Make $100 Your FIRST Day With Clickbank (New Method)

in this video i'm going to be showing you a method for making money on clickbank in your first few days or weeks promoting products and the best part is what i'm going to show you does not require you to have any audience whatsoever to get started we're going to go over a few things including how to find keywords online that no one else is targeting and no one else is going for we're going to show you how to dominate those keywords for pennies and spending almost nothing and then at the end we're going to talk about scaling we're going to show you how you can scale this method very very quickly within your first month or two to thousands of dollars a month now let's have a real moment for a second and talk real talk here and be honest and say that clickbank is not my favorite place to find products to promote you know if anyone's been on clickbank for very often that's watching this video you end up with a lot of lower quality products that end up on the platform but i do think that clickbank can be a decent platform for beginners because it tends to have high converting funnels and it has a lot of products and a lot of niches that you can start promoting right away as a beginner you don't have to apply for a lot of them and anything like that the cool thing about what we're going to show you right here is that it can apply outside of clickbank as well you can use this with the amazon affiliate program you can go out there and find other affiliate programs that aren't in you know that kind of run their own and host their own affiliate program and you can take everything that we're talking about and teaching in this video and you can do the exact same thing so if you're like me and you're looking at some of those clickbank products and some of those clickbank funnels and you're saying i wouldn't promote this to my worst enemy that's okay this method will still work for you as well so let's dive right in and we'll kind of go over how we're going to be going about doing this now we're going to be taking a different route than traditional affiliate marketing typically when i'm teaching affiliate marketing i say we've got to choose a niche and then we've got to find a product right but we're going to actually reverse that on this one method because this method is keyword centric meaning we need to actually find good keywords and find things that people are searching for and then we're actually going to find the right clickbank product next and match that up with what people are looking for so it's a little different than we typically do we're going to dive right into keyword research without knowing our niche without knowing the product we're going to promote and then i'm going to show you how to find these really cool keywords that no one is targeting as with most of my tutorials that involve stuff like this we're going to be using a tool called ahrefs now ahrefs is awesome it's probably the most powerful tool that i use in my entire business that being said it can be a little expensive if you're a beginner but they've got a seven day seven dollar trial i think that they run most of the time so you can sign up for a trial for seven bucks and you can do everything we're teaching in this video in that small period of time and you won't have to spend 99 or 129 a month in order to get access to this software so once you signed up for ahrefs what this tool is is it's it's basically the most powerful spy on the internet it can tell you anything that people are doing online in terms of of google like what they're searching on google what people what advertisers are doing on google all kinds of things and it has got a lot of information so you're gonna sign up and you're gonna go to keyword explorer right here and we're essentially gonna start looking at what people are typing in to google at different times and what we're gonna do is we're gonna select google as our option here and we're only going to type in one word that's kind of the funny thing here we're going to type in the word best okay and we're going to refine this a lot more as we go on but all we're typing out in the beginning is the word best and then it's going to give us these options right here and we're going to go to matching terms or saying hey ahrefs i want you to find anything people searching google that has the word best and then we've got to start refining it a lot more obviously there's a million words most of them seem to be best buy so what we're going to do is we're actually going to include the word right here and we're going to say the word for okay that's all we're going to say we're going to have it include the word for and we're going to click apply now it has to have the word best but it also has to have the word for somewhere in there okay so now we've eliminated all the best buy stuff right now we're going to go over here to where it says volume and we're gonna say hey if it's not getting at least a couple hundred searches a month this method probably won't be that great okay so we want things to have two ideally like 500 but anything from two to 500 you can still make this work and we're going to cut out all the stuff that doesn't have that much search volume on google now we're going to move over here just a little bit more over here where it says more filters and we're going to click on sorry cost per click right here and we're going to go on where it says maximum and we're going to say i don't want anything over and you can do this how you want this number can change but for me i'm going to do like 30 cents meaning i want searches where i can run ads but i want it to cost less than 30 cents for me to be able to run an ad meaning i want the cheap stuff okay the non-competitive stuff we're gonna click apply right there and then we're going to go to serp features right here okay and we're going to serve features and we're going to exclude a for a few things we're going to try to exclude top ads meaning you know when you search on google and there's a you know four or five different advertisers that'll run ads right at the top we want no one to be running ads to these keywords okay we also want no bottom ads okay and if possible i usually say that i don't want any shopping results as well and we're gonna click apply and so what we've done is we've created this massive filter okay we've said hey we're looking for things that people are searching in google that a lot of people are searching for in google that have the word best and the word for in them and we want there to not be any other ads and if i choose to run an ad on that keyword i want it to be cheap i want to be the cheapest thing i could possibly spend a click on right as low as 1 cent sometimes i've seen now if you're not starting to recognize the beauty of what you're doing here you should pause for a second and recognize that maybe even give a little like while you do that pause because we like likes but what we've done here is we'

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