Look Inside My $1000/Month Affiliate Marketing Campaign

so i woke up this morning and saw that i had this 197 commission come in last night and that followed just a few days ago when i had this 48 commission and this 48 commission and a few days before that this 197 commission now all these commissions are coming from a campaign that i set up earlier this year in january and i can honestly say that i haven't touched it since and so in this video i want to go over this exact campaign show you step by step everything that i did to set this up so that you can literally duplicate this exact system in any niche or with any program that you're doing affiliate marketing with [Music] all right let's dive in and talk about the program that we're using the traffic that we're using the whole system and how it works so the first thing we need to know is the program and the program that we did this with is called authority hacker and what that is is it's a blogging program you may or may not heard of it let me know down below if you've heard of it because a lot of people in my audience have actually taken this course but what it is it's probably the most well-known blogging course out there it's a high ticket course that sells anywhere from six hundred to a thousand dollars so this is my flagship product and the way that i always say we should do it is you should pick one flagship product that's high ticket and then you pick a few products that go around it okay that supplement that product so you've got the this audience that's interested in that core product and there's probably a few more products that are maybe cheaper out there that they're also interested in so those are your supplementary products that you can also promote so for this campaign we wanted to promote authority hacker which is a blogging affiliate marketing course so we know they're interested in blogging and we know they're interested in affiliate marketing so for our supplementary programs we chose my blogging challenge which anyone can promote as an affiliate it's a hundred dollars and it's very similar to authority hacker except it's a lot cheaper okay so we can take these people that may be interested in authority hacker but they can't afford that price point and instead we can target them with this one hundred dollar product uh that's that's similar we also chose siteground which is a host every blogger out there is going to need a host we know that so we chose siteground we make anywhere from 50 to 100 for each person that we send to siteground and then finally we chose my own affiliate course which anybody could promote it's called affiliate secrets and it's all about affiliate marketing so all of our supplementary products are tied into our main product now in terms of traffic everyone knows i'm a huge fan of of taking a different approach to traffic where we put a bunch of effort in up front and then it's able to turn on like a faucet and just send leads day after day after day once we get it up and running so for this campaign we decided to do google which it takes a little time up front to get going with the google blog but once it's running it just keeps on running so this is what most affiliates do when they decide to start doing any kind of blogging they they start they create their blog and then they they go take these affiliate programs like siteground authority hacker and uh and like my course and they go make a review that's the first thing they do i've seen it a dozen times and you may have made this exact mistake when you got started with it all they say i'm gonna make a siteground review so they take this brand new blog and they make this review of of the the host siteground and it goes out there and it completely flops okay because they're competing with probably hundreds of thousands of other major blogs that are also making reviews of siteground and there's no way that they're going to take this brand new site and dominate these these blogs that are out there that have much more clout than them okay that would be exactly like deciding that you want to get into weightlifting and on the first day of weightlifting you walk up and try to lift up your car so instead what we did and what you should do is go for these smaller stuff okay the stuff that the big guys aren't really going for yet because it's maybe not quite worth it to them so what i mean by this is we've got this program called authority hacker that's about blogging and affiliate marketing that doesn't mean we have to just target people looking for authority hacker there are tons of people that are trying to learn to blog that want to learn to blog that want to learn how to do affiliate marketing that just aren't at this moment searching for that exact thing instead at this moment they're searching for something else maybe they're looking for some ideas for a website maybe they're just looking for some good affiliate marketing niches or some good affiliate marketing programs all of these are signs that someone's getting into affiliate marketing but they're not yet looking specifically at the course that you're trying to promote but that means that you have a much easier time as a new blog getting these people right these people that are searching for these subsidiary words that aren't as competitive so we did some research we're going to show you how we did that and we came to the realization that we could target people looking for affiliate programs we could target people looking for specific affiliate platforms like facebook reddit twitter instagram right they're looking specifically how to do affiliate marketing on those platforms and the way we do that is we use a tool called ahrefs okay so we're gonna hop on the screen here and just note this is a paid platform it's uh it also has a trial that's only seven bucks and you can do everything we're talking about during that trial period if you would like so we're gonna hop in sign up for ahrefs and we're gonna use their keyword explorer right here and we're gonna type in a couple things we'll start just by typing in affiliate okay of course affiliates very hard to rank for that's like the very core keyword of what we're looking for but we can go into these uh these side ideas here we can say hey we want things that maybe have the word affiliate in them then it's got all these other things right we can say oh hey people that are looking for amazon affiliate marketing people are looking for affiliate marketing affiliate programs okay this is how we discovered affiliate programs so we can click that and say oh are there you know are there people looking specifically for affiliate programs they'll say oh yes there is now the next really important thing is we're gonna go to keyword difficulty right here we're gonna say hey out of a hundred i only want the top 15 percent the easiest stuff to rank 4k anything that's going from 0 to 15 out of 100 in terms of difficulty for ranking you can say okay look and what do you know we've got all these

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