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the amazing thing is that you don't have to put your face you don't have to put your name and yet you can earn up to four hundred dollars a day girl let me put you on after discovering how to get traffic from Google I made two hundred thousand dollars the very next year I'm making over thirty thousand dollars a month nobody wants to talk about this but I will what do this person and this person have in common Google pays them and no they're not W-2 employees they don't clock in anywhere they don't have to write code they didn't go to college to study computer science or anything like that they're just sitting in the comfort of their homes and getting to the Google bag and nobody wants to talk about this but today I am filling the team because having access to this kind of information is how we as women can walk out of situations and jobs that no longer serve us and later in the video I'm gonna share with you how you can begin getting to the Google bag yourself help and I even have a gift for you so make sure you watch this video all the way to the very end if this is the kind of content that you like and you want to see more of then go ahead and hit the like button and let's get into it hi and welcome or welcome back to the channel if you're new here hello I'm Vanessa and on this channel we talk about money making it saving it investing it and growing it and today we're going to be talking about making it specifically how to make money online or how to make money on Google and I'm sure you're thinking Google I could make money on Google girl yes a lot of your faves are getting to the Google bag and you don't even know it but today that's about to change for you to understand how to make money on Google the right way the legal way and the freeway you have to first understand Google's business model and you know I'm a nerd but I'ma break it down to you in a way that's so easy for you to get it so you can start putting it into action right away okay so when you hop onto Google and type how do I get him to fall in love with me or maybe you're typing how do I start a side hustle so I can quit this job because I'm so tired of my boss well the answers that pop up on your phone or your computer are not answers generated from Google directly there are people just like you and like me who understand that Google is a search engine and so they create searchable content on Google so that when you and I search for things their content comes up this kind of content is called SEO content and I promise you this video is not just gonna be me throwing big words at you and leaving you hanging later in the video we're actually going to talk about how this all ties together and how you can start doing it today legally and for free to start making money so hang with me now what SEO simply means is search engine optimization when you create SEO friendly content all that means is that you're using words phrases and sentences that align with things that people are already searching for on Google the amazing thing about creating this kind of content is that you don't have to put your face you don't have to put your name and yet you can earn up to four hundred dollars a day let me show you this is Google AdSense basically all you want to do is check for an industry that you feel like making content on and then see how much people get paid in different countries to make that kind of content and once you start making that content and you make the content SEO friendly your content will begin to pop up when people search for things on Google and that way you start getting paid and while absolutely anyone can do this and a lot of people are doing this and getting to five figure six figure seven figure bags you actually need to understand how SEO works so if you want me to make a whole video breaking down how SEO works then let me know down in the comment section and just so you don't miss the video when I make it make sure you've hit the Subscribe button and hit the Bell right next to it so you get notified when I make that video now we've talked about Google's business model and we've talked about the platform Google uses to pay people out now let's talk about what you have to do to create this SEO content so Google can put ads on your content and you can get to the bag there are two main ways that you can create content for Google so that Google can put ads on your content and pay you through Google AdSense the first way is through a YouTube channel you might not have known this but Google actually owns YouTube so YouTubers get paid through Google AdSense but before you click out because you think you're not trying to put your face out there you don't want to do this that's fine you could start a faceless YouTube channel making content that actually answers a lot of questions people have this channel does it and has millions of views someone is sitting in their house or office somewhere and just getting in all of the AdSense dollars and because I know there's a lot of gatekeeping in this online world I have done something for you I've created a whole class on skillshare teaching you exactly how to build a YouTube channel or any other social media platform from scratch and I could have put this class anywhere but I chose skillshare who've been kind enough to sponsor this video because skillshare is an amazing platform with thousands of amazing classes from people who have gone before you to do things that you want to do for making money online to starting a side how Soul skillshare has the class for you and if you want to grab my class for free right now the first 1000 people to use my link below would have the opportunity to explore skillshare for free for one whole month that means you get to take my class in any other classes you want to take for free and as soon as those 1000 spots are taken I'm sorry I can't help you so run down to the description box and grab your spot on skillshare so thanks skillshare for sponsoring this video the second way you can begin to make money on Google is through a Blog now blogging is no longer as popular as it used to be back in the day because there's so many options available now it's a classic okay if you start a blog that answers people's questions you will begin to rank high on Google's algorithm when people ask questions on Google and you will get to the Google bag I made a promise to myself when I started this Channel and I said I was only going to share things that are scam free reputable and legal and though I'm never gonna tell you oh just type this thing in this website and you're gonna make hundred thousand dollars you can trust me to show up for you week in and week out with honest legitimate ways that you can begin making money online through a side hustle that allows you to quit your job if you want to and work from home running your own online business or online side hustle if you want to I know how frustrating it can be to be in a situation or a

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