Live Demo – Google Ai Search [SGE] And The Future Of SEO + hidden opportunity!

all right ladies and gentlemen welcome to the show today we got a lot to cover we are actually going to be unveiling Google's new AI generative search engine you can see over here that we got it fired up and ready to go now we are going to answer some very very important questions today including what is the future of SEO is Google generative search going to kick out a lot of businesses how are you going to be able to make money and how does this whole thing work so smash the like button if you're ready we got a lot of stuff to cover be sure you have a paper and Pen handy if you want to make money online with search engine marketing and the new AI stuff you got to pay close attention here because what we got is stuff that you're not going to hear anywhere else super important smash that like button let's go ahead and dive in now first of all what we need to see here is the actual Google search engine and how it works what we're going to do is we're going to take a look at how search engine marketing has evolved I've been doing search engine marketing for over 23 years now from the very first beginnings of lycos hotbot Yahoo and when Google first came out and got popular in 1999. so I've been in the thick of it I've made millions of dollars I've made tons of millions of dollars for clients and students of mine and what we're going to do is we're going to look at this from an overview of what I've learned over the years this is super super important this involves you and this is something that you are going to be interacting with on a daily basis a lot of people don't realize it but everyone's going to be talking to robots on a daily basis very very soon so what we're going to do is we're going to talk about the impact that this is going to have on the world we're going to show you how this is going to work we're going to talk about some ethical concerns and most importantly we are going to be talking about what this means for you and your ability to make money online because I believe ladies and gentlemen that here in lies a very very profitable opportunity for those paying attention but you got to pay attention you got to smash the like button and you got to watch this entire training at least one time now there's a big warning here we are at the epicenter of the AI search engine Revolution this is going to shake up the industry in a way you've never seen before what it is is Google's generative AI search engine in order to walk through it here's a screenshot of asking Google generative AI what is Google generative Ai and it says it is using AI to deliver search results now we got to look at some questions here we got to look at what's going on and we got to understand the lay of the land and know exactly where this is going to hit because if you're a search engine marketer if you do an SEO if you're trying to get traffic from Google or maybe you just started and you're doing Ai and trying to get traffic This concerns you take a look at a site we looked at several months ago we did a case study on this site and how it works where they bought their domain how they ranked and what happened and as you could see what happened is they went to a peak traffic of over 500 000 visitors a month down to 194 down to 28 and now they're at practically nothing and the site gets very very little traffic just trickles so imagine one day waking up and saying hey this business I built that made me a lot of money is now not making me a lot of money and ladies and gentlemen I've been there I remember in 2003 when I first started my business um I was getting lots of traffic I was making thirty thousand dollars a month as a 20 year old kid doing this stuff for 20 year old guy right and all of a sudden I I went and we moved to California bought a house in California as you guys know those are not cheap I remember sitting on the couch at 3 A.M working because that's what I did I had little kids so when they went to sleep I would go in and do work and I remember one day I I was sitting there and all of my search engine traffic dropped overnight I went from making thirty thousand dollars a month down to barely making enough to pay my bills and it was terrifying and I was like what's going on and what happened was a Google update now a lot of you guys have heard about Google updates you got Google updates uh with this you got Google updates with that all kinds of different things and a lot of businesses are affected by them now this guy here was trying to spam the search engine with relevant AI content now this is important thing to look at because Google is now saying that AI content is relevant by putting it front and center on the search engine they are saying hey that's what we want if a robot can do reviews better than some affiliate or something then that's what we want and this is very important because there is a question about how this is going to work now when we go to the new Google this is what it looks like we can go through and we can type in all kinds of things like if I type in V shred reviews I don't get any AI colon broom reviews no AI which is good because I don't think AI has any of that stuff and we start to look at this and say okay what's going on now however if we search for something like best e-bike for a five mile commute with a short Rider I could see that up here there's a little button and this button asks me if I want to get a AI generated overview okay let's take a look now some of the search queries in this one apparently doesn't want to give us the query let's see if it'll work here some of the queries are going to generate these titles automatically some of the stuff is just going to be like here is the AI here's what you need to do now we have to look at this and start to understand how this is going to work because right now billions and billions of people every single day are searching Google I think it's like six million people a minute or something like that are searching Google that's a lot of people now all those people are soon to be interacting with robots and getting advice and tips from robots does this scare you let me know in the comments below let me know exactly what's going on and and what you feel about this so we see here here are some best electric bikes for short Riders now there's lots of other terms we can look at and there's lots of other AI generated stuff for example if I was to go through and say something like um let's see here we'll go through and say what are the best side hustles okay if we do what are the best side hustles we see that AI is automatically generating a result without me saying generator results now something interesting that we see here is hey wait a minute freelancing babysitting affiliate marketing instacart okay a lot of those are actually in this answer right here which is interesting so now we're looking at this and we're like wait a minute the question is is Google's AI basically taking data from other website

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