Make $1370+ Per WEEK With Pinterest Affiliate Marketing (NO WEBSITE!)

hi guys Anastasia here many of you really enjoyed the previous tutorial on Pinterest affiliate marketing so today we are diving deeper step by step to address all the questions I received in the comments below that video I will show you how you can earn up to $10,000 a month using Pinterest this includes selecting a profitable Niche finding affiliate products with high conversion rates and effectively adding affiliate links to your pins the great news is that you don't need prior experience or any money to start with this Method All You Need is Wi-Fi and either a laptop or a smartphone you don't even need to have your own website now just for the newcomers affiliate marketing is a business model where you promote others people's products or services and you earn a commission for each sale or referral the next question is why would you use Pinterest for affiliate marketing well because with about 482 million users Pinterest is among the top platforms for free highquality traffic and high percentage of that audience are millennials from the United States and the United Kingdom which means a higher purchasing power and again you can do affiliate marketing on Pinterest without spending a penny on ads and even without your own website and a crucial step for Success on Pinterest is to choose the right niche you see I've been in this game for years and trust me it's been a mix of hits and misses but really it boils down to something pretty straightforward on Pinterest you need to aim for niches with products that look great on photos because this is what Pinterest is in its Essence it's a visual search engine full of images and full of people who search for stuff on Pinterest and their visual searches they care about the images and how things look on the photo photos and you should mostly aim for stop this primarily targeting women because currently it's about 60% of Pinterest audience think about stuff like fashion home decor beauty products yummy food stuff for kids and babies or even Fitness Gear anything that's a fist for the eyes and can Jazz up your pins once you've got your Niche down the next step is hunting for some solid affiliate products I'll tell you more about that in the next step but now let's talk about picking affiliate programs and products that really sell I assume that a lot of people watching this video are quite new to affiliate marketing and essentially are beginners who have no website and perhaps a smallish social media following that is why I decided to show you a relatively new platform that not many people he about it connects creators with Brands and allows you to earn great commissions you should try to apply as a creator for Wayward who partnered with me for this part of the video and you will find the link to it in the description below it will be perfect for beginners because first On Wayward you can download a CSV file of your customer list and create tailored content for them which allows you to make even more affiliate commissions from the same visitors of your shop the second reason is that Wayward has a free metop integration followers can shop without leaving the Instagram app boosting your commissions then another reason is that Wayward doesn't require you to have your own website like I said essentially you can create a storefront that includes a lot of affiliate products and it helps you create this High performing store in just minutes you can categorize products and Collections and customize it to your desired look and feel also you can create a shoppable Linkin buyer On Wayward allowing you to go beyond generic URLs and showcase specific products with Rich descriptions directly in your Linkin bio this removes the extra click for your followers the faster they understand the quicker they will shop then also there is a great match with Pinterest audience because the majority of products On Wayward fall into the most popular niches and topics on Pinterest like I already said Beauty maternity products for kids home decor items and and so on another reason why you should focus on Wayward is because you can skip the tedious steps of creating and getting approved for an Amazon Associates account add any Amazon products to your wayward store and receive well-earned commissions not in the typical 60-day weight but in just 3 to five business days and you will get earnings dropped to your bank account 10 times faster than any influencer or affiliate platform does once you have an account account On Wayward you can quickly create a store that looks similar to mine and many products don't require any application usually they're in the top selling product collections for this all you need to do is just click on create a link and this is basically your affiliate link that you can copy and then I will show you in the next step how you can use it on Pinterest so stay with me for that step sign up On Wayward as a Creator using the first link in the description below and we're moving to the next step and that step is to optimize your Pinterest account okay so getting your Pinterest account looking sharp is key even though people might buy stuff without checking out your first page but you still want to grow your following on Pinterest right and for that your page your profile needs to be something that people really like first thing first switch to a business account if you haven't already you can do this in the account settings then pick a profile picture and and a banner that match your Niche you can use your photo or a logo if you have one and you want everything to look neat and on brand you can whip up something quick in canva or similar tools using their templates but stick with a consistent aesthetic or color scheme for your profile and banner and hey if you've got text or a logo keep it simple no more than three different fonts or it might look like a hot mess and here is a pro tip for you make sure to choose a nice username because Pinterest will give you a random one so change it to something that doesn't have those funky numbers or letters include some keywords in your profile name like I have here for example Anastasia blogger online business tips blogging for beginners and make it Su friendly this helps you show up in searches and gets more eyes on your content on Pinterest your profile description is important too keep it short sweet and stuffed with a few keywords it's all about giving people a heads up on what they're getting by following you and you can even ask chatty to craft this quick buyer for you no need to overthink it next up Pinterest boards they should also be optimized for cords both the titles and board descriptions now it might be getting to SEO dance for this video topic so if you want to dig deeper and ler learn more about optimizing your profile I will give you a link to my free Pinterest Master Class up there and also in the description below so you can watch it once we're done with this video you can also use Pint

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