they are if you are looking for a side hustle that is more sustainable that will pay you highly stick with me because I'll be sharing with you these different platforms where you can find good rewarding jobs if you are new here welcome to the channel my name is Queen magomani I share information on how to make money online and that's what you can expect to learn more of in this channel consider joining our family by subscribing also give this video a thumbs up if you find it valuable without wasting any more time let's get right into the video the first side episode that I'm going to show you is for Creative people who like designing logos business brand identities coming up with slogans as well as coming up with business names for different Enterprises there are so many things you can do in the platform that I'm going to show you as a side Hustle the good thing is it is highly rewarding it's called Squad help Squad help was initially designed to help businesses find creative and unique names for their businesses but it has evolved to offer more opportunities for making money Squad help is this platform that I'm looking at here on my screen when you select the names for sale tab over here you'll see that they have curated domain Marketplace they have premium domains for sale short domains and all these different opportunities and all you have to do is Select become a seller over here to start selling different domain names different business names as well but that's not all you can also earn money here by participating in naming in context scroll down to where you can select become a creative and start the sign up process from there there are other services that you can offer here such as coming up with logos taglines brand Identity Design audience testing trademark research video creation as well if you do check out some reviews you will see how amazing and how much people are earning in this platform next one is an awesome platform also available worldwide it's going to pay you for simply sharing your experience whether in Market Research in tests and so on it is pretty amazing because it pays highly for sharing your experience or giving feedback it's called respondent and it is this platform that I'm looking at here on my screen as you can see they say get paid to share your knowledge and experience respondent is the best place to leverage your professional expertise for paid user reset this platform pays software developers marketers executive and surprise software users business owners sales and support and as you can see here the average hourly rate incentive is fairly High it starts from a hundred dollars and you can get paid up to 750 US dollars per hour in this platform next platform is also amazing and it does pay a lot of people worldwide for doing different small tasks it is called the uhrs which stands for Universal human relevance system it is this platform that I'm looking at here on my screen uhrs is a crowd sourcing platform that supports data labeling for various AI application scenarios the types of side assets you can do over here are image annotation search relevance video annotation speech transcription text annotations and when you select others you get to see more different types of jobs the next platform is going to pay you for chatting to Lonely People worldwide it offers you the flexibility to work wherever you word or wherever you choose whenever you want it's called remotely for you you can become a chat operator and as you can see here they say and work anywhere if you like to self-employ if you like to converse with different people this is definitely a side hustle for you to get started you'll come to the website and scroll down to where you can see the start the application process here you then fill in your first name your last name enter your email address agree to your to the attempts and conditions and of course agree that you are 18 years and older because they only employ adults in this platform over here they have a verification process where you have to upload your identity so whether it is a passport a driver's license or ID card if you are approved they're going to give you training so you get to know what to do and how to do the work this is an awesome platform that's going to pay you handsomely for chatting to strangers worldwide next one on the list is going going to pay you for listening to audio and typing what you are hearing from that audio and this process is called transcribing it is a platform that's available worldwide and has been around for quite some time paying people for transcribing It's called Go transcript it is this platform here you'll see here they say transcription jobs available worldwide so no matter where you are you can apply to go transcript you can do the work from home anywhere you are any way you choose anytime you have available you also have an option of transcribing in different languages here all these different languages over here so this is an amazing job that caters for a lot of people worldwide next one on the list is YouTube and yeah guys I know it's not a secret ride but believe me there are people who I still talk to about making money on YouTube who have no idea who have no clue that this platform is a money machine this is a actually one of the best platforms of our age for making money because anyone can monetize a YouTube channel it doesn't matter the age it doesn't matter their gender religion culture whoever you are even animals are monetized on the YouTube platform so that's why I think this is one of the best opportunities of our time there are so many ways you can monetize a YouTube channel one of the most popular ways is by having adverse placed on your YouTube channel when you have 1 000 YouTube subscribers as well as 4 000 watch hours within the year that you are applying to be monetized but that is just one way of getting monetized in the platform to start getting monetized you don't even need to get to that point you can make money in many different ways such as affiliate marketing when you have products or platform that you can talk about you can do affiliate marketing by referring those products and websites and end commissions when you do so you can partner with Brands you know from an early stage of your YouTube career or YouTube business you can sell your your own products you can sell other people's products it also offers you a platform for sharing and expressing yourself that's why I think of all the opportunities that I sha

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